India · 5 Days · 114 Moments · January 2018

Jan 2018 Long Drive

30 January 2018

Reached NandaDeepa
Lunch at Adigas (or Bhrahmi’s Cafe ?). Something is wrong here. Fried rice and curd rice it is..
Back on track..
Breakfast at Kamat, Ranebennur. And I’m suppose to believe this is a onion dosa πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
Leaving towards home now..

29 January 2018

Back home. Dinner (?) and relax time. Have to wake up early tomorrow morning for yet another long drive.
Snacks time
Beach time..
Warship Museum
Aquarium. Entry fee has increased!! New tender they say.
Poori for breakfast. @Udupi Krishna Vilas
The Sun seems no different today !! What is that suppose to mean ?? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Woke up after a nice sleep. Waiting for cofy.

28 January 2018

Back home. Tired and need some sleep.
Crafts festival. Live songs !! Shopping 😳
Kalasurabhi at the beach !! Walking to check that out..
Reached Karwar
Back on the wheels
Dropped Murudeshwara and headed towards Karwar. Stopped for cofy at Kamat Upachar.
Towards Murudeshwara
It’s called soda. Wasn’t expecting it to be sooo gingerly 😬
About 400 years old, saligrama udhbhava moorthy. Vinayaka has only 2 legs. 2 have become as jade on his head. He also gives flowers during pooja and prayers which is distributed among the visitorsz Opens at 3:15PM. Will wait.
Reached Hattinangadi Vinayaka Temple
Towards Hattiangadi..
Sanctum closed but temple is open. It was a lovely drive from the main road till here.. right next to the waters.
Towards Mahakali temple. Climate is very hot.
Lunch at Hotel Gokul.. No regrets. Food was good. Ice cream was a helpful touch in the end.
Nice little temple. Closed though. About 2 foot adorable marble idol.
Reached Datha temple
Filling cold water and heading towards Datha temple.
Nice temple.. couldn’t ask for any attached history as the priest just left.
Reached Kundeshwara temple
Towards Kundapura
This is the biggest kalyani of my life. Same facts too about it.
This temple has a lot of history. Pandavas were here. Sanctum has a well where small lingas (many) were born. Priest can’t see but can feel them.
Job opening !!
Reached Koteshwara.
Towards Koteshwar.
Drinks time and breakfast time for Bungi. Buns it is for him. He liked it.
Aha an extremely adorable idol of Lord Vinayaka. Big head is likely the difference/change. Got Polio drops too, of course not for me.
Reached Aanegudde
Towards Kumbhasi/Anegudda.
Nice place to meditate. Temple was closed already but bhajans were going on. Bought a couple of books.
Breakfast done. Lovely birds (in cage πŸ™„).
Lovely place. Got breakfast too πŸ™
Reached Divine Park..
Done with LakshmiVenkatesh temple.. Towards Divine Park.
Came to Hotel , Rathi Beedhi, Udupi. Right in front of the hotel where we stayed. 12 rs !! 😳😳😳 Took Cofy, T, Milk.
Darshana done. Came to Chandramauleeshwara temple.. Something about that 9 stones.. I have to check with Bharadwaj.
Sun raising while we continue to wait.. about a few feet away from entering and about 10 ahead of us in the queue.
All set and waiting in queue. Looks like morning pooja is going on. Enjoying the nadasawara and the ringing bells while waiting in the queue..
Men are ready. Hot water was helpful.

27 January 2018

Back to the room. Darshana tomorrow 😬. Legs hurt a little but should be fine with some rest. Good night πŸ’€
Shopping done too πŸ™„
Enjoying Bharathanatya program.
Done with dinner. Come to goshala..
Prasada dinner
A view from the dining hall..
Waiting for food is an activity?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Some celebrations is causing delay for darshana. Queue has become too long. So came for prasada dinner 😬 Thats kitchen I think in the picture..
Got the accommodation after a little but of searching and sweating πŸ™„ Shri Vidhyavardhini Guest House. Right next to the Krishna Temple. Super tidy. Close to temple but can’t park the car. Nearest and arguably the safest place for that is the public parking outside. Nice balcony with blinds. Hot water available in the morning for about 90 minutes. No bed bugs yay!!
Bonda while we think of possible ways for accommodation.
Yikes.. Not staying here. Too many bed bugs !! Checked another room but its no different.
Accommodating at Shri Krishna Dhama.
Reached Udupi. Room quest first.
Towards Udupi now..
On the banks of river Sita, Ashlesha Bali and Naga Mandala tomorrow at Sri Subramanya and Sei Neelarathri Kshethra. Sketch is for Ashlesha Bali. Naga Mandala will be done by an expert tomorrow.
Done with Neelavara. Someone suggested Subramanya temple nearby. Heading there..
Water level has raised??
Reached Neelavara.
Starting towards Neelavara
Wahow !! We should learn from the local folks. They have 2 buckets for each type of wastes. There is no need of separation at the dump yard. Hats off !! Small thought and what an important result πŸ™ Respect for Hebri doubled.
Came for coffee but tempted for lunch too.. and its yummy.. In the same hotel I was before. Hotel Nayak.
Reached Hebri.. Agumbe ghat was πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ This temple (interiors) have got a lot better compared to what I saw the last time I was here. Thats a positive note. The stone prototype of the temple is so nice πŸ‘πŸ‘
Towards Hebri.. Later Sringer.
Rayban yay !!!!
Lunch and delicious one..
Waiting for prasada lunch..
Samarth wanted Chow Chow Bath. At Hotel Guruprasad. Not a new place for us 😊 Hotel looks a lot better after a little renovation in the ground floor.
Done with darshana and feeding the fish.. Prasada lunch at 12:15. Should we wait is the question.
Reached Sringeri !! After a few detours 😬 Very hot here.
Towards Sringeri
Breakfast at Basarikatte. Spicy sambar and yummy..
Ample time here. Lakshmikantha JanardhanaπŸ™ Hunting food..
Towards Basarikatte.
Until next time Amma !!
Out of the temple. Cofy time..
Annapoorne Sadapoorne !! Crowded inside
Leaving now. To car first and dump back the luggage and then to the temple. Lovely and cold weather. Fog all around.
Woke up and had shower. Water was hot enough but a bucket if it was a tad less. Very dark outside..

26 January 2018

Back to the room. Exhausted to the core. Very cold atmosphere. Good night mosquitoes ☹️ (yeah, got many of those).
Done with shopping πŸ™„
In queue..a really long one.. Couldn’t stay any longer as something was fishy with the queue movement but saw the maha mangalarathi (on TV,live).
Towards Temple
After struggling a little (extremely crowded and nearly all stays are booked).. managed to grab an extra room the landlady has for 500/- Tiny fan that does not work. No window. Lot of crickets. A mirror and a comb. No plug point to charge the gadgets 😳 Ok for a night’s sleep over I reckon. Oh rest room and shower are outside. Hot water supplied in the morning.
Ah serving is too fast.. dinner done already..
And finally here..
Rooms not available. Private rooms are too dear. Came to prasada dinner while we think. Visit temple after dinner 😬😬. Sorry Amma..
Reached Horanadu. Too crowded and parking is at a different location. Doubts about lodging arises !!! 451 KMS was a lot of ghat driving πŸ™„
Something to munch on on the way to Horanadu. Leaving now.. Brahmani and Shailaputri idols are adorable here.
Reached Ramakshethra. And soda to beat the heat..
Temple closed till 5 ☹️. Heading towards Ramakshethra.
Reached Dharmasthala
Heading towards Dharmasthala.
Done with prasada lunch.. Sweet potato and potato huli ~ very unique taste that never tasted before.
Finally.. Delicious
Done with darshana. Came to prasada lunch yay !! But yet to start..
In the bigger temple, Immediate darshana queue is also huge.. 😳
Reached the first/old temple..
Feeding the fish..
Reached Kumaradhara. Detour from Sakleshpura. Had to take Bisle Ghat which was messed up to the core for about 30kms.
Back on tracks
Breakfast stop, just after Sakaleshpura.. Idli (No Vada), 3 types of dosa, rice bath and rotti.. thats all the menu is !! Took idli and it was hot and good. Coffee is so light it takes like caramel 😬😬
Starting towards Kukke πŸ™