India · 2 Days · 54 Moments · November 2017

Trip to Tirupathi

3 November 2017

Reached home sweet home. End of a great trip.
Reached Arun’s
Ravi back on the steering
Dinner @ Adigas
Back on the track..
Quick stop for coffee and bajji/bonda..
Heading towards Bangalore.. Had a great experience climbing up the hill, the wait times for room allocation, lengthy queues, stinky and pushy people, ample darshana, laadu, Sumo drive back, shopping, did what not for vada prasada.. Will come back again Edukondalavada !! 🙏 Thanks for Arun’s and Ravi’s company.
Back to the parking lot..
Got into a Sumo.. back to the hill bottom’s car parking lot..
Locking the door. Leaving to search for a taxi. Raining here and the weather is awesome.
Went to get water but also got free annadanam prasada.. ultra hot anf delicious
Back home. Relaxing and waiting for Ravi to wake up..
Done with shopping and back home. Ravi slept which he much needed. Arun and Went back for shopping. Samarth didn’t like his toy ☹️ so as to get another one..
Few last pictures from Tirupathi..
Shopping and photos time !!
Lunch time @Sri Padmavati Annapoorna Restaurant
Back to the room. Summary so far: 8:40AM entered jail 28 11:20AM came out of the Temple It was crowded. Darshana was awwwweeeesome 🙏 Vada is only for those who do Kalyanothsava. Tried all means but no luck. Got 5 Laadu yay !!
Going to the main temple now..
Got into a room with a new ticket.
Still at B0014 🙄
Allotment done and waiting for the number to show up in the dashboard..
Got into the waiting room. Have seats here yay !!! Waiting for our turn again..
For the records.. thats 146 Floors!!!
Waiting to book a room. Counter opens at 6 AM..
🙏 Long walk to the temple..
Last step touched !! 3350 it is.
Its OK.. only 2kms to go..
Another milestone!!
The Last Leg as Ravi says it !!
Yet another stamp..
Still strong after a couple of churmuri dose..
At Anjaneya.. And the total steps is 3550
Deer Park
Was it not 2033 steps ?? !!
Quick stop for goli soda and back on the track.. flat one for a change.. for now.
8AM slot
Yay !! Awesome to see this..
1700 and still going strong. 🙏
Half way through?? Not yet..
Wow you read that !!
Oh well Arun says heart is bleeding blood..
250 and breathing hard already
Got the ticket at the entrance
Entering !!
Bare foot walk up the hill. Edukondalavada venkataramana govinda govinda!!
Reached.. Yay.. In parking lot warming up.

2 November 2017

Back on track. Took left diversion to destination
Tea break. About to take diversion to Tirupathi
Done with dinner. Back on track..
And rava idli too..
Dosa !!
Stop at Maiyas..
Started towards Thirupati with Arun Udayar and Ravi Kiran.