India · 2 Days · 30 Moments · April 2017

Chikamagalur - April 22/23 2017

23 April 2017

Finally our home after having dinner at Mums. 533kms !!
Home sweet home
Back on the tracks.. heat remains
Coffee break at KB Cross.. Sukruth goth ragi biscuits for Bungi..
Quick atop at Tiptur for shopping. Its jathre day here..
Back on the burning tar
At Bhageeratha Soda, Kadur. Bikola soda is yummmm, not sold or made anywhere else. Concentrate is home made without any chemicals. Byagedehalli Basavaraju who is a professor at Kadur Jr Government college owns this place. He gets called to get himself look like Gandhi. And has done over 100 such get ups for public service and has own several awards.
On the tracks again but in search of something cold or frozen..
A quick stop at Kadur. Swarnambha Temple.
Back to Bangalore
Prasada lunch - too delicious
Had ☕️. Don't think there will be breakfast. Too many mosquitoes bit all the kids around.. Bungi upset to wake up early 😬😬
Cold water shower 😬😬 but it was nice. Got ready and waiting for ☕️
Woke up and its very cold here..

22 April 2017

Got 4 pillows from the ashrama. Carpet spread and all set for sleep. Should be up by 6 in the morning.
Had dinner prasad - avalakki with curd and pickle.
Woahow feeling really sleepy after a heavy dose of ultra delicious prasada lunch. Lying on red oxide floor and under the fan which is at its full speed..
Prasada lunch time
Bungi and his new friend..
Bullock cart ride in super hot sun..
Reached !!
Back on the tracks
Oh well.. @Belur has 4G too 👏👏
Breakfast @Belur. Yummy dosa and vada..
Breakfast cancelled at Adyar. Way too crowded. Finding something else..
Breakfast time..
Quick stop to have home made cofy ..oh road side though.
Starting from home..