India · 8 Days · 130 Moments · November 2015

Sagara and long drive - Nov 8 to 15 2015

15 November 2015

Back home yay !!!!! 1490 KMS since we started !!!
Leaving from Melukote. Next is home.
Having the famous Melukote Puliogre.. Ah its yummy and spicy..
Out of temple. Pleasant visit, less crowd and wonderful statue/alankara.
Entering Cheluvanarasimha Temple
Taking the steps
Melukote Kalyani.
Reached Melukote. Have to walk up the hill to see Yoga Narasimha Swamy.
Leaving Mysore. Towards Melukote.
Woke up after a good sleep and feeling fresh after hot water shower. Now back to New Mysore Refreshments for breakfast.

14 November 2015

Dinner time. New Mysore Refreshments, in front of the zoo.
A lot of shopping !!!
A walk in the exhibition park in front of the palace
Got into Sri Keerthi Comforts, in front of the zoo.
Had a great lunch and a nice ending with tonga ride. Heading to a nearby lodge..
Food is non-stop. Requested Chandan to play any Annamacharya keerthane and he played Brahman Okkate for me.
Started my most expensive lunch till date !! Yay !!! With live Violin (Chandan) and Tabala (Parthasarathy). They started with Nammama Sharade. Awesome feeling..
Out of the Zoo as Sam had dozed off. Now entering Lalith Mahal for lunch...
Entering the Zoo
Reached Mysore Zoo. Parked and walked for breakfast at New Sharavana Bhavana Restaurant.
No interest to wake up. No hot water in our room πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ. Someone is sending someone to check. No one showed up. Terrible hotel to stay.

13 November 2015

Dinner time.
Staying in MMK Lodge, off Mysore Road, near to Brindavan Gardens..
Out of Brindavan, searching for a place to settle down..
Brindavan Gardens!!!! After many many years. Waiting for the musical fountain to start.. Parking space is messed up and its not managed by anyone πŸ˜”πŸ˜”. 15Rs Entry fee is sold in the parking area in black 😳😳😳.
Leaving from Jwala Tripura Sundari. Heading towards Brindavan Gardens
Nice little temple here. .
Shopping done. Got a Buddha idol. Leaving to see Jwala Tripura Sundari..
Out of the temple. Had ample darshana. Shopping time yay !!!
In a really long queue to see the Goddess
Lunch at Hotel Chamundi Krupa
Temple closed. Taking pictures and finding a place to eat..
Reached Chamundi Hills
Quick stop for tender coconut and cucumber!!
Leaving Halebeedu. Starting to Mysore.
Had a nice visit with guide Yamuna here. Sad the Hoysalas couldn't finish the temple πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
Entering the temple
Breakfast at Hotel Vinayaka, KSTRC Bus Stop.
Reached Halebeedu..
Leaving Belur. Towards Halebeedu.
Morning view at Belur Temple..
Woke up.. Should get/ask for hot water for shower from downstairs.

12 November 2015

Back to the room. Sleep time after Sam's dinner. Crossed 1000 KMS today since we started, during our drive between Subramanya and Belur.
Dinner at Hotel Mayura Velapuri..
Settling in Sri Raghavendra Lodge, beside Belur Chennakeshava Temple. Tired and exhausted!!!
And Masalapuri and tea/cofy.
Churmuri time outside the temple..
Awesome Temple and a great guide by the name Anand.
Reached Belur..Getting inside the temple..
Leaving Subramanya. En route Belur.
Out of temple. Can't wait for prasada lunch. It's at Hotel Kumarakripa.
Had good darshana. Having laadu prasada now..
In the mail temple queue.. Sweating and hungry..
Belief !!!! Going to Adi Subramanya now..
Reached Subramanya.
845 AM Leaving Dharmasthala. En route Subramanya..
Woke up late and no hot water for shower 😁😁😁. THINKing !!!

11 November 2015

Dinner at Trupti Hotel. Set dosa and tomato omelette (they should really rename it to tomato dosa).. Fully exhausted!!
Out of temple. Too crowded..way too crowded. Have to skip the prasada dinner sadly πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
715PM In a super long queue for darshana..
Cold water (Nethravathi river water in the room) shower was very relaxing..Cofy/tea and then off to temple..
Reached Dharmasthala and got a room in temple facilitated Saketha building..
Leaving Kateelu. En route Dharmasthala.
Snacks and cofy/tea time..
Reached Kateel..
139 PM Off to Katilu from Udupi.
Shopping time inside the temple. Sam loved Goshala. Any reason why turtle is carrying the shell ..see picture ??
Prasad lunch in Udupi. Yay !!!
Entering the temple..
Reached Upudi.
Skipping Gommateshwara at Karakala. En route Udupi.
Chaturmukha Basadi, Karkala. Met Nabhiraja, the old priest in the temple. He lost his eye sight and burnt most of his body skin. He was working as a chemistry lab assistant in a near by college and dropped a whole bottle of acid while carrying it.
Breakfast at Hotel Prakash, Karkala. Buns for Sam, Pallav for Wify and Dosa for self.
That drive between Horanadu to Karkala was awesome. Full of green all around. Stopped for breakfast in Karkala.
Cruising through Kudremukh..
Short break amidst the green..& Temple.
Great experience at Horanadu. Leaving now towards Udupi.
535AM Woke up to collect hot water for shower. Went to temple and came back with cofy for wify. Sam still sleeping.

10 November 2015

Insatiable!!!! Dinner was awesome. Heading back outside..
Prasada Dinner !!!!
736 PM In queue for prasada dinner
730PM Pooja done. Awesome Goddess to keep looking at. Saw her during multiple rounds and a closer look while doing archana.
Temple time..
Lodging at Bhakta Nivasa..
Reached Horanadu. Time to find the lodge !!
Heading towards Horanadu
Tea and Chilli bajji !!! Yummy too..
Sarvanga Sundarai Goddess is here too. Sage Agastya prayed her here. Didn't feel like taking the picture of the Goddess.
340 Done with darshana. Sage Agastya created the Shiva linga here out of sand and started praying.
257 PM Prasada lunch at Kalasa. Wonderful timing !!
Reached Kalasa
126PM Super quick pit stop to check the stream..Water tastes too yummy.
1239 PM Leaving Shringeri en route Kalasa/Horanadu
Back to Guruprasad Restaurant for breakfast..
1105 AM Met Guru (both of them). They don't talk personally unless some kind of pooja is offered but did get the prasad from his staff. New Guru looked more or less like Virat Kholi.
858PM Going to temple again..
755 AM Woke up, time to get ready. Had a nice sleep...

9 November 2015

950PM Finally to bed..
916 PM Hitting the bed after a tiring walk inside the temple..
745 PM Spending time on the river bank post heavy dinner..
718PM Prasada in the temple!!!
635PM Little something to eat..
625PM Stopped for tea and a little to munch on..
545PM Ah Totally refreshed after cold water shower..
515PM Lodging @ Yatri Nivas. Refresh and then go to the temple.
456PM Reached Shringeri.. Searching for a place to stay.
2:05 PM - En route Shringeri
1:45 PM... Queue was too long. Lunch at a local restaurant.
1245PM Wonderful darshana..Mind blowing Alankara for devi.. Heading towards meals/prasada..
1159AM In the queue waiting for our turn..
1115 AM. Reached Kollur.
Ibbani !! 1029AM Started towards Kollur post breakfast. Idli, pallav, buns, campco chocolates and lots of boti
Stopped for breakfast in Adagodi.
Started from Karanagiri towards Kollur
Karanagiri Sidhivinayaka Temple
810AM. Left Nandithale. Heading towards Kollur.

8 November 2015

Staying overnight here at Nandithale
1155 AM Reached Nandithale
10.23am Shimoga
9.55am Bhadravathi
9.42am Tarikere
858AM Kadur
806 AM..Started post breakfast
Breakfast in Tiptur 736 AM
732AM Tiptur
648AM Gubbi
6.27am tumkur
620AM Nelamangala 2nd toll
556 AM Nelamangala Toll
Started from home at 515 AM