Italy, Vatican · 10 Days · 29 Moments · August 2015

Subhi & Ashish in Italy

16 August 2015

Our favorite quick-in-and-out cafe.

14 August 2015

Piazza Santo Spirito
This entire piazza Santo Spirito is a great place to be. Away from tourist crowds, full of locals and exchange students.
Another great gelato place right behind duomo. Try the fresh egg + white wine gelato.
You can not afford to not see David. World will never be the same again. Michelangelo was the man!

13 August 2015

The best dinner in Firenze. Al Tranvai is a small, cozy, authentic trattoria. Ask the owner about his pepper mill collection.
Ino cafe for Panini. Highly recommended. Its only open for lunch. Bread is fresh, typical Tuscan.

12 August 2015

Absolutely the best gelato in the world. Try the milk+rose flavor if they have it available. Mona Lisa was great too. You wont go wrong.
Dinner at 5 Cinque. Highly recommended. Try their focaccia.

12 August 2015

Train to Firenze

11 August 2015

Try local Lazio wines and cured meats at this amazing enoteca
Vatican is amazing. Every time.

10 August 2015

Pompeii (worth 3 hours)
Praiano beach (small, cozy and primarily filled with locals)

9 August 2015

Private beach Dagni De Arienzo
Taking a leisurely walk in beautiful and vibrant Positano
Best Cappuccino ever!

8 August 2015

Da Maria
Lemon Farms on the way to Valle Delle Fererre
Walk through the small city of Amalfi was great
Picked up lemoncillo
Marina Grande
Lunch at Lo Smeraldino

7 August 2015

Dinner at Kasai Kasai
Gelatosit Gelaterie Artigiana
Pizza at Cantina De Gallo
Get a data SIM card from the airport.