United States of America · 10 Days · 49 Moments · July 2015

9 August 2015

Home sweet home!!! I am exhausted, but so happy about this amazing, fun, gorgeous trip.
Pete is going east and I'm headed a little farther south, almost home. Can't wait to be back with my babes!
Last refuel before home north of Chattanooga. Saw this hell raiser hanging out at the gas station after what appears to be a fun filled evening. Wonder where his one missing shoe might be.

7 August 2015

Economy Inn. Awesome. Mexican restaurant within walking distance for burritos and beers and margaritas then parking lot with the cooler and hotel chairs. Last night of the journey with Jason.

5 August 2015

"The Knuckle" in Sturgis with Jason, Pete and Greg at first was lame...until we realized there's a whole other area for concerts and chaos. Ran into people from Kennesaw! Jasmine Caine played and was crazy and awesome. Had just seen her at the Southern Devil Harley store event in Cartersville and so we had a nice moment ;-)
Easy Riders for dinner with the House crew
Mount Rushmore rocks!!
Crazy Horse
Custers Park and Needles Highway ride is absolutely amazing. 100s of curves and about 1.26 million motorcycles
Bucket list trip progress: Deadwood, SD - check Wyoming - check Montana - check National Grasslands Park - check Devil's Tower - check Badlands Canyons - check Coming today... Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse!! So each night at 10:00pm, we hold what we are calling "Chapel" where the floor is open for storytelling time to describe the best, most outrageous sightings from the day. You must have either a witness or photo as proof to earn points. Points are assigned by voting from each member of the house and then the Secretary of the House records each person's points by dropping poker chips into their cup. I'm only in 5th place, HOWEVER, after the ride today we will be in downtown Sturgis for dinner and partying. Thus far I've only seen Sturgis in the morning so it's been tame. But we have overnight VIP parking/taxi service for the bikes tonight, so I intend to rack up some major points. More to come!

4 August 2015

Deadwood, SD after a good long day on the bikes. Had a mechanical malfunction quickly solved with a borrowed screwdriver in the parking lot of the hugest HD store I've ever seen. Picked up our buddy, Greg, then enjoyed 5 hour ride through Badlands. Finished up the day in Deadwood at a super old bar where Wild Bill was shot dead. Also made a friend who was proud of her painted naked body. And her pal, one with a Harley logo and one with the two Devils breasts that Audrey nicknamed "Skulltits" Oh!! And the guy with a big fat gut and a tattoo about his keg. What a dumb shit
Downtown historic Deadwood, SD for dinner and pre-party
Super long slow ride through the canyons, but really cool to see and chill through. Stopped for an ice cold water at Caputa Store.
Badlands!!! Badass
Badlands Canyons are badass. Beautiful long slow curvy (sounds like my wife) ride
Downtown Sturgis being tourists

3 August 2015

Lewie's Saloon & Eatery for a PBR before heading to the cabin
Buffalo Jump Saloon for steak and brisket early dinner.
Devil's Tower Wyoming pushing 270 miles, fantastic landscape, bikes and people views
South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana in 150 miles, done. Talk about a straight shot!! Barely a few minor turns through some humongous grass and cow farms. Wide open spaces clear the soul.

2 August 2015

Arrived at 7pm, there are so many bikes here I can't even believe it. Crazy crazy crazy. 4 abreast and hundreds deep at red lights with gorgeous expensive bikes and beautiful people to piece of shit junk bikes with snaggle tooth, leather skin nasty hags and old dudes with huge amazing beards. The house "Mineral Mountain Lodge" in Lead, SD is amazing. Perfect!! We are so happy. Two PBRs down and a top notch cigar on the back deck.
Very nice to be in passenger seat now!! Going through national grasslands.
Home stretch
Jigger's Cafe for last meal before getting to the cabin. 2 hours to go!!!
Some sort of hugely major accident detouring the entire west bound traffic for 8 miles of stopped trucks and bikers
Between Illinois and South Dakota, I can assure us all that no way in hell well we ever run low on corn

1 August 2015

Sioux Falls arrival at 8pm, after 10 straight hours of riding / driving / riding. This country is beautiful.
Buffalo Wild Wings for UFC fight night, wings and beers
Sioux Falls, arrival
Halfway to Sioux Falls, SD; stopped in Kansas City for some grub.
Hit the road a little late. Long day ahead, 600 miles
Goodbye St Louis

31 July 2015

Paddy O's with Pete, Steve and Jason Scarfe across from Busch Field. Awesome!!
Work phone off. Laptop off. 100s of emails, done. 6 conferences calls, done. VACATION STARTS NOW! Pulling into St Louis, as we cross the Mississippi River. That's three major landmark rivers in one day.
Parking this rig is gonna be an issue downtown!
First traffic jam of the day, 44 miles from St Louis
Waterkotte Harley Davidson in Mt Vernon, IL
Ohio River
Crossing the Tennessee River!
Fantastic lunch!! Thought it would be funny to eat here because of the name but actually turned out to be 100% awesome and authentic
Rolling down the road, finally on I-75N toward Chattanooga
1,507 miles to go. Starting now
Ellijay. Linked up and ready to roll in the HD Supply mobile sales command HQ and Folger Gas presidential headquarters.
Taking off from Kennesaw
Morning of. Taking off from home to meet Pete in Ellijay

30 July 2015

Night before leaving. A "Blue Moon" evening and all packed up ready to leave in the morning