North America, Europe · 75 Days · 31 Moments · September 2016

Study Abroad 2016

15 November 2016

Totally forgot to post about Wicked. Oh. My. Golly. Mind blown. No words could describe my heart breaking and rebreaking and being sewn back together like that.

12 November 2016

Went to Vatican City today, and it was so lovely! There was tons to see and we got to see the Pope! Didn't understand anything he said but the translator said he blessed us. Pretty cool day ❀️😁

11 November 2016

Rome is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! Colosseum, Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, Roman Forum and a thousand basilicas!

6 November 2016

Today we went to Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios and I probably have more pictures than of anything else but here are some ok ones.

5 November 2016

On Saturday I went to Stonehenge and Bath! We got to learn a ton about the history and how the stones were actually formed into that arrangement! We also got to visit a Roman bath and walk all through it! Very cool trip!

2 November 2016

Trip to the Wetland Center today with geography. Only important part was these otters.

1 November 2016

Went to see the Lion King last night and oh wow. I can't put into words how incredible it was. The amount of work that must have gone into each and every scene is unimaginable and the set, cast, and singing was absolutely breathtaking! Also, there was this guy, Harry Frost, who would come around and take orders so you could stay at your seat. Nice kid. We could have been friends I think. Oh and I got a cup! Very exciting!

29 October 2016

The Van Gogh museum was incredible and even though I couldn't take a picture of it, my favorite "The Bedroom" was there too!

28 October 2016

I haven't posted about Amsterdam yet! It was really fun although a bit strange really! It's odd going to a place where the top attractions are that weed is legal and prostitution is encouraged. But I had clogs and cheese so it's all good. The view of the city from the window was the view from my hotel room :) Also, that bench is the one from The Fault in Our Stars.

27 October 2016

I decorated.

23 October 2016

Our second and last day in Wales was just as amazing as the first! We went to a mine and walked through it, hearing about the rich culture that took place. And then we went to a castle, like a real life castle that was built! Walking through it made me feel both incredibly small and incredibly powerful. It was a beautiful day and the perfect way to experience Wales' history!

22 October 2016

Today we went to Wales and so far it had probably been my favorite trip! We saw ruins of Roman soldiers housing and a roman arena! We saw some sheep and some old houses! And the night life was absolutely incredible. No party is like a Swansea party!

14 October 2016

I went to a pub quiz with my geography class last night and WE WON! So exciting! And I actually did really well at answering questions! I don't mean to brag or anything but I basically killed it. πŸ˜‰ In all honesty there were just a lot of America based questions and I am an alright guesser πŸ€— We won our money back and got a 50 pound bar tab. Super exciting!
After two weeks of a tiring search, today I found a pumpkin. Fall is complete.

12 October 2016

Update time! So I went and saw Matilda the other night. It was absolutely brilliant! So so so good! Funny, a little sad, and just perfect.

9 October 2016

Alright! Since the Greenwich trip, I'm afraid it's been pretty everyday stuff! Not too much super exciting things. However! My Geography/Geology class has began inviting me out to their PubQuiz nights on Thursdays, and they even planned their Christmas dinner so that I would still be here! How cute is that? ☺️ They're great. Also, I went to a fair and won this one eyed hippo! Apparently because I'm from Maine, shooting is in my blood. I don't buy it, but I am glad I got the hippo.

7 October 2016

Now for Paris! It was very different from London! The Metro was absolutely crazy! People did not care if there was no room, they pushed you in like a sardine! And there were so many warnings about pickpockets, even from the locals! Notre Dome and the Eiffel Tower were obviously classics and while we didn't go in, they were breath taking to witness. We also saw the Arch de Triomphe and William Shakespeare's Bookstore which was really neat. There was also a bike tour in which you see we had stylish vests. I got a baguette, obviously and brought it back to London with me πŸ‘Œ It was a really fun trip, but I definitely prefer London and am glad to be back in my own bed.

17 September 2016

We went on a boat tour and tour of Greenwich today! Saw some truly amazing things like the bridge from Harry Potter, the pub that Charles Dickens frequented, and the Prime Meridian! Even for a grey day it was beautiful!
Also saw the painted hall today! The same artist did this who also did St Paul's Cathedral. It was completely breathtaking.

15 September 2016

Today we took a trip to Camden Market! Super cool place with a MILLION little shops and hundreds of places to eat! It seemed to go on forever! Not sure if I'd go back right away. Sort of something I could do every few months. Will definitely go back for gifts before I come home though!

14 September 2016

I went on the London Eye and to the London Dungeon! Both were great experiences, and had an amazing view over the Thames when we were on top!

10 September 2016

Here are some pictures I took at the National Gallery! Including the famous painting of sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh!
These are some of the pictures from my tour of London! Went to a Brazilian festival by the National Gallery! Super great time with music and food and dancing! Also some more pictures of the park and some guards! (Part two)
Went into London today and had a tour! It was beautiful even though it rained the entire time! Saw some amazing things like Big Ben, London Eye, Westminster Abbey and so much more! (Part One)

7 September 2016

Settled into my dorm, tons of lectures today, and now I have pounds! Much prettier than ours.

6 September 2016

Arrived in London and it wasn't even raining! The campus is beautiful even though I can't get anywhere except my dorm, and my dorm is super comfortable! I got a lot of compliments on the size which is nice :) Also I made a friend. Reminds me of Dabakian.
First flight from Boston to Shannon, Ireland. Got almost no sleep and turbulence was crazy, but I'm alive so I can't complain! Also, check out that shamrock! πŸ€

5 September 2016

At the airport with my mum! Just waiting to go through the gates. Bit nervous but who wouldn't be? Also, hazelnut cheesecake is delicious.

4 September 2016

So we were waiting to turn onto a bridge and we let a car go in front of us because they were in the wrong lane. About 15 minutes later we were in the wrong lane and a car let us switch... IT WAS THE SAME CAR! The family waved to us and we were all laughing. Talk about paying it forward :)

3 September 2016

Dropped Ashley off at college yesterday! Sad to see her go but I know she'll do great things at Simmons College and wherever life may take her.

2 September 2016

First stop was Rockport, Mass for a few days at the beach! It was gorgeous and a perfect end to Summer!