North America, Europe · 65 Days · 28 Moments · March 2019

Study Abroad

25 May 2019

First day in England! Little rainy but absolutely amazing to meet Tiri’s family and walk around her city. We also went to the lake and walked up Orrest Head hill to this amazing view! I absolutely love it and it is very nice to finally be back in a country where I understand the language. Wish We could visit Newcastle as well where Tiri goes to school!

11 May 2019

Just a few snaps from this week! 1. André has his birthday on Monday and to celebrate we made a strawberry shortcake! First time he’s ever had it. We made the whole thing from scratch with fresh strawberries and a whipped cream cheese frosting ☺️ 2. Learned that German house parties are quite strange as we walked in at 8 and there was 10 people just sitting around a table wearing Hawaiian leis. We came back about an hour later and in the same room were colourful strobe lights and techno music 👌🏼🇩🇪 3. For a seminar class we went to Bremerhaven to visit a immigration emigration museum. It was very cool however majority of us finished going through the museum about an hour and a half before the lecturer. Still interesting to see how people crossed over to America in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. 4&5. Today is our American friend Lindsey’s birthday! She’s finally 21 and we are making her collie flower wings with hot sauce! They didn’t turn out exactly as hoped but still good! 6. Beer

5 May 2019

Another great Sunday visiting the botanical gardens 🌸

28 April 2019

Spent this lazy Sunday strolling through the botanical gardens and grabbing a coffee in the city centre ☺️ Made some pasta with pesto and mozzarella with André for a late lunch

21 April 2019

Sitting at a rooftop bar in Antwerp Belgium. Drinking a cold beer and sharing a laugh with the girls. It has been an absolutely amazing long Easter weekend. I would not trade this experience for anything in the world. Taking the chance and studying abroad has been the best decision I have ever made ☺️ I will definitely be back in Belgium again soon
Chocolate nation was fantastic! It exceeded my expectations by a mile! There was free sampling and 10 flavours of chocolate fountain 😛

20 April 2019

The sights of Antwerps’s city Centre
Matching rings with tiri! 😎

19 April 2019

Currently on the train to Rotterdam half way through our journey to Antwerp Belgium! So far we have just barely made it onto our train and bus. Sitting on the floor of a train for 3 hours isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. On this journey with me this weekend is Tiri from the uk, Marissa from Wisconsin and Lindsey from Minnesota. It has been amazing getting to know these girls and share my adventures with them.

17 April 2019

Few days in the woods with the international group was fantastic. Lying in the sun, playing fußball and having a couple beers 🍻Great memories made 🇩🇪🥰

11 April 2019

A few amazing new friends surprised me with cake and beers for my 21st! It has been amazing getting to know all of these new friends from around the world ❤️

6 April 2019

Spent the day in Bremen taking in the beautiful sights ☺️

29 March 2019

Went for a walk with my buddy Allison and my new friend Lindsey from Minnesota. Allison’s dog came along and it was absolutely beautiful!

28 March 2019

Couple pictures from yesterday’s adventures and meeting one of the mayoress’s of Oldenburg ☺️

25 March 2019

New friends from around the world ☺️🥰

23 March 2019

Just a few shots from my first couple days in Oldenburg! Been amazing so far and have met some fantastic people from all over the world ☺️

22 March 2019

Made it to Bremen! It is 11:38am and I am feeling absolutely fantastic. A very nice couple helped me find the Tram, purchase my ticket and reminded me to get off at my stop. The city of Bremen is absolutely beautiful! The train station is stunning. Since all I have eaten in the last 10 or so hours has been airplane food I decided to try my luck at ordering some train station food.
Finally landed at the Schiphol airport in the Netherlands after a long overnight flight. It’s very foggy here in Amsterdam this morning but I will be flying into sunny Germany very soon☀️ I am completely overwhelmed with excitement. I have not been able to stop smiling since landing ☺️

21 March 2019

All settled in at the airport awaiting my flight to Bremen Germany. Little stop in Amsterdam along the way and in no time I’ll be in beautiful Oldenburg Germany ☺️