Poland · 3 Days · 13 Moments · May 2016

Student Exchange 2016 - Travel [Warsaw]

6 May 2016

The flowers at Łazienki Park ❤️
The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. Locally it's nicknamed as "Stalin's Penis" because if was erected (lol) by Stalin as a testament to Polish-Russian friendship (uhhh okay).

5 May 2016

Łazienki Park was my last destination for my trip before my flight the next day... I almost didn't go because it was far south from my hostel. I was glad I went there, though. It was so worth it.
Łazienki Park is so lush and alive!
Palace on the Water, one of three (four?) palaces to visit in Łazienki Park!
What you see from the 30th floor viewing terrace of the Palace of Culture and Science (aka "Stalin's Penis") 👀 Price for the viewing terrace, like much of the museums, paid attractions, and temporary exhibits in Warsaw, had a discount for students below 25. Be sure to take a student ID card with your picture, irregardless of where your university is (I showed my French student ID card here, and they just checked the details).

4 May 2016

Sunny mornings, cloudy and rainy afternoons in Warsaw.
The Syrenka Warszawska! A double rainbow appeared after on-and-off showers in the area. ☺️
View from the viewing terrace in Old Town! For a price of 5 złoty, you can climb up a dizzying number of steps. I promise, the 'leg day' is worth it!
6 złoty worth in the street where my hostel was! Went to Łazienki Park and bought a smaller, disappointing ice cream that was the same price.

3 May 2016

The Castle Square, featuring Sigismund's Column! Right by the Old Town, and the road here leads straight to a part of the Barbican!
The Castle Square, featuring the Royal Castle! Well, the back of it, anyway. 😝
Me doing the only pose I know (I don't pose for travel photos much!) in Castle Square!