Austria · 2 Days · 7 Moments · August 2015

Stuck in nowhere - 2. anniversary

2 August 2015

Finally the rain stopped and we could drive home! 😍
A short trip to the centre to get same food.
After 1h by bike we got at windpassing. Yeah! But as you see no house, no people, no party! Hmmm...yes...wrong Windpassing...we still had to go 1h to the party! No thanks!
But we found a nice motel. The Landgasthof Reihninger! 😇 Nice people, great service AND there was a little wedding, so we had the chance to get the same dinner as they did! Oh and at 10pm we recognised that today is our 2. anniversary!☺️
After our great success and finishing the dirt run without any harm on Saturday afternoon, Philipp and I wanted to drive to a party next to St.pölten. With a 125er bike. But (like so often^^) Philipp was a bit confused and has not checked the destination, just trusted the Facebook navigation (never do that). So at 6pm we were to St.Pölten.😄 We decided not to drive home and looked for a motel. So far so good...
After a comfty night and breakfast we wanted to go back to Vienna, or actually climbing to Mödling. But the village did not want us to's raining...all day. And I don't feel so well. Therefore Philipp brought me some tea and guess what...the motel owner gave the tea and + one night for free. 😍 so we stay.

1 August 2015

The dirt run "wildsaulauf"