South Africa · 14 Days · 3 Moments · March 2018

Stuart's tour through South Africa

20 March 2018

Ive been a bit slack lately due to limited wifi time. Once the aussies got beat in PE we took off for Zambia and had 3 days in Livingstone. Walked around Victoria Falls and got soaked and did a helicopter trip over it which was amazing. Spent a day in Botswana going theough Chobe national park. Saw elephants, crocs and assorted beasts up close. Then headed off to sun city for 2 days. Very gaudy but got to play golf. Then to Madikwe game park which was spectacular! Got a metre or so away from lions, was shitting myself. Currently in Cape Town watching aussies get hammered again

8 March 2018

Free day in Port Elizabeth today. Went for a walk to city centre about 6 kms each way. It was a dive! Came back and had a swim at the beach then some lunch at Barneys bar. Had our 1st AST meeting which covered security. Apparently we were lucky to survive walking to the city. Advised we shouldnt walk around the streets unless in a group. Starting to think this place sucks

6 March 2018

Arrived at Peermont Mondior hotel around 5:30pm after a 9 hour flight from sydney. The hotel is adjacent to the airport and part of a huge complex which has an ancient Greek theme. Very gaudy 😀. Had a nice dinner at an indian restaurant and a few Castle beers. Headed off next day to fly to Port Elizabeth.