South Africa, Kiribati · 2 Days · 5 Moments · January 2016

Stopover in Johannesburg

1 February 2016

So onwards to Malaysia we go and no doubt some very different experiences to come. I'm excited. I have to admit, I am looking forward to not having to put up a tent every day and sleeping on a roll mat. Not sure I could camp for much longer!
So as I fly over the Indian Ocean for the next adventure I thought I'd reflect on our time in Africa. We met some truly incredible people on our journey, from all walks of life. I will miss the company of the new friends we made on our overland tour - but some fellow guests I will not miss (Gotta be honest !). Our trip leaders lead impressive lifestyles. Matt, our carefree driver,spends almost all of his life on the road, having few weeks at home. He proudly told me that his view from his "office" is what us office workers have as our desktop background. His is real. What a lifestyle. Munja and Manda, both have family in Zimbabwe. Munjas are in Vic Falls, he saw them on Friday afternoon when we arrived. He came back in the evening for our last meal, I asked him how it was to see his family "it was a very happy time " he grinned. Today they're all going back to Cape Town with a new group. We really don't know what hard work is. It must be hard working far from family for so long.
Last brunch in Africa following a lengthy argument with the check in desk man. He was adamant that he needed to see proof of us returning to London. We have proof of us leaving Singapore tomorrow but he didn't quite seem to understand that Malaysia was a different country...! Anyway we won. Obviously. Ten hour flight ahead and zooming on a few timezones. Bring on the jet lag!

31 January 2016

This post will be boring for most but after 21 days of camping this was a very welcome sight!! Our porter, a young but quite huge black South African, was a chatty chap. He made me laugh as he had grown up in a village near Kruger national park. He was amazed we could camp for 21 days and said he could never do it now. As he went to leave he said to me "can I ask. Why do white people do that?" And he gestured out the window to a lady in a bikini sun bathing. "What... Sunbathe?" He nodded "yes, why do they torture themselves in the heat? I'd last ten seconds before needing to come inside". I replied "I guess we all want what we are not. She wants her skin to go brown". He laughed "that's absolutely crazy!" He's got a point 😀!
What a delicious meal!