Slovenia · 1 Days · 5 Moments · June 2016

Stop off in Slovenia

26 June 2016

We're surrounded by old British people. We suspect they're leave voters so gave them the evils.
After a kebab and watching a Newfoundland take out a roller blader, we wandered back. The sun on the lake is just outstanding - it's like a painting!
In my usual style of spotting reptiles I managed to find a shed snake skin. Pretty cool huh?
As you can imagine, not a lot else happened today than driving. We arrived at Lake Bled in Slovenia at 4.30pm and promptly decided we'd walk around it. So glad we did, it's absolutely stunning. One to go on the "future holidays" list for sure.
As we used to say in Africa - today... Long day of driving! We got away at a reasonable time and hit the motorway that started at Split. It's always depressing to see the sat nav giving very long distances...