Europe, North America · 101 Days · 83 Moments · May 2016

Stewart and Nicole's honeymoon to the USA

31 August 2016

And so we reach the end. We are back in the UK. My goodness what a journey. It has been life changing. And not just the past six weeks, but all the time before that in the build up. We definitely slightly different people now- better people. I want to go back to our last night in San Francisco. As you all know it is a special place for us. And sitting in the roof garden of the Cheesecake Factory, overlooking Union Square, it all became very real. What an amazing 39 days. How lucky we are. How phenomenal it has been. In that moment, if we could have paused time I think we both would have done. I didn't expect to be emotional, holiday blues yes. But emotional? Wow. Was I. If I'm going to rank moments in my life, that is one of them. It was, quite simply, perfect
we have experienced things people dream of. And what's worse, we have experienced things people haven't dreamt of. Stew and I cannot reiterate enough how much we know that we are incredibly lucky and privileged. Genuinely, we haven't taken a minute for granted. We will never be able to forget this experience. And nor would we want to. Thank you to everyone who has shared and followed us. It's been wonderful being able to share it with those we love. We hope we haven't bored you. So, it's time for us to go. USA- we thank you. You've given us so much more than a holiday.

30 August 2016

So, here goes part 2- where I skip to Vancouver. (I'll come back to the last night in the final post, as it feels more apt). As much as we were looking forward to our short layover in Vancouver, we were so bummed to be leaving San Francisco, I think we both lost our excitement a little. However, Vancouver put us right. Despite it being a short time, we fell a little in love with Canada and most certainly will come back. What a beautiful city and country. Truly breathtaking. We found the water front, Canada place and the sea wall walk down to the park. The sun shone and it gave us just the boost we needed. Thank you Canada. Thank you indeed. Part three to follow...
This entry will come in a number of parts, beginning with our last. And it was the best day. I know, I know, they've all been great. But it was perfect. We got a bus to the start of the Golden Gate Bridge and took in the beauty of it. I think it has to go down as one of the best views. We hiked down the terrain to Fort Point- very cool to explore. And when you get to the very top, you're under the bridge. Phenomenal! Stew and I then walked. And walked. But it was beautiful. Along the beach, taking it all in. Stunning. I swam- obviously! We visited the Palace of Fine Arts; a truly beautiful place. Stew made a friend- she asked him to take a picture- and then proceeded to make him follow her around and take more! I had to walk away for laughing. 5 hours after leaving our hotel, we arrived at the Wharf- where wine and Key Lime margaritas awaited. Final mooch of pier 39 and the sea lions and the wharf almost finished the day, then the beach called- Stew paddled and I swam. Heaven!

29 August 2016

Another brilliant day in our World! We took a lovely walk to Golden Gate Park, via Haight Ashbury, where we admired the conservatory of flowers, sunbathed and visited the Japanese Tea Garden- which was stunning. Then it was beach time! I jumped waves and swam in the Pacific- stew laughed. We laid and we chilled. And we finished the night with a lovely meal at a beautiful restaurant. And we of course drunk wine ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

28 August 2016

This update comes slightly later than normal due to the fact stew and I got quite inebriated last night! However, let's begin with the day. We took a ferry to a town called Tiburon. A small but very pretty place. Also, clearly where the rich live- we found s beautiful place for a mere 7.25 million dollars! We explored a little, drunk a little and then got the ferry back across the bay- worth it in itself. Fisherman's Wharf was again on our itinerary - mainly as we landed there! Last night was the big one! In many ways, but predominately as we went back to where we got engaged. The measures were as strong; the atmosphere as good; the music brilliant and we sat in the same seats!! The barman loved our story so a free round of drinks were ours and he kept topping Stew's Jack and coke up with just Jack... Needless to say we were a little inebriated!

27 August 2016

We had a pretty chilled and calm one yesterday. We did a little shopping after our epically good dine breakfast and then intended to head to Japan town via a few places, including the cable car museum. Anyway, the sun was shining and we thought, nope- let's go and sit on the beach and then drink wine! So we did. I think after 5weeks we felt the need! And then came the baseball. Off we went in our jerseys; got our hot dogs and then totally sucked it all up! We saw them win the World Series two years ago and got a little hooked- last night's game reinforced that!! The other big news of the day was that we met Stew's biggest fan! This dude was very privileged to meet stew and has great respect for him. Never heard him play- but just the fact he was a musician was enough for him!

25 August 2016

Another day of memories made. And cocktails drunk... We have had a relatively slow and moochy day today, which of course means we racked up 30000 steps! It all started in union square today, with a little shopping at the craft market and a trip to the street car museum. My kind of museum. It's the size of a box room and had about three things in it. After all that excitement we had to stop for a glass of wine! We took the walk from the Ferry Building to the Wharf and had some further exploration of Pier 39, before heading to the world famous Buena Vista for Irish coffees and lunch. We visited Ghiradelli square, getting lots of free chocolate! We looked at some boats and then it was time for our daily dose of key lime margaritas! If Stew had written this he could have told you about me falling over... But he didn't! Tonight, we took the boat to Alcatraz- an eerie and spooky place, but fascinating. Watching the sun go down and the lights come up over San Francisco was perfect!

24 August 2016

How does anyone leave this place?? It's phenomenal. We saved this for last for so many reasons- we love it, it's Stew's favourite place on earth and it's where we got engaged. And it doesn't disappoint. Today, we walked less steps. Only 12000. But we cycled too. Over the Golden Gate Bridge - wow! The views were no disappointment. The experience was phenomenal. And, we continued to Saulsalito. A beautiful seaside town. There were of course cocktails overlooking the ocean. There was Mooching. There was eating of sandwiches- yum. And there was exploration of beaches and more. Something we had never done and was totally worth it. We finished at Fisherman's wharf. More margaritas. An amazing day and one of the highlights!

23 August 2016

Well, San Francisco. You certainly don't disappoint! What a beautiful and amazing day. We have mooched union square, visited tiffanys and on to Coit tower. During the morning we shopped and visited the second half of China Town. Then we walked...! We took in the Ferry building and had lunch with a view! Last time we visited Coit tower was the day after we got engaged ...hung over! We walked the 400+steps and it was worth it! Stunning views. This afternoon, we headed back to fisherman's wharf for more key lime margaritas ($5!) Our street car ride was awesome- apart from an accident which meant it diverted and we walked double the distance we should have- up the steepest hill there is! Tonight we went to a delicious cheese and wine restaurant- chauchetiere plate, cheeses, olives and prosecco! Perfect. As always...

22 August 2016

Love love love San Francisco! Having been here before, we are no way disappointed. It's incredibly chilled and relaxed- perfect. Today, we have explored the uniqueness that is China Town- lucky cat anyone?! And then we headed to Pier 39 and Fisherman's wharf. That view will never get boring. Sea lions, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and so much more. We rediscovered The Gold Dust Lounge- and the $5 key lime margaritas! Whoop!! Tonight, we visited the cheese cake factory at the top of Macy's. Stew managed to get a tan from the patio heater! Only him.
San Francisco. Sort of where it all started. We still got buzz of arriving here- and walking in and around union square last night made us feel like we were at home! We kept it chilled- dinner and drinks and a night making plans! We plan to go to Alcatraz, cycle the Golden Gate Bridge, fisherman's wharf, wine tour, baseball game and more! Oh- and the hills definitely got bigger...

21 August 2016

Our final day at Disneyland was awesome. We had a blast there. the right of amount of thrill seeking, geeking off , relaxing and cocktails! As I have to work from 7:30 am until 9pm on my birthday, i took the Queen's stance and had an official birthday. To be fair, it was quite unintentional. Stew got me a birthday badge (with the intention of keeping it for my birthday) I wore it and people kept on wishing me a happy birthday. And I got a little cake with a candle!! Whoops... Disneyland may seem naff to some, but it truly is magical and anything and anyone goes. And to be able to have joined in the 60th anniversary celebration was extra special. Next stop- San Francisco.

20 August 2016

Well day something. I've stopped counting as there aren't enough of them left! Today was a bit of a repeat- rides, cocktails, pool, food, chill. Works for me! An absolutely awesome day. Again. I don't want to bang on unnecessarily so will leave it relatively simply. We are laughing, smiling and having a blast. I'm not sure it gets better than that xx

19 August 2016

Back in the Disneyland park today, and what a day, love it, not masses more to report today, hit the rides and came back for a swim and a cocktail before going back into the park this evening for the most awesome, colourful and immersive show I have ever seen. Back to the room tonight for a tiki cocktail and a chill before heading back to California adventure tomorrow. Awesome stuff.

17 August 2016

Today was one away from the parks. We deliberately booked ourselves in for a complete and relaxing pool day, which was heavenly. Our day basically went like this: Wake up. Eat room service breakfast in bed. Go to the pool. Sunbathe. Swim. Drink a cocktail. Repeat. Perfect! I FaceTimed law law- honestly not meaning to rub in the sunshine and pool. It was made worse when the barman delivered our pool side cocktails ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿน๐Ÿน The rest of the day followed suit. Dinner, tiki cocktails and doing nothing. What holidays are made for and of ๐Ÿ˜Š

16 August 2016

Two weeks left to go. How has that happened? But still so much to do! Disney updates may get a bit repetitive, so will do our best to keep them interesting and briefish! We ventured to the California Adventure Park, which is the better equivalent of the Paris studios- but better! We have ridden roller coasters and played board walk games. We have soared over the world and raced in cars. We have eaten extremely high quality food and watched parades. Only in Disney hey? As I say, dinner was beautiful. And world of colour (I urge you all to google it) was amazing. I lost Stew in the colour, wonderment and beautiful innocence of it for a bit. Again, Google it and you'll get the insight into Stew's beautiful mind. We have a chilled pool day ahead of us tomorrow! So a few tiki cocktails for us tonight!

15 August 2016

Well, where does one begin when one is in Disney Land for the 60th anniversary celebrations? OMG ๐Ÿ˜œ So, we have explored cities, been cultured, laid on beaches and had many new experiences. This is just another branch of that! DisneyLand itself is great- like Paris but different. It is a statement that makes sense if you've been to both! We have ridden rides, watched parades, swam in the pool, soaked in the Jacuzzi and revelled in the joy of our upgraded room. We have floor to ceiling windows and a view of the Tiki bar and pool. Oh. And a light up, music playing headboard! Magical โœจ

14 August 2016

So this morning we escaped LA, whilst a great experience it was also a mad one. Got the train through to Anaheim in Orange County and soaked up the sun in the pool of our luminous yellow hotel until our room was ready. Once in our room it turned out we'd been upgraded and had a jacuzzi in the bathroom, so that was awesome and always very relaxing. This evening we went into downtown Disney and had some dinner and a couple of cocktails before having a good mooch round with a few photos and taking it all in. So now back at the hotel with another jacuzzi session, getting ready for an earlyish night ready to hit Disneyland properly and get into our posh hotel in the morning!
A short stop over in LA. We debated long and hard as to whether to come here and decided we needed to at least see it. So, we got the Pacific Surfliner- the best train ever. Free wine and continuous views of the Pacific coast. Simply stunning! It's a strange place. For somewhere so wealthy it's full of poverty. Anyway, we embraced it thus far and have done the very touristy things! Went and saw the Hollywood walk of Fame- which gets crazy busy the further down it you get! The Chinese theatre is great, especially with all the handprints and writings. Where else do you get Donald Duck and Michael Jackson in one place?! We also went to the Griffith Observatory; stunning. Set in the Hollywood Hills you get truly super views. Wow! That was worth coming to see.
A short stop over in LA. We debated long and hard as to whether to come here and decided we needed to at least see it. So, we got the Pacific Surfliner- the best train ever. Free wine and continuous views of the Pacific coast. Simply stunning! It's a strange place. For somewhere so wealthy it's full of poverty. Anyway, we embraced it thus far and have done the very touristy things! Went and saw the Hollywood walk of Fame- which gets crazy busy the further down it you get! The Chinese theatre is great, especially with all the handprints and writings. Where else do you get Donald Duck and Michael Jackson in one place?! We also went to the Griffith Observatory; stunning. Set in the Hollywood Hills you get truly super views. Wow! That was worth coming to see.

12 August 2016

San Diego continued to be amazing today. Following my turn to be ill (Stew was much more tolerant than I was of him), we had a much needed chilled day. Whilst I make in the sun, paddling and soaking up the atmosphere, stew visited pirate ships and so on! Fact of the day- Stew has been on a ship which actually featured in Pirates! San Diego is truly beautiful and we got to see it all from the ferry to Coronado. Stunning. And Stew saw more ships... Coronado is a beautiful place - and I am sure a very cheap place to live! We visited the Coronado Hotel, which featured in Some Like it Hot and laid on the beach and swam in the Pacific. Perfect. This evening we visited one of the most beautiful parks we had visited- Balboa. It's very Spanish and packed full of museums, outdoor entertainment, theatres and more. Stunning.

11 August 2016

I feel a little repetitive when writing this. Another wonderful day. But genuinely true! San Diego is certainly the most laid back and friendly place we've been to, it's easy to see why those that go come back and the rest stay. Today consisted of war (of course) with a trip to the USS Midway. I thought it was a lot like the other one we saw, but with an extra runway. Apparently not. However, we did get to see an active ship returning after 7 months at sea: all the service men and women lined the boat as it docked, where they were reunited with families. That was cool. We walked the length of the harbour and took in the quaint seaport village, the baseball park and the Gaslamp Quarter. All of which were lovely. We finished our daytime stint lying next to paddling fountains, in the sun. #perfect ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’›โค๏ธ

10 August 2016

ROAD TRIP! Well kind of; we drove today from Vegas, in Nevada, to hoover dam which was awesome (and in transformers) and on the Arizona border so we walked there too. Finally, we got on the to California in our very American Ford Fiesta... !Anyway, great drive through the desert with a couple of stops along the way for grub and pictures. As we hit San Diego, I was struck by a great omen for this city, a pair of A-10 tankbusters flew overhead and landed on the airbase next to the highway. Nicole was obviously less impressed but- bugger me - it was an awesome sight. Once in San Diego we got to our hotel to a lovely bottle of fizz and some roses and pop and slippers! We went out to dinner in little Italy before finding the ship used as the interceptor in pirates of the Caribbean and being in San Diego we saw 4 aircraft carriers at berth. Needless to say we are staying here an extra day and looking forward massively to tomorrow.
What a great last day in Vegas! We've learnt to slow it down a little here, ish! Stew's day started in heaven- buffet breakfast where he could eat burritos and steak! Only in Vegas...! Following out swimming ritual, we headed to the "world famous gold and silver pawn shop". For those of you who don't know it, it's been made famous due to a TV show- something that regularly airs in the background of ours. Super good fun though seeing it in the flesh. Then off to the Stratosphere we went! Neither of us were brave enough for the ride! We finished with a gentle (our day finished on only 25km walked- see taking it easy) walk back up the length of the strip taking it all in. Our final evening took in the lights, sounds and bustle of the strip at night. Including a cheeky go on the slot machine! Well Vegas, it has been a blast! And if time would like to slow down now please ... X

8 August 2016

Today didn't pan out quite as we planned due to a poorly Stew. We managed the pool- which was of course lovely- and retreated ready for our initial plans. But it was not to be! So, stew rested, following a strop I retreated back to the pool! (at least I'm honest!) However, we did get out later. We headed for Hard Rock Vegas, keeping up our hard rock in each city! I was drinking for two and did a great job. I was smashed enough for us both by the time we hit Kiss glow in the dark mini golf! Needless to say, Stew won! We leave the slots in profit - a whole 60cents on our dollar...!
Today, a well deserved chill day at only 21,500 steps... Had a great day looking at the Las Vegas welcome sign and then gambling- a whopping two dollars - all before lunch people! We had a nice swim and then headed to the Monte Carlo casino for appetisers and wine at happy hour. Tonight we saw more boobs (of course) and then spent a unholy and mahoosive $19 dollars on 8 boozie drinks and two hours of gambling - don't say we don't know how to live people... Now just chilling in the room looking at the awesome view with a couple of drinks ready for more action tomorrow. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention, some hotel employee walked in to our room tonight with no warning, unfortunately we were both totally in the buff on different chairs in the room as it's quite warm, so we provided a wonderful tease show for some happy Luxor employee.

7 August 2016

Day 14. Yes- that's all! It feels like a brilliant lifetime! We treated ourselves to a lie in- 9:30am! Seriously, though, we had a chilled morning round about the pool. It's lovely- so chilled and stew is a complete water baby! It's great. We've explored more hotels; some stunners. Vegas knows how to do it! Genuinely though, architecturally ours wins! It may be a bit 70s' Jackie Collins- but it has the WOW! That said, the Venetian is fab! Wherever you stay it wouldn't be a disappointment! Today, we have focused on drinking! Free drinks if you gamble. So we did. 11 dollars got us four drinks each- including cocktails - and two hours slots. #noprofitfromus #onabudget Another (sorry all quite the same) perfect day. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š

6 August 2016

Another day in paradise. A crazy paradise. Today, the steppage was up again- and that's just from getting from our room to the casino ๐Ÿ˜œ The day involved exploring the New York Hotel, checking out the Bellagio and having a lazy afternoon around the pool! (Cocktails and other forms of alcohol were of course involved!) Tonight, we got to see the Bellagio fountains - which were awesome. But what was more awesome was the Caesar's Palace firework show in honour of their 50th anniversary. It was a star studded event- Gordon Ramsey and everything! We of course just saw the fireworks from out the front. Good though! Still having fun and still living the dream- with each other which makes it even better! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™

4 August 2016

Today started at the god forsaken hour of 2.21... But worth it, after saying goodbye to our beautiful hotel in New Orleans and a short stop in Texas, we arrived in Vegas. One hairy landing later (much to Nicole's disgust) we arrived at our hotel and promptly set to filling our bellies with pizza and breakfast muffins. We settled well in the hotel which is amazing-a giant pyramid which is amazing; had a mooch about - winning $48 dollars on a one dollar bet in the process. Back to the room for a nice chill before heading out for buffet dinner - I think I got through most of my body weight in chicken. We then headed out on the strip and explored the Excalibur and Mandalay bay hotels and a little of the strip which is absolutely shockingly brilliant in its gaudy splendour of lights and colour. On a side note I have completely doubled the amount of naked boobs I've seen in my lifetime on this trip, can't work out if that's good or bad yet... Bring on tomorrow...
Our last day in New Orleans was as good as the previous ones. We will be honest if we find anything bad- we just haven't yet! Our day pretty much consisted of eating, drinking and soaking up some more of the wonderful atmosphere. We finally got our coffee and beignets at cafe du mond. Stew ate alligator. It was dead and cooked of course...! We drunk in the most wonderful bar- an old carousel which has been converted and it still rotates! I dread to think how mind blowing it would be drunk! A nighttime swim rounded our trip. If you ever get the chance to visit New Orleans, do it. Put it on your list and embrace it's madness, friendliness, chilled vibe and the idea that anything goes. Truly perfect xxx

3 August 2016

Another amazing day in what was a very hot New Orleans today! 110 degrees in the shade with 90% humidity! Stew leaked. A lot. Following our morning swim ritual, we started with a walk through the French market before stumbling across the Old US Mint; it is a free entry museum and even had a jazz exhibition. Picnicking in Jackson Square was lovely, despite stew coming over a little odd (yes more than normal) due to too much sun, too much leakage and not enough water! More swimming, mooching followed- heavenly. And tonight was our paddle steamer jazz cruise. Wow and wow. Amazing food, amazing music, amazing boat and amazing views of the Mississippi, complete with a spectacular electrical storm in the distance. So chilled and truly magnificent. Highlight of this stop on the trip! So, another day is done. Sleep beckons. Oh and Stew saw an f15... For those that know or care! But we'd like to finish this post wishing my beautiful mummy a very happy birthday xxxxxxx

2 August 2016

New Orleans. What can I say? It's hot, cultural, crazy, friendly. It is brilliant. Yesterday we explored the French Quarter, taking in Jackson Square, Bourbon street and Royal street. We watched live music, street artists and so much more. And we relaxed too! We soaked up the atmosphere of our beautiful hotel, swam in the pool and of course had a drink or two! It truly is a vibrant and exciting place. Love it ๐Ÿ˜Š

31 July 2016

Stage 3- New Orleans. Wow, wow, wow and wow. Colours,music, voodoo, food And so much more. Wow. I'm genuinely lost for words. This place has culture and so much more. And is just so picturesque. We have got free cocktails and soaked in the Mardi Gras atmosphere. Perfect. It's like a Mecca. Wow. Xxx

30 July 2016

Today we have had a final explore of Chicago, taking in the zoo (which was free!) and the conservatory, and then nachos and a cocktail on the pier. It has been a fantastic three days in Chicago, a welcome chill after New York and a fantastic place to explore. Managed to find a new transformer I couldn't find at home (always a bonus). We finished the night at a little French restaurant and had crepes and pรขtรฉ, what a city, here comes the party time of New Orleans...

29 July 2016

Chicago day 2. We rested our feet a little and got the train into the main city centre- lightweights I know! Today was a day of exploring- Stew was happy to see the start of the Lollapolooza festival even if we weren't in and watching! We mooched and explored and rested in the Signature Lounge @ 95th in the John Hancock centre, with a glass of champers or two! Thanks for the tip Dawn! A short trip round Bloomingdales- I reckon less than five minutes- reminded Stew of how lucky he is to be married to a non shopper! And then for the big one. The pizza pie! Oh my- an experience at one of Chicago's oldest producers of. And a cocktail of course!!! Stew thoroughly enjoyed my suggested walk back, via Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs. I didn't think that the 6.5 miles was a problem myself...! Oh, and last night we found an amazing authentically America bar- our new local. For three days anyway! Another day living the dream xxz

28 July 2016

Our first day in Chicago has thus far been very different from New York, albeit as good! We walked (of course) the stretch of Lincoln Park, taking in plenty of fantastic sights, none more so than the epic greatness of Lake Michigan, with the back drop of the city. Simply stunning. The whole setting makes it far more laid back than NYC; less noise and more patience! But it's not without its honking drivers. Navy Pier was great- I don't reckon that was a one time visit. And the Chicago River with its many bridges is such a beautiful sight. A true city of surprises with every turn of the corner - and this is only day one xxxx

27 July 2016

This morning marked our final morning in New York, it was a fantastic four days of adventure and exploring and wow what a start to the trip. Started with our breakfast bagel and just went from there. Now we are settled in Chicago on a lovely street with a few restaurants and bits to explore ready to hit Chicago full on tomorrow. And we missed the full on bomb scare at Chicago o'hare. Yay us!

26 July 2016

#lastdayinnyc amazing! So at 20:54 we have cranked up 32000 steps! But so worth it! We revisited the 9/11 memorial, so needed to be done. Humbling. We also went full out tv & film location- the friends' building & the ghostbusters fire house ( which to stew's disappointment was undergoing refurb) - still fab though! We have taken in the Brooklyn bridge, the artists bar ( there was pirate rum) and Washington park. I've splashed in the fountain and stew has worried about me dropping things! Onto the Top of the Rock- wow- and drinks with James and Charles- as living 20 miles apart means meeting in NYC! Seriously, if we were going home tomorrow it would be the holiday of lifetime, as it is- another 35 days to go! Xxx

25 July 2016

Where to begin today?! Firstly, wow, an enormously hot day! We melted! But this is balanced by the enormously fun day we've had! The breakfast bagel started our day well, before taking in Bryant park and a walk down to the Hudson River. Just walking and taking it all in is worth it! I then was the best wife I could be and we visited the USS Intrepid. It's war and planes and stuff! But I could get on and in things! Stew though was blown away by it all- particularly the space shuttle. More walking followed! And Then there it was- a bar playing everything I do. It was rude not to have a cocktail right?! We walked back via the high line- check it out on Google- a great thing. Happy hour cocktails in planet Hollywood, followed by an epic storm! Soaked and loud doesn't cover it. Needless to say, an amazing day xxx

24 July 2016

So, today we managed to get up the Empire State Building for some stunning views and wonderful atmosphere, then we headed up 5th avenue before meandering the entire of Central Park (turns out it's quite big ๐Ÿ˜‰). After a lovely cocktail at the boathouse at Central Park, we kept exploring The park and found some wonderful sights. Plenty of water and an ice cream or two later we are back at the hotel with a couple of ciders and are now gonna head out for the night to Times Square and some of this famous New York pizza...

23 July 2016

I personally was a little nervous I would be disappointed by NYC. It's so iconic that I really tried not to build it up. As it was, I needn't have been worried. It is an amazing city- Stew and I have had a fabulous first day. We are totally blown away by it. We planned to take it easy. Of course, we haven't. As of 5:28 I have done over 26000 steps and walked the best part of 20km! But it's worth it. We walked to the financial district, via Washington, passed through Soho and The Village- where we found a rum bar ๐Ÿ™ƒ. And then we got to the 9/11 memorial. Wow. I expected to be overwhelmed by it, but it genuinely brought me tears. It's something that I will never forget- truly phenomenal. The scale of it is beyond words. A truly humbling Moment. And then we went on to the Statue of Liberty & Ellis island- can honestly say that the view of downtown Manhattan from the ferry is up there with the best. If the rest of our trip is even half as good as today, we are lucky people!
We have arrived safely in the states and after a good nights sleep are ready and raring to explore New York, the hotel view isn't too bad either...

22 May 2016

So, not long to go. Our honeymoon to the states is coming up fast and we are visiting the following cities New York Chicago New Orleans Las Vegas San Diego Los Angeles Disneyland Anaheim San Francisco It's gonna be a trip of a lifetime together and just another start to our massive adventure together and here's where we are going to send you guys updates and pics of what's going on.