Europe · 11 Days · 19 Moments · July 2017

Stewart and Lyn's 2017 European Trip - Part 3

12 July 2017

Brussels airport en route to Manchester to see the rellies. Our holiday travels almost over. We've seen more than a lifetime's worth of Churches, Cathedrals, Mosques, Abbey's, Castles, Palaces and ancient ruins. We have met many fellow travellers and befriended quite a few. Thanks for joining us along the way, we've enjoyed your company. (and you've saved yourselves from a 2,000 photo slide show on our return!)

11 July 2017

Our final day of the cruise in Budapest. Another fabulous city that deserves more time than we have. Stunning buildings but not many photo opportunities for the big palaces and castle. They do have these great beer drinking carts which you sit in and pedal whilst consuming copious amounts of ale. For a country that has always been on the losing side in every war or conflict they have ever been involved in, this looks like a real winner for them!

10 July 2017

A bit of a culture treat this evening with a special concert by the Viennese International Orchestra (or at least a section of) of Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss music played at the Liechtenstein Palace especially for the Scenic tour group. We all even dressed up for the occasion. Very special!
Here we are in Vienna Austria. Magnificent palaces, churches and state buildings and architecture at every turn. What a wonderful city.

9 July 2017

Docked here at Durnstein later in the afternoon. Bolted in to town for a quick look whilst Lyn did the Galley tour on the ship.
Quick excursion to Melk Abbey this morning followed by a bbq lunch on the ship before cruising down the river to Durnstein this afternoon.

8 July 2017

Decided to have a day on board yesterday as we cruised a nice part of the Danube rather than do an excursion. How nice to just relax!

7 July 2017

Went on a side trip to Weltenberg Abbey yesterday. Took a small boat up the narrowest part of the Danube Gorge. The monks there have brewed dark beer for centuries - not a bad drop actually! Nice fancy old Baroque church.

6 July 2017

Climbing through the locks on the Danube canal is an interesting experience. Some of them are 25 metres deep!
Went into the old town of Nuremberg in the afternoon. All looks very quaint until someone explains to you that over 80% of it was blown to smithereens by the allied forces and rebuilt after the second world war. That makes most of it about 70years old at best!
First excursion of this part of the trip to Hitler's Zepelin fields where he held his rallies. Stood where Hitler stood to address the masses. Also to see the building where the Nuremberg war trials were held. Later on to the Documentation centre. A very sobering tour!

5 July 2017

We left Prague and travelled by coach down to join our ship in Nuremberg. Travelled through really nice lush countryside in both Checkoslovakia and Bavaria (bit lazy with the photos). Very nice cabin on board, we got a floor upgrade somehow but definitely not complaining!

4 July 2017

The star attraction up there was really St Vitas Cathedral. It is not St Mark's or the Sagrada Familia but comes in close behind. Off to Nuremberg tomorrow morning to join the river cruise ship.
In the castle grounds the touristy thing to do is to rub the appendage of this statue for good luck or something. Easy to see several have been there before us! Your mother was too embarrassed to rub it so the best I could do was get her to point at it. She said that she couldn't understand the fuss over such a little thing but I'm not sure what she was comparing it too!
Heck of a climb up the steps to the castle grounds but covers a huge area when you make it to the top. The fuzzy one is a panorama shot.
DIY Sightseeing today so we're off to see the Castle/Palace and Cathedral on the hilltop overlooking the city. This is the hotel we're in. All the riverboat cruises with the Prague (Praha) option start from here. It's a little past it's prime but was the first major hotel built here at the end of the communism so has some claim to fame and is close to everything.

3 July 2017

More touring that morning. A visit to the John Lennon wall and mum as the 5th Beetle. Not really a canal city but a couple of nice spots. An intreaguing street routine - clever how they do that! The busy river provides a nice centrepiece for the city.
Tuesday morning and a short tour with our tour guide Pavlina. Astronomical clock, Cafe de Paris, King Charles IV (they all seemed to like him) and a photo of Pavlina introducing us to the local firewater or medicine as they like to call it.

2 July 2017

Arrived in Prague on Sunday and decided to check out the town before joining with the tour group later in the afternoon. It becomes clear very quickly that this is indeed a very special place with fantastic architecture and steeped in so much interesting history. One of the few old cities in Europe that escaped bombing in WW2 so so much is original.