Europe · 20 Days · 48 Moments · June 2017

Stewart and Lyn's 2017 European Trip - Part 2

2 July 2017

Here endeth the second part of our Journey. Thanks for coming along for the ride. We have just arrived in Prague and the weather is thankfully much more bearable in the high teens but with nice sunshine. We'll start part 3 from here for Prague, our short river cruise and then for our couple of weeks in the UK before returning home. I'll send new invitations shortly.

1 July 2017

Our last evening in Athens out in the Plaka district again. Some serious OH&S issues on the sidewalk! Wouldn't want to be walking home half shickered! Everywhere you look up in Athens you see decay of once beautiful buildings. Sad that this country is so broke that there is little hope for their future.
Athens and an amazing 44 degrees! We're overnighting here before flying on to Prague. Hopefully will be a little cooler there. Took the city tour bus and here are a few random shots of important buildings. We did the ancient stuff when we were here a couple of weeks ago. Lunch at a local Cafe and dinner in Plaka tonight.
Woke up to this. Piraeus port - a bit of a reality check as not the most attractive place. Here endeth the cruise. A really fabulous couple of weeks of being spoiled rotten and treated like royalty. My biggest concern before joining was the possibility of sea sickness. Frankly it was smoother than travelling on land. What an amazing ship!

30 June 2017

Farewell cocktails on the ship last night. They paraded some of the staff to music. Opportunity for us to thank them. 600 passengers and 460 staff and crew to look after us!
At Nafplion this morning. Was the original capital of Greece long time ago. It was from here our excursion took us to Corinth. Last stop before the cruise finishes in Athens. Another really hot day about 39 degrees. This place is quite nice and has three forts. God knows how they built them all that time ago! Last pic is of one of the tour guides we ended up with on a few of the excursions. She said her name was Helen, like Helen of Troy but that she was much younger and better looking.
This morning we're off to see and sail the Corinth canal. It's man made and like a mini Suez or Panama canal without any lochs. It joins the Aegean and Adriatic seas. A very worthwhile tour!

29 June 2017

Won't forget these daily stunning views of the Greek Islands and Adriatic coast in a hurry. Hard to photograph but absolutely beautiful.
Githion port on our return. Nice spot. Really hot again and forecast to be until we get off at Athens in a couple of days. 41degrees forecast for Saturday! gulp!
On the way back we stopped at Mani, a little old town in the hills behind Sparta. Nice and rustic!
This morning we docked at Githion again and went to visit the Diros caves. Truly spectacular 1.5km boat ride underground - just part of the 14km underground cave system discovered here in recent times. Just a few of the many, many photos we took.

28 June 2017

Lefkada, another beautiful port. Water sports off the back of the ship but we were too lazy. We needed to enjoy at least one day on the ship before the cruise finished so just laid by the pool and read our books today. Heavenly in this heat. High 30's again today. Phew!

27 June 2017

Corfu. Plenty of cruise ships arrived overnight so the scramble is on! 6 cruise ships some of these which carry up to 3,000 passengers. Around 15,000 bods descending on a place per day! Hasn't stopped some of the rich and famous sailing in for a spell! A hop on hop off bus ride and then in to the old town for a wander. The garbos are on strike here as they haven't been paid which makes the streets a mess. Another nice sunset though and spectacular Island views to help redeem the otherwise tourist overwhelmed world we now live in and of which we are part.

26 June 2017

Sailing back out of Kotor. Off to Corfu overnight.
Back to Kotor. These old towns are steeped in history. The weather is incredibly hot and humid. Didn't stop Lyn shopping though!
Morning trip to Sveti Stefan and then checked out Budva an ancient Medieval town. Sveti Stefan is definitely exclusively for the rich and famous. No tourists allowed there!
Up at 5:30am this morning to see the stunning sail into Kotor, Montenegro. Fabulous! The photos don't do it justice.

25 June 2017

Had lunch at a Cafe on the shore side. Good local beer in large sizes. Nice to watch the yachts sailing.
Sibenik has a medieval old town which is nice and charming and steeped in history.
Ship docked at Vodice this morning. Nice but small seaside town really used by Seabourn as a staging point for some of their excursions. We didn't bother again as we know Sibenik is just a short taxi ride away.

24 June 2017

Some of these other cruise ships are a size! This one we're looking at here has about 2,500 passengers compared to our 600. Mind you, there are some these days with 6,000. They'd blot out the sun if they passed you close by.
St Mark's square, gondolas and quirky narrow alleys and omg so many tourists! Huge numbers of giant cruise ships.
Sailing into Venice at 5:45am this morning! Back to bed after this!k

23 June 2017

This little runabout cruised past us later in the afternoon. I Googled it and it's the 10th largest yacht in the world and owned by a Russian billionaire. Note the helicopter on the front deck. Lyn was pretty unimpressed and continued to focus on her cocktail!
This morning we're at Primosten. Still in Croatia a little further North. It's a base for a few excursions to more exotic locations but we're getting lazy and struggle with the early starts so have had another day just doing a little local sightseeing. Nice church on top of the hill providing a lovely view and has this incredible graveyard. The locals really know how to look after their family once they've been planted! All the graves have photos and flowers on them and are in immaculate condition. (note well Cara and Leanne!).

22 June 2017

In the afternoon, we also took a little glass bottomed boat trip to get a different perspective on the place. Past a nudie beach and our ship which was anchored in the harbour, very pleasant.
and of course, Dubrovnik was used as a key location for Game of Thrones so just had to have a sit on the Iron Throne!
Woke up to Dubrovnik this morning. Didn't take an excursion as everything is close by. Lovely old medieval city teeming with tourists but with just cause. Had an afd yesterday to sharpen my focus. Not an easy thing to do on this ship!

21 June 2017

Yesterday docked at Brendisi Italy and took an excursion to Lecce (pronounced Lechee - supposed to be the Florence of the South but it didn't quite do it for me) . Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was pretty hung over from the night before! You might also notice that the photos are pretty ordinary too!

20 June 2017

awww.. nice birthday message and gift from the ship and cabin crew.
Awoke rather late this morning to find ourselves in our next port Parga - still in Greece. Quick Tender ride to the quay. Seabourn treat you like royalty. What an absolutely idyllic spot. Weather is magic too at 28degrees and not a cloud in the sky. A different port every day on this cruise. Just not enough time to enjoy everything on offer. The ship is so nice it seems a shame to get off it! Off to Brendisi Italy overnight tonight!

19 June 2017

Champagne and Caviar sail away party last night as we left Katakolo . Think Caviar is a bit over-rated!
Some ship shots - it's hard to photograph it when you're on board. A walk around the town in the afternoon with Lyn indulging in her usual Port Therapy. Sailors have a girl in every port it is said, Lyn has a new top in every port!
Arrived in the Port of Katakolo (Picturesque little town) first up with yet another excursion booked this time to the ancient site of Olympia - birthplace of the Olympic Games. As usual, the Christians destroyed the joint to eliminate worship of the pagan gods. This place is massive and some good work done on restoration. Temple of Zeus and missing /imagined statue all interesting. Also statue of Apollo. How come it only costs 10Euro round trip in the Port and our cruise company charges 90Euros per head!!

18 June 2017

Excursion to Magnificent Mystras after docking at Gythion, Greece this morning. An hour to get there on the coach but absolutely worth it. Yes, more ancient churches but these were pretty special and steeped in Pagen / Turkish / Christian and Greek history.

17 June 2017

Checked out and went to join our cruise ship at Piraeus the Athens port this morning. Very nice!

16 June 2017

Out to dinner in the Plaka district. A bit cheesy but good fun with live Zorba music. After that, a view from our hotel roof top bar. Not bad!
Oh, and the mandetory selfies...
Visit to the Parthenon and Acropolis today. Those steps to the top are a killer on a hot day! However, well worth the climb. Phenomenal!

15 June 2017

Chilled out at the suite today as we figured we'd done enough sightseeing. These are all views sunsets from our own place and we figure they're even better than at Oia. Dinner at our fav restaurant again tonight. Heading for Athens in the morning and an early start.

14 June 2017

A couple of Oia sunsets before heading back to Firostefani...
On from there to Oia (pronounced Ear) the spot where all the cruise ship tourists get bused to on their day stopovers and also the most exclusive spots to stay. Had a few beers in the afternoon.
Went to Akrotiri on the local bus this morning. If you're interested in old ruins then this is the ultimate place to be. Evidence of settlement here 5,000 years ago! That's 3,000 years BC! Earthquakes and city rebuilds until the volcano exploded around 1,700 BC making it like a Greek Pompei but older. Some say this was the lost city of Atlantis.

13 June 2017

Ah Santorini, you clearly do not disappoint!
A walk to Fera this afternoon. Photos of the chairlift and donkey option to climb the huge cliff from the ocean below. Stopped for a foot fish feed then some Giros. Good cheap food.
Views from our apartment. The little pool right outside our front door.

12 June 2017

Our cave apartment / suite . Looks over the Caldera. Nice, quirky and comfy. Breakfast served in our suite despite the many steps up and down!
Flew from Madrid via Athens to Santorini and arrived at our "cave apartment" overlooking the Caldera quite late. The time is of no importance here and we ate food to die for at this beautiful little Greek restaurant at about 11:00pm.