North America · 77 Days · 26 Moments · November 2017

Steve's project

30 January 2018

Jerry from New Mexico

27 January 2018

Daniel from Germany

24 January 2018

Dominic from Black Eagle, Toronto

23 January 2018

Rick from Limburg, Netherlands

21 January 2018

Chris Hassett from San Francisco, California.

18 January 2018

Bill from Chicago, US.

16 January 2018

Rainer from Germany.

12 January 2018

Christian from Munich, Germany

11 January 2018

HaircutBob from San Francisco

9 January 2018

David from Tuscany, Italy 🇮🇹. iMac Pro and WACOM Pro Tablet. Freehand.

6 January 2018

Sean from seans_beardom on Instagram

2 January 2018

Mark Dwyer The finished artwork of Mark Dwyer.,

30 December 2017

Bryan from NY

26 December 2017

Pastel digital drawing of a great friend Mark Henderson.

25 December 2017

Mark Henderson. Actor/Model

19 December 2017

Ali from Toronto

15 December 2017

Sven from Germany and a Bearded Viking.

10 December 2017

Carlo digital art is finished

7 December 2017

Carlo from Italy 🇮🇹

5 December 2017

Finished artwork for David from Catskills, New York

2 December 2017

Canvas ready for shipment to The US

25 November 2017

This is Gerry from Rochester, New York. I met him on Scruff. Happy with it I hope.
Almost finished my commissioned artwork for Matthew from Atlanta, Georgia.

18 November 2017

My new business card.

15 November 2017

Finished Digital Image of Matthew from Instagram. Very happy with the final results.
After being declined for a non-payed leave, I thought I was going to drop rock bottom and go back into a deep depression filled with anxiety. I mopped around for a few days and decided that it was time to get into my drawing portraits and painting acrylics to see if I could make it more lucrative. 1. Matthew (Atlanta, US) 2. David Chestney (Florida, US) 3. Brian Irish (Vancouver, BC) 4. Sandro Peracoli (Brazil) Currently, I am finishing a commissioned painting for Matthew of the same pic on a 16x20 canvas. Acrylic. #5. I’m hoping to turn this into a full time career. We’ll see!