United States of America · 516 Days · 60 Moments · June 2015

Steve's odyssey through Mammoth Lakes, CA,...

15 November 2016

Time to come home

14 November 2016

Super moon from Twin Lakes
Now it's just dinner then pack for the trip home. Thus ends our last day
The actual center
Inside the Panum Crater plug
Mono Lake
Mono Lake from the Panum Crater
More Crater action
Panum Crater
The largest Jeffrey Pine forest in the world
North Coulee of the Mono Craters
One of the Mono Craters
Devil's Punchbowl
Continental breakfast in the lodge and we begin our last day

13 November 2016

A quick dinner in the cabin and the day comes to an end. One more day to go
Let's talk Crater Loop. That was some drive. A little more than 15 miles of bumps, rocks, etc. Not quite a 4x4 road, but having AWD helps. It took a bit more than2 hours to make the loop. The trouble was we did not know how long of a drive it was. Each time it seemed like the end was near off we went. It's not quite a Loop of a Crater as a crisscrossing of craters. There's no place to pull off the road for pictures so stop in the road. All in all a new adventure.
Old Blue had a rough day but performed like a champ. Now for some rest.
More volcanic ash from atop Obsidian Dome
Atop the Obsidian Dome
Obsidian rocks
Obsidian Dome
Crater Loop road
From the lookout
The lookout
Bald Mountain Lookiut
A new day dawns. Breakfast at the lodge- continental breakfast. It fills the stomach and is free. They have apple butter- butter with apple pieces mixed in - good.

12 November 2016

And we end another day
Dinner at the Good Life Cafe. Light dinner: Caesar salad and fries
Crystal Grag from Lake Mamie
Lake Mamie
Twin Lakes from Twin Falls
Twin Falls
Inyo Crater - the usual color. Muddy instead of aqua
Inyo Craters
Waffle eggs and bacon orange juice and coffee
The Stove
Breakfast at The Stove
We begin day 3. It's cloudy but the weather app says no precipitation. Time to go get some breakfast

11 November 2016

Thus ends another day. If only we got a little snow, but not this trip. Good night
Dinner at the lodge again. Same soup and martinis. Had bistro steak and veggies. Quite good. Same dessert.
The Earthquake Fault
The Mammoth Mountain mammoth
On to Pita Pit for lunch
Lake George. A little cold
Hiking the Horseshoe Lake Loop Trail
Horseshoe Lake
Breakfast of eggs hash browns bacon and toast with coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice
Breakfast at the Good Life Cafe
Me at Twin Lakes. Sorry
Correction and retraction: it's 24 degrees and before sunup
Twin Lakes at dawn, or a little after dawn
Thus begins day 2. Only 28 degrees right now

10 November 2016

End of day one. Good dinner
A vegetarian dinner followed by ice cream and coffee
Dinner at the lodge tonight. Potato and broccoli soup. Wild mushrooms risotto and parmasan gnudi. Plus 2 martinis - yummy
It's a cool 51 degrees right now. Getting ready to get dinner
Home for now
Home for the next few days
Coso rest area

18 June 2015

This is how the Inyo Crater normally looks like