United States of America · 4 Days · 8 Moments · February 2017

Steve and Sharon's journey to California

23 February 2017

A few of our new friends from the conference. With me is Nicolas Panza from France. With Sharon is Jean (pronounced Zhene) from London but raised in France and French Cameron. The last picture is me with a couple of our new Norwegian friends. I could not begin to pronounce their names 😜. They were great fun! Started taking more videos than pictures ... that'll change in a day or so!

22 February 2017

A great day in the neighborhood! A piece from a palm tree carries incredible design. The view from my spot this morning in the prayer chapel. A walk by the flooded river. And our wrist bands for the conference !!!!

21 February 2017

It's been one amazing coincidence after another today! From all the challenging mess ups yesterday that led to our driving up in the rain to going to get our luggage this morning at the airport (it did arrive!) ... one person was coming out of the airport ... John-Paul G. One of the drummers for Bethel ... had a great visit with him. He came back inside and found me to get my contact info ... more about that later. Maybe 😎 And then meeting Nicklaus from France in the prayer chapel ... to the young man in Kohls who seemed very discouraged, so much so that I had to go back to and tell what I had heard God whisper to me as I walked by him ... I told him as much and then explained what it was that I heard God say: "your life is just gonna get better and better" he said "really?" I said "yup" he replied "I've been prayin ALOT lately" and I replied "and He obviously has been listening!" Ask me in person and I'll give you more details. The day is barely half over !!!

20 February 2017

Our flight to Redding was cancelled due to heavy rain and wind. What to do? Evening flight had room for one. It didn't leave til 9:30pm. So ... rent a car and drive the 3 and a half hours to Redding. Through downtown SF first. 😳 in the rain and TRAFFIC 😎 no problem! Actually great fun after you get over the initial nerves !!!! Can't wait to do it again! Arrived in Redding about 6 this evening. Safe and sound and satisfied with the day.
Yup. We did it. And it was great fun! it's flooding in California? Let's fly into it and drive for 3.5 hrs. !!!
Touchdown in San Francisco!
Just above the front range. Headed into wind and rain at San Francisco !!!
Early out from Hays. Arrived in Denver 30 minutes early ... and our flight to San Fran is delayed about 90 minutes. Might be an interesting touch down there. (High wind warnings there!😎).