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Steve's adventure in Sydney, New South Wales,

26 July 2017

Atop of the Keep at Trim castle.
Summer morning Trim Ireland.
Out the back door of the house at Knigjtsbrook on a pleasant summer morning Trim Ireland.

25 July 2017

Newtown church
Donadea forest walled forest.
Liffey below Valleymont.
The view from Quintagh
R8353 bridge c1808
St Kevin's Way hiking Wicklow Mountains.
Above Glendalough.

24 July 2017

Lough Gowna
The Catholics know how to knock up a church
Today's ride was through dairy country mid east. Started at Aghnacliff and circled around the Lough.
Peat 'mine'

23 July 2017

Bit larger than the bales I use to handle.
Great cycle from Bective to the Hill of Tara. Nothing beats the smell of fresh cut hay.
Church at Kilmessan
Pulled into the Ccrockets at Bective for a salad and a pint of Guinness for lunch on the way to Kilmessan. Beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon for a cycle.

22 July 2017

Cricket on the village green Malahide castle Dublin. Look at the short boundary on the right of the photo☺!
Mother and son at Malahide Castle
A car wash for Michael.

21 July 2017

Enjoying a summer walk through Trim.
A walk along the Boyne river in Trim this morning.
Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul Trim c1202.
Michael's local at Trim?

20 July 2017

The sun dial at Kells
St Columbas at Kells, the crosses and round tower home of the book of Kells.
St Patrick's church
St Patrick at the hill of Slane
Mellifont Abbey ruins. Some lesser artifacts in the attached museum and remainder in Dublin Museum. Used by locals as a quarry for stone once it fell into ruins in the 1700's.
Monasterboice cross church and round tower.
Lots of familiar surnames here in Ireland.
Oldbridge house walled gardens
800 year old Slane castle.

18 July 2017

James Griffiths pub Trim a favourite of Sandra's across the street from Brogan's another favorite.
Back in Sean's again the oldest pub in Ireland 900 (years)
At the Shannon in Galway

17 July 2017

Overlooking the beach at Innesher. Some hardy soles 24 degrees and the sunscreen on.
Innesher lighthouse.
The ship wreck and cliffs from the Isle.
Road network
Approaching the island.
Matt and Sandra heading out and back to the cliffs of moher.

16 July 2017

Started brewing just a few years before capt Cook discovered Australia.
Captains day at Michael Connollys golf course today.
Olivia's first meal in Greece. Enjoy Liv
Teacher roomed cottage on the way to Kells.

15 July 2017

14 July 2017

All started

12 July 2017

Dunboyne today to see the wonderful barn c1743. Tall barn with two smaller barns.
Waiting for Uber to come to the rescue to get to the guiness storehouse in Dublin.
On our way to pick up Matthew at the airport, Maybe not?

11 July 2017

Sarah and Zane have arrived safely!

7 July 2017

The line to the world award winning Gelato shop in San Gimignano. I wasn't tempted despite 36 degrees.
A few selfies 2 say that I was there.
San Gimignano
Lunch in the Tuscan hills below San Gimignano. That's the town with the towers on the hilltop in the background.
A walk around 13/14th century Siena
The library at the Siena cathedral.
Siena cathedral.
Di campo where the horse race is held in July and Sept since the 1300's
Piazza Tolomei building bank dates to 1272. The animal is a shewolf symbolizing the district.
Oldest operating bank in the world c1459.

6 July 2017

The road out. 38,000 today so a big walk will sleep well tonight. Rural Tuscany is full of life and there is fruit and veg growing in every farmers house garden-love it.
Servants quarters. There is a magnificent caller down below and so cool compared to the 34 degrees outside.
The castle sits there abandoned. Italy is broke so there are no money to spend on it and the small band of volunteers couldn't hope to do much more than 'security'. The grounds around it and outbuildings are also falling into disrepair. It would have been a sensational building over the centuries.
I needn't have worried about being overrun by tourists going to the castle. It is a difficult climb up, no road access and I was the only person there. Must be more important things to do as a tourist at the DFO than a strenuous walk to the castle full of history. I urge you to Google Castello Sammezzano the history is interesting and internal pictures on the Web that you can't access are amazing.
The 2nd hike took me 10 km out of Rignano and there in the middle of rural Tuscany was an up market DFO. There were hundreds there, buses everywhere and it seemed to be mostly Chinese tourists. I was planning to walk to an abandoned castle- Castello Sammezzano which was at the top of a hill about 2km above the DFO.
Two hikes today the first Anello started and finished at Rignano. Up through the hills into the Vineyards and olive Groves on to ancient Roman cobble stone paths

5 July 2017

Sandra enjoying the view in Tuscany at our lunch. A must do for any visitor.
Views of Florence from above from Settignano the other end of the trail. Come to Florence and get out into Tuscany and walk it is a beautiful part of the world and I had the path all to myself thousands of tourists walking the streets of Florence have missed an absolute gem.
The mountain in the background is where I have hiked from.
This is why you walk out of the city besides it is cooler up here.
Lunch sitting in the piazza at Settignano lots to eat and drink to replenish the reserved while waiting for the bus.
The path doubles as a mountain bike trail it is steep and rocky they need to be daring to take it on, there are plenty of tyre marks so there must be a few willing.
Sign posting wasn't great the main thing to locate were red and white stripes on trees. Had to double back a few times.
There are those path markers thank goodness.
The instructions to locate the path were turn off at two large rocks!
A village with 2 houses a a church in the middle of nowhere.
Lots of old Roman quarries and most are occupied by refugees who stay in them at night and venture out to the towns during the day to beg or sell trinkets to tourists.
I walked from Fiesole to Settignano through the mountain paths above Florence there were lots of photos so I am going to post most without comment. Hike was about 12-13 km and mostly in shade apart from the last 2 km which was through olive Groves and open forest.
Views of Florence from Fiesole.
Today started with a bus trip to Fiesole into the mountains above Florence. The city was founded BC and conquered multiple times. 20% of the Roman ruins have been uncovered.
Up in the mountain village of Fiesole cooler up here. Take in the sights of Fiesole b4 walking to the village of Settignano. 30 minute bus trip from Florence e1.30 (about $2 AUD)
Gardens and lounge at the convent. They have a great veggie patch behind the hedge but didn't want to take photos as the also have their smalls hanging on the line, do don't want to be accused of being a creep.

4 July 2017

The little bar around the corner from the convent and it's view of the piazza.
A walk into the hills above Florence midday to beat the heat. They put churches in the most obscure places. This one dates to the 16th century.

3 July 2017

The city walls would have taken an enormous effort to build them this high and solid. there is a fresco of Mary and child above the gates.
I have booked in at the convent the accommodation is simple but clean breakfast supplied and there is a garden attached to sit and relax in.
San Regina convent in Florence where I am staying in will post some pictures of the gardens and lounge room later on.

2 July 2017

Central Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo. Great early morning walk up through the hills.
The bronze David.
The walk to Piazzale Michelangelo
A car exhibit at Medici Palace no one around best way to start the day with an early walk.

1 July 2017

Our Tuscan cooking tour highly recommended with great food washed down with chianti.
The veggies patch and olive grove, aroma of the herbs is sensational.
Our Cook Carmella didn't speak a word of English but entertaining and passionate about here cooking. Lunch menu bruscheta, home made pasta with Manzo pomodori sugo, pizza wood fired, roast port and rosemary potatoes and tirimasu. We have some recipes and hands on experiences to try in the kitchen at home.

30 June 2017

A hike through Chiquita Terra
Chiquita Terra

29 June 2017

Retracing our steps back on the train and in Rome on our way to Florence.

28 June 2017

Short cut to amalfi.
Castelione beach on the path down from Ravello.
Italian slug biological name 'sargentini wrigglini'
The veggies up in the mountains are spectacular interlaced with orange and lemon groves olives figs blackcurrants apricot peach you name it all growing in amoung the rocks on extreme slopes.
Atrani is mid picture at sea level where I have walked to and fro. Sweated all the way up 415m, lots of steps and lots of calories lost.
Township of Ravello because I was here so early there were no tourists or shops open my idea of being a fun.
More Ravello houses churches and gardens all the way up and all only serviced by foot path bumped in to rubbish collection guys and delivery man on the up they must b really fit. It would kill me having to do that trek day after day.
View from the balcony at Ravello.
Sweated like a pig getting up to Ravello at 6am hot and humid but there is a cool sea mist that has rolled in on the mountain and it is sensational up here.
The path.
The walk up from Atrani to Ravello is vertical and virtually all steps. Next time it's the bus. Still got to get down.

27 June 2017

We are staying 3rd level above the shops pink building with window open and blue curtains.
Contrast between the manicured sands of the private beach with the public areas at Atrani.
Access to this beach is via 300 vertical steps. Will stick to the neighboring walk up beach in Atrani.
My next life cruising the Mediterranean in my private yacht.
A toy for buddy to play with in Atrani
Embedding ourselves in Italiano food culture beautiful fresh ingredients
Car boat.
Here is the proof for those doubters Sandra bobbing in the mederterain next to the orange and white bouys.
5 pm hot beach weather even Sandra is in! Everyone here has a tan except the two white bodied Australians from Strathmore.
Limoncello ah
Tow away zone doesn't happen in Italy! hair pin bend
A selfie in Amalfi
And Amalfi 800m from Atrani 9 am.
Public beach is that little bit in the distance where the 'sand' hasn't been raked. Water temp is gr8 and water crystal clear.
Beautiful morning at Atrani beach

26 June 2017

We have made it to Atrani.
A kitchen to cook in.
Self contained apartment cooking fresh veg for ourselves is great.
View from the apartment in to the main piazza this is a small village.
Naples front yard, have to break the news to sandra that i am going to convert the front yard to a veggie patch.
Lots of photos of Pompeii. Hot humid and heading to the beach in a hurry for a swim/soak in the mederterain.
Mt Vesuvius

25 June 2017

NAPOLI BEACH! Lots of stray dogs but no puppies.
St Carlo theatro Naples and the Royal box being a republic no longer used by royalty only visiting dignitaries (maybe american roylaty trump?).

24 June 2017

Dinner date Pizza at Friggitoria.
Out in Naples for dinner. Both feel uncomfortable walking the streets here it is not a great location too much reading about pickpockets prior to getting here.
Back in Venice really humid and in jeans why?

22 June 2017

Afternoon at the beach that is the blue area beyond the umbrellas
Where they light the internal flame each 3 years. Not the original site which has not been identified through excavation works.
The marble start line at the Olympic Stadium
The Olympic Stadium.
We are at ancient Olympia

21 June 2017

Amazing how the houses hug the mountain tops
This is the cable car (left) and zigzag zag walking path to the village of Fira, Santorini. The path is 1 Km and the elevation is 230 metres. They run donkeys up and down the path taking tourists, there would have to be 200 on the path that I had to get through as I walked down. The walk took me 14 minutes (guides said it would take half an hour) 600+ steps, calves are feeling it now but we'll worth it.
Fira port.
Top of Fira pathway.
This pool looks out to this.
Catholic cathedral no surprise it sits on the highest point.
And the most expensive coffees in all of Europe, pay for view I guess.
The colour is for real.
Oia Greek Isles
Happy in an Akubra.
Santorini, we have arrived at Sandra's ultimate destination.

19 June 2017

I had fish finished in 10 minutes Sandra is still shelling ''Vietnamese' farmed prawns! Any regrets?
Cat museum still looking for the 'Buddy' museum.
And the anti pasta
Here we are having pre's in the old town of Kotor.
St John's Castel Kotor looking down at the cruise ship. 252 metres. 1.15km in 29 minutes got the heart pumping.
More of the old town
The old town.
Walking around the old town.

18 June 2017

Game of Thrones whatever that is old town Dubrovnik
Lunch with a glass of vino.
Lokrum Napoleon lived in the fort after his invasion.
The old town of Dubrovnik.

17 June 2017

We are in the grand canal Venezia on our way to Dubrovnik sun beaches but no surf.
Cool morning as we head to Venice by high speed train ready 4 our greek isle cruise.

16 June 2017

Footpath parking can't imagine folding myself up small enough to get in.
Royal Caribbean cruisers ready for a swim.
In the picture but not the painting
I have a bit of work to do for movember 2025.
Lunch Antipasta sensational the veggies melt in the mouth. Beer is cold and wine the afternoon heady.
In Italy it is all about looking good even when you are old you can still get away with wearing a white jump suit. It's the Italian Elvis.
hot and sweaty in Piazza Navona
Castel Sant Angelo

15 June 2017

11 am Pizza.
St Peters
2 light a candle and get a blessing
Too early 4 Pizza but lining up anyway

14 June 2017

The white car is "parallel parked"
Warm evening time for a gelato stroll.
Landed at Rome airport waiting for driver 2 pick us up. Couldn't find him for half an hour, eventually found a man holding up sign saying "Stefan Sargentinni" you guessed it was our driver!
The long room in Old Trinity library home of the book of Kells photography although like at the sistine chapel that doesn't stop some ignorant visitors.
Trinity College and the book of Kels

13 June 2017

Michael and Gillians wedding venue

11 June 2017


9 June 2017

Aran Isle of Inis.
Cliffs of Moher pre cruise to the Isle.

8 June 2017

Quaint B&B in Galway tight squeeze can only stand upright on one side of the room.
Dressed ready for the tour of Athlone castle
The oldest pub in ireland and in for a pint of guiness with Sean 200 kegs a week so it must be fresh.
Athlone castle on the way to Galway.

7 June 2017

Last post today Bective Abbey Bective c1170
New Grange 5000 years old. Older than the pyramids! Rediscovered 300 years ago and the upper window discover 1960 in son excavations. The sun shines through the window for 6 days in Dec at sun rises to light the inner chamber for about 17 minutes. Tickets are handed out through a lottery system to a few dozen lucky visitors. The true purpose unknown but believed to be a burial chamber as some bones were discovered there of 5 individuals.
Battle of Boyne, Oldbridge house c1740
The walled gardens
St Lawrence gate circa1250 Drogheda.

5 June 2017

The river boyne and trim castle.
Trim castle.
Landed in Dublin hooray.

3 June 2017

Boarding the greyhound bus to Calgary for the night b4 we fly to Ireland. Terrible night last night the room adjoining ours had a party until 5am.

2 June 2017

Bow river in Flood.
Bow river falls
Bow river walking bridge.
Off to breakfast.

1 June 2017

Main Street Banff
Castle mountain Rockies
Field below Mt Stephen fossil digging.
Natural bridge water fall. Looks better as a clip.
Emerald lake.
Spiral tunnel kicking horse pass the train can verify seen on 3 tracks passing through 2 tunnels. 180 carriages long.
Lake Moraine iced over big snow fall last season and the melt is late.
And more
Described by Sandra as perfect.
Lake Louise

31 May 2017

Banff Gondola to the top of Sulpfur mountain to view the Rockies.

30 May 2017

2 minutes later cloud in.
Grouse mountain sun out.
Power outage at the cable car to top of grouse mountain wait for further posts that we get to the top and bottom.

29 May 2017

Anchorage Airport wildlife and views from the flight.

28 May 2017

Alaskan railroad trip to Talkeetna.
Carriage is only half full so we are free to take up whatever seat we want. It is Sunday and memorial day long weekend so quiet in Anchorage.
On the wilderness express to Talkeetna
Our first musk ox. Largest mammal to survive the ice age.
Our first Brown bear.

27 May 2017

Our first moose.
Portage glacier, sunny yesterday raining, windy and 9 degrees today.
It's cold up here snow covered mountains above Anchorage below.

26 May 2017

Downtown Anchorage 7 pm.
Alaskan native cultural center Anchorage
Arrived Seward and boarded the bus at 7:30am for the 2 1/2 hour trip to Anchorage.

25 May 2017

Through the ice to Hubbard glacier 3 degrees and raining a little but spectacular views.

24 May 2017

Whales all around the ship at hoonah (icy point).
Awesome zip line ride to the port 1300m 60 miles per hour 0.6 miles distance in 90 seconds Top 2 bottom.the indigenous Indians own and operate it they put on ACDC Highway to Hell on the stereo at the top of the ride.

23 May 2017

More animals this time a bear and salmon.
This is a little bit clearer. Alaskan hotel Juneau.
One Alaskan spruce beer down the hatch at the oldest bar in Juneau Alaskan hotel (1913).
And this is how we got to the top. Spectacular clear weather which is unusual 75% of the year it is raining or snowing.
Father Browns cross atop Mt Roberts
From on top of Mt Roberts
Mt roberts Trail to Father Browns cross.
Atop Mt Roberts
And the head shots
Gold nugget waterfall (left) and Mendenhall Glazier
Gold mine and cable engine on the mountain path.

22 May 2017

The departing view, 9 pm and sun still out.
All aboard off to Juneau
Wilderness white pass train ride to Denver and then a hike through the wilderness looking for bears moose and squirrels.sawtooth mountain pass.

21 May 2017

Cycle tour today passing rain all day visit to the Haines brewery for a local stout made up for it and warmed the insides.

20 May 2017

Room with a view.
Arriving at Sitka

19 May 2017

Sail I an hour.
And this is where we went.
Edible green shoots. Full of vitamin C
Waterfall above Ward lake Tongass.
Western red cedar old growth.
Devils club the rizon is used for native medicinal purposes for arthritis and in tea as a stimulant.
Wolf den.
Skunk cabbage camouflages the smell of the farting walkers.
130 feet of rain a year second wettest place in the world hence the Moss and lichen
Old growth forest Tongass
Bear food black bears only on the walk and they are shy of people thank God.
Tongass national park Ward Creek Trail.
On board shopping front of the line.
Into misty fjord spectacular views and sunshine 10 degrees. In the shorts to get a tan.

17 May 2017

Yep emptied the ballast tanks.
Will we get under the bridge?
Five hours of queuing and we have set sail for Alaska.
Waiting for the bus to Canada pier for cruise to Alaska.

16 May 2017

Still daylight at 8.15 p.m. at UBC heading back after a nice meal of Atlantic salmon.
Getting in some practice at Mahoney & Sons Irish pub at University of British Columbia. If I get past one of these can i consider myself a fully fledged Irishman?
Capilano suspension bridge and tree top walk.
And there was more.
Steam clock in Gastown.
Gastown is named after a publican Gassy. Must have been the morning after he sampled too many beers.
Whistler is beneath the clouds.
Staying at the University of British Columbia summer holidays for the Uni students. Big campus 40,000 students

15 May 2017

Port of Bellingham on the greyhound last us stop b4 Vancouver
Chihuly glass exhibit at the Seattle needle stunning works of art in brilliant colours.
Glass in a garden setting.
The needle tower.
Landed Seattle Washington usa

9 May 2017

And a bit of surf
Leaving port
Seat belts on in Hawaii
Scratching around for something to load up
Pearl harbour memorial

8 May 2017

Lots of underwater shots, reef fish, Manta ray but no Nemo. Back to Maui after a great trip.
And there were dolphins
Lanai island for snorkeling island is owned by Microsoft founder Larry Ellison (98%).

7 May 2017

Landed Maui off of a snorkel and dolphin trip.
The sea mist is a phenomenon created by the active volcano on the island resulting in a partial obscuring of the setting sun. Today there were showers constantly rolling in on the mountain which created humidity on the low lands where we were but how fortunate were we to have no rain on us perfect swimming whether.
Farewell Kona
And another