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Steve/Liz and Cleo's European adventure

6 February 2018

Nerja and surrounding area part 5 -7/2 So we have now been here 2 months. These last few weeks we have stayed for the majority of the time on Burriana beach. Sue and Lawrence, mark and Julia have been to the villa. We have stayed s couple at Marina del est, where previously the car fire occurred. We have also stayed a night or 2 in Solabrena and 1 night in the village of Frigliana. At the end of this month things are set to change. Liz is off to Ibiza to stay with her daughters for a few months so I'll be flying solo. She will be getting the ferry from Denia so we will be driving back there in the next couple of weeks

17 January 2018

Nerja part 4 So it is now the 20/1/17 and we are still on burriana beach. We arrived at the beginning of December. In the last few weeks we have been to torrox to see Andy and Linda. We have also had a couple more days in solabrena where we fill up with lpg. However, the most exciting day was at marina del este. It is a picturesque little harbour and we got settled for a night when the cat next to us burst into flames. The suspicion we have is the couple torched it themselves bit as they were only 10 feet away when the car went up, we didn't stick around to ask. That sort of put us off so we went to nearby la harrudia. Also due to the poor weather last week we had 2 days on Marbella and had an an hour or 2 mooching about Puerto beunus We have been in nerja that long sue and Lawrence are back again

20 December 2017

Nerja part 3- Xmas/the wedding/ New year After dropping the girls off at Malaga we first stayed a couple of days at torrox costa, from there we went to salobrena for a couple of nights, where we could get lpg and do a wash at the repsol garage. On the 23 rd we decided to return to Nerja for Xmas. On leaving the restaurant on Xmas eve we bumped into a wedding party from Bury/Salford. It was such s stroke of luck as we had such a great time with them over the holiday period. We partied until late Xmas eve, so much that me and liz had to postpone Xmas dinner until Boxing Day due to our hangovers. We also attended the wedding on the 29th and had a great new year partying on the balcon. We even inherited a load of alcohol when they left

18 December 2017

Nerja part 2 After Sue and Lawrence left we had a few days wait until Alex and Kathryn arrived. They had rented an apartment on the next street next to where we had parked. They stayed for 4 days. Had loads of fun

7 December 2017

Nerja 7/12/17- the new year Nerja part 1 7/12-11/12 By the time I'm writing this we have been in nerja almost continuously for 4 weeks, so splitting the stay into parts. Our arrival coincided with Sue and Lawrence already being here. The highlights of the 3 days spent with them Involved a trip to nerja club, a further trip to Almeria ( Lawrence as always wanted to go) where we got to see the afternoon show, and the turning on of the Xmas lights( although we missed that as we were in the bar)

4 December 2017

Roquettes de Mar 4/12-6/12 Spent 3 days wild camping on this beach front.

3 December 2017

Tabernas, Almeria 3/12 Spent a great night parked in the hills near Almeria at one of the sites for the old spaghetti westerns.

2 December 2017

Camper park, Caba de gata 1/12-2/12 Decided to call in on Manuel who was such a great help last year when I was in Almeria hospital. However, he was on holiday. Stayed a couple of nights to get all our washing done, 10 euros a night

30 November 2017

La islets, Caba de gata 30/11/17 Did a bit of driving back along the coast to this fantastic unspoilt part of the coast line of spain. However, we hit a storm and as we were parked close to the edge of the cliffs we decided to park in the town itself

28 November 2017

Islas memores 28+29/11 We met up with Pete who we first met last Xmas just up the road in Santa Pollo. He has basically been wild camping for a whole year in the same area, often in the this place here. He has therefore spent very little in petrol and van maintenance. He plans on continuing to do the same thing for a number of years

26 November 2017

Compello 26+27/11

24 November 2017

Altea 24+25/11 Stayed at this small site(5 pitches) close to the beach.

22 November 2017

Javia 22+23/11/17 Moved a little way up the coast to this lovely area, where we parked on the beach. On the second day we were joined by Mark and Sharon.

16 November 2017

Denia pictures

12 November 2017

Calpe and Denia 10/11-21/11 Spent 10 great days, alternating between camping Estella polar in Calpe and wild camping. On parking up in Calpe we were put next to 2 English vans,Martyn and Lisa from Norwich and Jo and Daz from France but originally Todmorden! Had a few days in the bar and the local restaurant with them and Liz even made a curry for them. We then wild camped on the town for a couple of days and then moved onto the beach in Denia. There we met Mark and Sharon, southAfricans living in Cambridge and had a great BBQ on the beach where we were joined by other English travellers. We then returned to Calpe for a paella night cooked by Robbie

7 November 2017

Cullera 7-9:11/17 After the sun went behind the mountains in Samar we drove to the coast. Using park4nite we found a wild camping spot, this is close to the beach and it must have had 70 vans, predominantly German

6 November 2017

Simat 6/11/17 Had a few nights at this feee spot near an ancient monastery. Lovely and quiet . Stayed here in December last year

5 November 2017

Chinchilla 4+5/11/17 We stayed at this lovely village in central Spain for 2 nights, but the mornings are so cold. We therefore decided to head off early and head south to the coast

3 November 2017

Puerto lapido 2+3/11/17 This is Don Quixote area. Evidently in the book the windmills feature. Had a great night with some Spanish lads in the bar, cider bottle after cider bottle. When ever I asked how much they said free, with the help of google translate we managed to get by. When I said spurs 3 Real Madrid 2 that got a response!

1 November 2017

Segovia 31/10 +1/11/17 This is an smazing place, lovely Roman aqueduct and castle. We parked on the edge of town next to the bull ring. Again like all the places we have stopped in Spain the services and parking had been free

30 October 2017

Valladolid 30/10/17

29 October 2017

Astudia 29/10/17

28 October 2017

Burgos 27+28/10/27

27 October 2017

Caslareinna 26/10/17

26 October 2017

Labastida 25/10/17

24 October 2017

Elciego and San Vincent de la Sonsierra 24/07/17
Pamplona 23/10/17

22 October 2017

San Sebastián 21+22/10/17

20 October 2017

Anglet 2010/17

19 October 2017

Soustons 19/10/17 We stayed a week last year. A lovely place sandwiched between a lake and the sea

18 October 2017

Le Teich 18/10/17 With the weather still hot we decided to head for the coast but in the way it clouded over and we had a bit of rain. This place we first visited in June last year
Fontenac 17/10/17 Had a truly lovely drive through the vineyards as we drove towards Boudreaux, it was late afternoon no the sun over the fields and fields of autumnal colours was lovely

17 October 2017

Bergerac 13-16/10/17 After travelling the last week or so we sought out somewhere where we could explore a bit and maybe relax. We ended up staying on the outskirts of the town. The first night was free and we patked next to a very friendly Ukrainian ( couldn't understand a word he was saying but that didn't put him off) and then paid 13 euros for the next 3 days with electricity. Cleo still getting up 3 or 4 times in the night

13 October 2017

Villebois lavellette 12/10

11 October 2017

Vertuiele s/c /10/17(via Ambiose)
Montlouise Sur Loire 10/10 This place is a wineproducer. 84 year old Martin Christian has been producing wine here all his life, as did his father and grandparents. He showed us around his caves and we bought a few bottles at 6 euros each and a bottle of his 1969 vintage which evidently was a good year!

9 October 2017

Cleres 9/10/17 After a 2 week stop off in the Uk to get an MOT and to stop off to see friends and family, this is our first stop on what is probably our last last leg of this tour. The plan now is too drive through France relatively quickly and arrive in Spain to catch some sunshine. Hopefully, we will spend the winter between Spain and morocco and then in the spring head back through Portugal, finally arriving in France in the early summer. But who knows

19 September 2017

Kronings 18/09/17

16 September 2017

Bruggan 16+17/09/17

15 September 2017

Unkel 15/09/17
Kitzingen 14/09/17

14 September 2017

Neuburg an dear Donau 14/09/17

13 September 2017

Bad Goggling 13/09/17

11 September 2017

Ardagger Markt (Austria) 11/09/17

10 September 2017

Bratislava 10/09/17 As we arrived we were again greeted by Jos and Analise. As it was Liz' birthday they insisted on buying us a drink. We then had a potter around the city( with Cleo in her trailer) and a lovely meal before getting back to the car park and more beer in the bar with our new Dutch friends

8 September 2017

Deutsch Jahrndorf 8/9/17 Austria We had a bit of a surprise at this place. After a quiet evening the first night, we woke up to find Jos and Analise parked next to us. We had previously shared a few drinks with them on one of our first days in Germany. We therefore stayed another night and had a few drinks with them and an English couple Mark and Mandy, who live in a monster of a bus, complete with smart car tucked away in the boot

7 September 2017

Lake Balaton + Heviz 7/9/17 Using park for night we picked this spot overlooking the lake. The views are lovely but the drive up was a bit tight.
Tihany 6/9/17 We headed south towards Lake Baliton and stayed I night on this peninsula which largely divides the lake into 2.

4 September 2017

Caramore caravanning, Pillscev and Budapest 4+5/9/17 This is such a great motorhome parking. It's s German owned caravan/motorhome sales place. All facilities are free. As well as water etc, that includes electricity, showers and even a hob to cook on. The guy running it encourages is to stay as long as we wanted. It's right next to the train station with a 50 minute journey into Budapest for 2 euros. Budapest itself has such magnificent architecture. We would have stayed longer but time now is at a premium so we decided to head south to Lake Baliton. So we said goodbye to our new friends Andy and Linda
Camping Lazy Cerovo 3+4/9/17 We have headed down the country to this out in the middle of no where place. For a number of reasons we have decided to head back to the U K at the end of September. One of the main reasons is to get an early MOT and then head back out to Spain. This place had great reviews and we could see how it works for tents and caravans but didn't really do it for us. We did meet Andy and Linda from Preston who got stuck on the grass( it was hammering it down)

1 September 2017

Levoca and Spis Castle 2/9/17 Still heading east we visited levoca on our way to staying overnight at the castle. The town is a bit of a gem inside the city gates with lovely old buildings and churches. On leaving we took a wrong turn which meant we drove through some of the new town which was pretty ugly by comparison. Arrived at the castle as it was closing, pretty soon it was deserted and pretty remote. Fora short while we were joined by a group of teenagers partying( about midnight) but luckily there party was pretty short lived. The castle is one of the biggest in Europe and for a fiver we had a couple of hours exploring it with English audio in the morning. We didn't know what to expect of Slovakia but we are loving it. We only got a 10 day vignette for the road, as we thought we would be through it quite quickly but looks like we will need another.
Liptovsky Jan 1/9/17 Spent 1 night on this free car park. The town is located in the low Tatras and the area is know for its hot springs. Liz had a soak in a nearby one which had a particular pungency about it. People were also filling bottles of water to drink. Liz has now been drinking it for 2 days ( the smell puts me off )

28 August 2017

Slovakia kvancany 28-30/08/17 We spent 3 nights here at the foot of a mountain. During the day the car park was full with people walking up path through the hills but at night it was deserted. At night when Cleo wanted her 3 am potter it was completely dark and silent, surprising what your imagination can conjure up when you know wolves and bears are about. We followed the trail on one of the days and it led to a valley with a waterfall and some buildings with a water wheel. On the other 2 days we visited the nearby lake, also surrounded by mountains. Amazing scenery

24 August 2017

Krakow 24-27/08/17 We had seen that this motorhome sales/repairs centre had good reviews and was only a few miles from krakow, so we decided to see if we could kill 2 birds with 1 stone and combine a visit to the centre with getting a few repairs done. Elcamp came up trumps. Even though they were very busy they squeezed us in to have a look at the heating and said they could get it working on the gas but to get it working on the electric it needed a new part. They couldn't do the other stuff like the windows as they had other vans booked in. As it was Friday and we were going into the city they even agreed if we got back after they closed for the weekend for us to leave and ring up Monday to pay. In the end we decided to stay the weekend but it was all round a first rate service. We stayed 4 days on their camp site but they only took payment for 3. (7 euros a night) Krakow itself was a lovely city.

23 August 2017

Auschwitz 23/08/17

22 August 2017

Gora Swietej Anny 22/

20 August 2017

National Park Karlow 20+21/08/17 Having filled up with water we headed to this National Park partly because it was only 20 zlotys a night,(£4). In fact it turned out to be £2 a night as the guy didn't come back for any money the second day. Lovely spot in the mountains close to the Czech border. We went on a great walk up the steps to the top of the nearby mountain. The reviews said watch out for wild boar. Cleo now getting up to go out in the middle of the night. It was quite eerie as it was pitch black but you could hear them snuffling. We weren't out long! In the morning one of my shoes had gone missing from where I had kicked them off. Liz won't have it but I reckon one of the pigs must have taken it !

18 August 2017

Swidnika 18+19/08/17 We headed into Poland for the second time. This time our camp site could not have been more different. The staff were helpful. The site was attached to a massive swimming pool which was free to use. The town itself must have been pretty grand in its day. We have a plan going through Poland if the sites we will visit. I'm not sure we could just make it up as we go along as we did in Germany, as there are fewer sites and almost no free sites.

17 August 2017

Bautzen 16+17/08/17 Still needing the repairs we decided to head off south, initially staying in Germany with the plan we would head back into Poland soon.

15 August 2017

Forst 15/08/17 We headed to the motorhome service place that we had been told about but the tech team were on holiday. The woman was particularly helpful and rang through to another garage and they agreed to see us The repairs that need doing are the boiler as we can't heat water ,2 leaking windows, and a new freezer door. When we arrived they informed us they were booked up for weeks so wouldn't be able to do the windows, nor did they have a freezer door. He agreed however to see us the following day re the heating. On returning he checked all the fuses and replaced the panel. However, no solution. He did say out engine battery was not good enough to charge the leisure batteries and we also noticed we had lost the dip stick to check the oil(how???)we could add 2 more problems to the list. We headed to the fiat garage down the road who checked the battery and declared it in full working order. Price for a new dip stick 70 euros!!! No thank you

12 August 2017

12-15/08/17 stellplatz Mini Pony Ranch, Felixee

10 August 2017

Near Berlin 10+11/08/17 After dropping Alex off at the airport we headed to this free car park to rest up and then go into the Berlin the next day. On the end we couldn't work up the enthusiasm as it is tricky getting Cleo around the big cities even with the trailer. So the historical gems will have to wait for now. We have now made the decision that unless we can park close to the centre we are going to avoid the major cities

9 August 2017

Brandenburg 9/8/17 We decided 1 night was enough in the Spreewold with the mozzies and we headed to this town west of Berlin and an easy drive to drop Alex off in the morning at the airport. We had a lovely walk around this pretty town and a few more drinks of the Russian vodka we had stocked up with
Krausnick-Gross Wasserwander 9/8/17 This place is on the spreewold an interesting area with its own language and customs south of Berlin. We had a few drinks in the local bar with Alex doing her best in German. Unfortunately it started to rain and with it came the mosquitos. Before we realised we had all got bitten. We had also picked the site because it had showers but by the morning they had got in there so it was cold showers all round

8 August 2017

Cottbus 8/8/17 After finally escaping from camper hell in Poland we headed back to Germany as we had to be in Berlin. South of Berlin is an area called Spreewold. We thought we would head there as it sounded pretty interesting. We had also noted this town was worth a visit and was approx mid way to Berlin from where we had been inPoland. In the end we never got into the town as the site was attached to a great park We saw these huge river rats that look like Beevers, hares, herons, and deer all in the first 15 mins. However, the water heating system is broken and even though I'm happy to save money and have cold showers I can see Liz is less keen!

6 August 2017

Into Poland 5+6+7/8/17 4+5+6/7/17 Poland Our first taste of Poland turned out to be very interesting. As we drove through the Czech Rep we needed petrol but had read that it was cheaper in Poland. By the time we arrived at the border we were very low so aimed for the nearest garage. After filling up in a town called swieradow~sdroj we noticed a camp site across the road and as is was getting late we decided to stay there. Alex read the trip advisor reviews of Zapiecek and all seemed well.The next day we asked about the showers we had paid for and the guy showed his first signs of grumpiness. He stropped off for the key. On the Sunday we had enough but we had a fat battery. The owners were no help and when we approached them to plug in our battery charger just replied 5 euros and walked off. By the time we got enough charge in the battery it was after lunchtime and they had blocked the exit and wouldn't let us out without us paying for an extra day so we did!!

4 August 2017

Prague day 2 Before picking Alex up we found another parking place nearer the city. It was also a lot quieter but unfortunately lacked the monks beer. We had a walk into the city and after a bit of sightseeing had a great lunch of goulash and dumplings. By mid afternoon we decided that we had had enough so we decided to move on. As we were dropping Alex off in a week in Berlin we moved north to Poland

3 August 2017

Prague 02/082017 We headed straight to Prague after leaving Germany as we were picking Alex up late in the evening the following day. It made sense to find a free parking spot instead of paying for a camp site as her plane only arrived at 9 30. We therefore used park4night and stayed at this monastery the first night. We even managed to have a few great beers in the monastery bar. It was also located next to a great park but unfortunately the noise from the road made it pretty hard to sleep

2 August 2017

Waidhaus 1/8/17 After finally finding s garage that could order us 2 back tyres a nd teplace them the next day we decided it was about time to make our way to Prague. This place was approx 10 kms from the Czech border and has cycle routes along the old iron curtain. On this trip we have stayed largely in Western Europe . We had a couple of weeks in Slovenia and Croatia last year.

30 July 2017

Bamberg 30+31/07/17 We had read that Bamberg was well worth a visit and was one of the most beautiful towns in Bavaria so instead of heading towards the Czech border we headed there. Unfortunately, on waking up we discovered one of our tyres was a little bit flat. We reinflated it at the nearest garage and continued. However, this was not a solution and soon we couldn't get air in it fast enough. As it was Sunday we couldn't find anything open but eventually we got to a site and parked up having worked out the nearest tyre place in the morning. Within a few hours though the tyre was completely flat. On learning of this Michael our next door neighbour motorhomes came to our rescue and changed the wheel. Not without a bit of difficulty as the van kept sinking in the grass. After a good hour or so the wheel was changed and after he had a free shower in our van we retired to the local bar.

29 July 2017

Therme Obernsees, Mistlegau 28+29/07/2017 As we needed a washing machine desperately we decided to pay to stay on this camp site for a couple of nights. Not only did it have a washing machine but it also had great showers. On looking back it had been about put 6 months since we stayed on a camp site with great showers. Obviously the thing about free sites is they don't have any facilities. At last the sun came out again so hopefully we won't hear the locals saying "this weather is worse than England" for a while

27 July 2017

Kastl 27/07/17 We stayed1 night on the age of this pretty village

26 July 2017

Regensburg 26/07 Via Landshut After saying goodbye to the Romantic Road which we had spent the last few weeks travelling down we needed a new plan. We decided to make our way to Landshut which opened up a few possibilities for our next stage. We initially then decided on heading towards Passau then following the Danube to Vienna and from there into Hungary and then sweeping around into the Czech Republic and Poland. However, Alex rang us and said she fancied coming out at the beginning of August and after some research it appeared that the cheapest flights would be to Prague. In fact so we don't have to hand around she is flying into Prague and flying out of Berlin a week later. As it was still pouring down we decided to give Landshut town a miss and make a start towards the Czech Republic and drove to Regensburg. As we sat chilling the next morning who should walk up but Jane and Tim our Autotrail Apache friends from the Romantic Road

25 July 2017

Kaufbeurhan 25/07/2017 The picture says it all
Peissenberg 24/07/2017 We stayed here for a night because it was free, quiet and it was pouring down. The following morning we decided we had enough of the Romantic Road and would complete the journey that day. The last stop was Fussen and the nearby castles of King Ludwig 2. We were going to stop at a site in the town and get a bus up but as the rain was showing no signs of abating we decided to just drive up. The car parks near the castles were great and you could park all day for 8 euros but by the time we got there the tickets around the castles had sold out.

22 July 2017

Frielichtmusuem,Grossweil 22+23/07/2017

21 July 2017

Einseideln 21/07/2017

20 July 2017

Lansburg em lech 20/07/2017 Spent a day here. We were amazed at Cleo's upturn in her health. Her bladder problems seemed to have improved and she is general a lot perkier. One interesting fact(or not) is this is the town Adolf Hitler wrote Main Kampf while in prison in the 1923.

18 July 2017

Friedberg 18+19/07/2017 As Tim and Jane headed East we continued south determined to finish this Romantic Road. It is getting pretty hot so we aimed here as it is close to a lake. There are a few spots allocated to motorhomes but we decided to stay in the field. Cleo's health was becoming a bit of a worry. She seemed unable to control her bladder at all and her walking was becoming a bit laboured so we visited the local vet. She gave her some medicine in the hope it would cure her bladder problem and within half a day she was getting better

17 July 2017

Donauworth 17/07/2017 Spent just the 1 night here. The car park was pretty busy but can't complain as free. Cleo had a paddle in the Danube and is fast clocking up a paddle in many of Europe's great rivers. Note the auto trail Apache in the background. We did bump into Tim and Jane again
Nordlingen 15+16/ 07/2017 This town lies within the Ries Basin a crater created by a meteorite a long time ago! We could stay here for the price of an hour in many English car parks ( 3 euros). We had a walk around the 14th century walls which circle the town and can be walked completely For the second or third time bumped into Tim and Jane doing their own full time tour. They have exactly the same van as ours and same year. We shared a few glasses of wine and stories and hoped we would bump into them again

15 July 2017

Dinkelsbuhr 14/07/17

13 July 2017

Oetringen 13/07 Cleo had been a bit under the weather so we headed to this free site to just rest. We also needed a bit of space as she was getting up a few times in the night to go out. This was perfect. The actual car park shown in the pictures on camper contact where of the area near the service point. Most of the vans parked alongside the rivers edge. This was another town that had been flattened towards the end of the war

12 July 2017

11 July 2017

Limesuem 11+12/07/2017 Great place on the Limes which is the outer edge of the Roman Empire. These frontiers across Europe. Here was the outer edge along what was Germany. We parked next to the museum. The area was a fort and on the site which had walkways and information boards. They had not tried to recreate the fort or dig it up but used pictures to show what it looked like. They also used different hedges, flowers etc to show where buildings one where to encourage wildlife. We so quite a few hares, buzzards and storks. At night it was so quiet and we had the car park to ourselves.

10 July 2017

Feutchwangen 10/07/17 We continued to follow the Romantic Road signs and initially aimed for the camper stop at Rottingen but in the end parked up the road at the Aldi. Cleo stayed in the van while we spent the 2 hours free parking exploring the lovely picture postcard pretty town ( she was asleep when we set off and still asleep when we got back). Therefore rather than pay we headed further down the R R to the next free stop. Had an unsettled night as Cleo hadn't upset stomach so we were up a lot to let her out.

9 July 2017

Tauberzell 09/07/17 Sunday We travelled just a few kms down the road to this very quiet spot close to the small town. The main advantage was that Cleo could get into the river easy enough. It also had a great cycle path running alongside the river.

7 July 2017

Rottingen 07+ 08/07/2017
Wurzburg 06/07/2017

28 June 2017

Kuilsham 28/06- 5/7/2017 We only intended staying a day or so in this small pretty town but ended up staying a week. Liz had a bit of a stomach bug that laid her low for a few days. It was pretty relaxing despite being next to a school. Also the bells of the ancient church chimed every 15 minutes but after a while they became quite relaxing in themselves. Cleo loved the big field and we had an evening of racing around it.

27 June 2017

Ascaffenburg 27/06/17

24 June 2017

Sprendlingen 24/06-27/06/17

23 June 2017

Bacharach 23/06/17

22 June 2017


20 June 2017

Koblentz 20+21/06/17

19 June 2017

Siegan 19/06/17

17 June 2017

Am Wildpark Vollinghausen 16-18/6/17

16 June 2017

Soest. 15/06/17

14 June 2017

Warendorf 13/14 June

12 June 2017

Into Germany 12/06 Herslake

10 June 2017

Groningen 9th to 11th June 2017.

8 June 2017

Warkom 7th and 8th June With the weather still mixed we headed over the sea to central Holland. The drive on the A7 is an experience as it just goes over the water. The site we eventually picked after a stop off for services was a farm run by a motor homer. He provides all the services including electric for free. Work on itself is a lovely little village with as we have now come to expect a lovely harbour. We stated 2 nights here but woke up on the second night to a tremendous thunderstorm with the heavy rain continuing through the day

6 June 2017

Bloemendaal 5+6/6/17 We stayed 2 nights on this car park located through park4night. We initially hoped to get on the car park close to the beach but it was some sort of bank holiday in Holland so it was packed. The next day the brilliant sunshine we had enjoyed for the last couple of weeks evaporated into strong winds and rain so we watched the whole 4th series of Breaking Bad. With the weather still iffy the day after we decided to move on

4 June 2017

Huizen We have now spent the last 2 weeks on 2 great sites. After Mark and Yani left we stayed on in Huizen for a few more days. We had an evening on a booze cruise to the nearby town (Almera or something like that) which was under50 years old. Previous to that the area had been under water. We had enough beers to be asked by the captain to stay on after to have a few drinks with his buddies. On the Sunday we drove to the train station and had a day trip into Amsterdam. Cleo had her first trip out in her buggy which we converted to a push chair. This was great in that she could walk some of it and when she got tired we popped her in there.

19 May 2017

We spent 2 nights at the harbour. We intended just to spend the 1 but we were told that the day after was a canal day so we stayed for that. That turned out to be such a great decision as there was such a carnival atmosphere with Viking boat races, brass bands, stalls etc. We even had a tour around the smallest theatre in The Netherlands.

18 May 2017

We found a lovely spot next to this castle. No services but free parking. Also the weather has been beautiful. We stayed 3 nights. Only other van was a woman with 5 dogs (all rescue dogs from Rumania)who talked to them constantly. She said she didn't like people but Liz won her around and they were chatting like old friends after a couple of days