Canada · 4 Days · 5 Moments · September 2017

Steve's adventure in Greece

29 September 2017

Happier day today for me. Loukas and I have reconnected. The sad news is he just found out that he has testicular cancer, stage 3. He didn't want me involved but I was able to convince otherwise. I will be there to support him through this. ❤️

27 September 2017

Bob helped me realize that maybe Loukas is going through his mourning stage by losing his friend. I'll give him some space. I've done some research on possibly going to Italy to study Italian for a few months. I could possibly an unpaid leave and then return. We'll see. Phillip was "appalled" that I would consider moving to Greece to open a business and I reminded him how we met. On IG. Go figure.
I think my plans to go to Greece just fell through. Loukas hasn't contacted me all day. He lost a young friend of his early this morning and the Greek tradition may mourn for a few days. He has about 7 short messages to read when he turns his phone back on. In the meantime, I have been researching citizenship and passports to other countries. Scotland was the only country that I see where I could use my grandmother as a reference for a Scottish passport. Because of the EU, I would have wait until Scotland separated from the UK. Other searches I have gone looking for is to learn Italian in another country with accommodation of course. The courses only last a month.,

26 September 2017

The Greek Language (Ελληνικά) Based on the fact this will be my fifth or sixth language I've learned, I figured I would do it right this time. I'm going to speak with Loukas as much as I can and test my knowledge with the Blakehouse boys. There is no point learning the grammar end of it as I just want to speak what I learn and most of it will be touristy stuff. The rest I can learn from being there and living greek.
I never imagined in a million years that I would make a decision to leave my country and go somewhere else for someone whom I've never met. Monday Sept 25, 2017 would be one the days. A short reason. I met Loukas Nikolitsis about a year ago on IG and we just reconnected this past weekend. So much was said and I offered to come down for a quick holiday and then eventually move there. He's an interior designer with intentions to open a restaurant. Seaside. Living the Shirley Valentine Dream.