Germany, Austria · 4 Days · 48 Moments · August 2017

Steve's Abenteuer in Salzburg, Austria

21 August 2017

This one did standout due to the lower picture. It's supposed to be nice tomorrow so I plan to hike to Labar mountain. It's supposed to be about 2 and a half hours
A typical house outside decoration style
I was walking back to Oberammergau when I got off of the path and went down the bank a couple of feet where I had lunch of a roll, Klöster cheese and a beer. The water was quite cold -felt good to put my feet in the water. I was surprised, but there were mosquitoes there. They were also interested in lunch as I was finishing up.
Some of the views from the way back -loaded down with two bottles (I thought that Lisa shouldn't be the only one supporting the monastery - Himmelbeer Glühwein - not just for breakfast in the winter)
While there, I saw an interesting camper for rent.
The outside of the monastery is big and beautiful. They were really ahead of their time. Notice the statue in the 3rd picture - he's taking a selfie.
Lisa wanted a bottle of the yellow Ettal, so I walked the 5 kilometers (3 miles) to Ettal to pick up a bottle. Ok, I've always thought that would be a nice path to walk - I was right.
The church is beautiful inside
I thought that this was an interesting view - the cross off the church to the right of the crucifix on the mountain.
Hotel Wittelsbach
I took the train and bus zu Oberammergau this morning. First stop on the way to the hotel was for Mohnkuchen.

20 August 2017

Found a nice place to sit for a while. I took the train back to Munich and then took the girls to the Chinese tower. I had chicken (Yum). A bit challenging with a beer, two dogs and a lot of people. The children from an Indian family at the next table were in love with Thea. Ended the day with over 29,000 steps (31,000 the day before and 26,500 on the Friday that I landed).
A cute baby tee-shirt
A nice view of the Rathaus.
The Franciscan monastery - I saw people with backpacks and sleeping bags go in. I wonder if it is a hostel?
A favorite picture -. The angels on the church are crowning Mary.
Some nice views from the Mozart way in the bridge.
I came across an outdoor library.
I walked back to Town through the tunnel and ended up at the horse fountain.
Stieglitz was founded in 1492 so they have an IPA named Columbus. Unfortunately they didn't have any cold bottles of the alcohol free beer, so I got a warm one to bring with
I then walked to Stiegl-Brauwelt and saw their dining table. I decided not to eat there.
Some very nice view of the castle. The last ones are from across the street from the Sound of Music hotel.
I saw an interesting building Northeast of the city. I'll put it in my list to check out next visit.
It's supposed to rain starting at noon. I thought that I'd walk to the sound of music hotel -about 3 km away. I passed this restaurant and thought of Al Johnson's.

19 August 2017

The path that I walked today. 9.6 miles. Went to Mass tonight and almost fell asleep during the homily (I didn't sleep well last night, I wasn't understanding very well and I was perhaps a bit tired - not that the homily boring. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) I've met two of the roommates -both ladies are from South Korea, but not traveling together. People routinely speak German to me {despite everything on the belt), but last night the waitress would occasionally switch to English. I asked her why and she said that she heard my accent. I'm now in the hotel / hostel common room. Still raining and getting late. I have a flex ticket to travel back to Munich tomorrow. Depending on the weather, I'll leave a bit early or late. Cost a extra couple of Euros for the flexibility.
Some narrow streets reminded me of Greece.
Here's a view of the wall and a tower from the river bank. I was walking to a European Street Food Festival where I learned the definition of hard rain 😀. Time to go back to the hotel.
There was a nice view from here. The restaurant used to be a fortress. It was starting to rain a bit. I put on the poncho to cover the bookbag and keep things dry.
Ok, it would have been better if the restaurant has been open. I was getting tired and thirsty. 😀
I was having a very nice day walking in the woods on a big hill. It started to rain lightly and the song, "Raindrops keep falling on my head" (but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red). I wondered where the path was leading when I thought of a scene from the movie, "The Peaceful Warrior". The mentor tells his "pupil" that he wants to show him something. After much hiking, they reach the top of a hill. The pupil asks, "where is it, what did you want to show me?". The mentor picks up a rock and says, "here it is.". The pupil is upset, "you brought me all the way up here just to see a rock?". "Remember how excited you were along the way?". Der Weg ist der Ziel - Life is a journey. I was walking in the woods on a big hill. Except for the fact that Barb wasn't with me, what could be better?
I continued to follow the wall. It is interesting,. All of the woods that I was enjoying weren't there back then. They wanted there to be clear views of the wall from the other towers. So not like in the picture looking through the archers hole in the wall.
Some of the towers are still there
Walked along the old wall and got a terrific view of the castle
Arrived at the monastery and lit some candles.
They had statues on the way. I'd never seen the agony in the garden like that before - very interesting symbolism with the angel holding the cup that Jesus wants taken away.
I came to the entrance to the hill that the monastery is on.
Walking in the old town on the same side of the river as Mirabel
Walking next to the hill I noticed that a parking garage was built into the hill.
I was then passed by a group of hikers with sleeping bags. They were singing from a song book
I hadn't noticed these before, though I saw one yesterday. A plaque commemorating a Jewish victim. In Germany it is outside where that outside lived.
Walking asking I came to this state of Jesus and the two prisoners that he was crucified with. The second picture shows that you see the saw thing from the other direction as Jesus is on both sides of the cross.
It wasn't raining this morning, so I decided to go to areas that I haven't been to before. On the same side of the river that Mirabel is on is a wooded hill with a monastery on it and a small fortress. On the way, I saw this name on the auto mechanic shop and thought of the delicious Wiener Schnitzel we'd have at the restaurant with the same name.
If you're wondering why I'm writing and not walking, look at the picture. It's been raining for quite a while. I planned for this and have rain gear. I also did a check in the internet for rainy day activities in Salzburg. Someone suggested doing a Rick Steves walking tour, so I've downloaded that and will start in a bit.

18 August 2017

I saw this beer garden as I was walking to Town and decided to try it for dinner. I had the traditional Tyrolean dish of grost'l and a regular Stiegl-Keller beer (I preferred the taste of the NA). Grost'l is essentially an egg on a hash of potatoes and meat. It was quite good. I then walked back to the hostel. I was the first one back. I showered and got ready for bed. Later the "roommates" came in separately -three women and two men. All seem to be solo.
As I was walking back toward the hotel to find a restaurant for dinner, I saw some finely dressed people getting ready for a music festival program.
I walked through part of the old Town and up to the entrance of the fortress, but decided not to go in. I prefer the view of the castle and not from the castle and didn't want to pay the 10 € entrance fee. I walked down and to the Stiegl-Keller. We had dinner there when we went to Salzburg Christmas a couple of years ago. They had an outdoor terrace. I took a short video (unfortunately I can't share a video with this app). I had an NA beer. I like theirs a lot.
A popular picture sight and a great view. It was supposed to be raining by 18:00, but fortunately it held off until about 22:00
I flew into Munich on Friday about 9:30. Took the S-Bahn went to Steph and Chris's. After freshening up, I did some shopping (including the dirndl blouse for Barb. I took the 14:55 train to Salzburg. We went past Chiemsee (where Ludwig build a palace) and Traunstein (where I'd change trains to go to Ruhpolding - this is where Mom and Dad took Mark and me on our first trip to Europe). I arrived at 16:45 and walked to the hotel/hostel that in staying at. I'm in a room with three bunk beds, six lockable cabinets (they provide a lock), a room with a sink and shower as well as a room with a sink and toilet. Pictures to come later. They had a breakfast buffet that I'm sitting at now as I make these notes from yesterday.