Europe, Asia · 3 Days · 7 Moments · August 2017

Paw Prints - Through Thailand

17 August 2017

Anda Venture Boat Trip- On our first full day in Phuket, Thailand I didn't quite expect to get so much done in the first day. On a whim we picked up several leaflets at the check in desk of our first hotel and selected to do the "Anda Venture Boat Tour" the following day. To our dismay when attempting to book via our hotel we found out that we missed the booking period due to our late arrival. Incidentally we followed the "What to bring section" of the leaflet and readied a bag for the boat tour regardless of kissing booking, with he aim to show up at the pier and get on the boat anyway. Delightfully, when ordering a taxi the morning of, the receptionist was kind enough to ring not only the taxi but also ring ahead and have the tour organisers hold the boat! We hopped in our taxi and set off for Chalong Pier. There, we were surrounded by many languages, and failing to understand what was said in the pre-trip briefing was something the people of these languages all had in common.

16 August 2017

I've been many of places before but this is the first time I've seen a whether forecast stating dust! #DesertProblems

15 August 2017

Somewhere over Germany, I write from the sky. To have only flown with @Virgin or @AerLingus before, I have to say @Etihad so far, feels like one of the most accommodating airlines out there. Not long on the flight, and we're greeted with our "Comfort Pack" inclusive of toothbrush and toothpaste, earplugs, a cool little eye mask which conveniently lets the cabin crew know whether to wake you up for food or let you sleep depending on which way the eye mask is worn. Just settled in to a savoury snack and a gin and tonic... till the next post...
We're two pints better off and waiting to board for our first flight ✈️ to Abu Dhabi! From there we will be setting off to Thailand! 🇵🇷
Dublin Airport!
Transport From Galway City to Dublin Airport using Citylink! 🚌✈️
Here we are packed and ready to hit the hay before we begin our journey to Dublin Airport to jet off to Phuket, Thailand with Etihad Airways!