Australia · 2 Days · 12 Moments · August 2017

Steven & Madison's journi to Cairns

19 August 2017

Nice burgers and ice-cream to finish a fantastic day. Low carb burgers that taste great.
Bungy jumping today for Madison. She actually rode a bike off a 50m high roof top. Absolutely amazing experience for her. She had so much fun. There was a great bar area to sit and relax and watch it all from. The best time! Staff are great, the space is amazing. The place runs like a well oiled machine.
On our way to the jump site out in the rainforest
A nice lunch and a little makeup before heading out to bungy jump 🙃

18 August 2017

Beautiful balmy evening walk along the boulevard to find some dinner.
View from our room
Sugar free weekend
A quick workout before some shopping 🛍
Arrived at our hotel
First item on the agenda - coffee!
When's there's no Wi-Fi, we revert to good old fashioned fun.
And we are off without a hitch...except the 50km/h crosswinds for takeoff 😬