Australia and Oceania, North America · 24 Days · 35 Moments · June 2017

Steven's adventure in Canada & Alaska

7 July 2017

Final leg of the trip 😕

5 July 2017

Trump Tower. Tallest building in Vancouver.
Discovered this 'steam powered' clock today. Was built in 1977 and is still powered by steam & whistles to this day. Steam comes rushing out the top. So cool.
Went to Granville Island for lunch today. Used to be an industrial manufacturing area, but today it is now a hotspot for shopping and food. Had the best roast beef roll and Affogato.

4 July 2017

Arrived back in Vancouver. Got until 11:50pm tonight to see a few sights in the city before we fly out for home.
Today we glided inland from Juneau and threaded our way between shimmering blue icebergs. The carved glacial domes and ragged nunataks are visually dramatic to see in real life.

3 July 2017

Creek Street, Ketchikan. Can be summed up by fishermen and prostitutes in the 1920s. It even has a special trail for married men to sneak in the back way. Infidelity alive and well in the 20s as well!
Alaskans know how to make good coffee. Who would have known. And it's always super hot. Arrived in Ketchikan this morning, the southeasternmost city in Alaska. Cold and grey here but a beautiful town with fishing/crabbing the main industries. Have had a couple of amazing days photographing icebergs and glaciers. This part of the world is breathtaking. Can't wait to get the photos of my camera. Fresh cooked seafood is in big demand here.

30 June 2017

Time for some authentic wild caught halibut and twisted fries in the port of Juneau, Alaska. In the background is the boat it was caught on and our cruise ship behind that.

28 June 2017

Goodbye Canada...Alaska here we come.
Mum's already looking for whales 😊
And we are stop Alaska!
Making our way through customs to board the beautiful Holland America Volendam. Alaska here we come.
Waiting for the return ferry back to the mainland. BC has the largest ferry fleet in the world.

27 June 2017

Mum and I found the narrowest street in all of Canada, Fan Tan Alley. Its narrowest point is only 89 cm wide. It actually has a lot of small shops including a barber, art gallery, Chinese cafe, apartments and offices. Very cool.
Stayed at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge resort which is in Alberta's magnificent Jasper National Park. Its a 700 acre year-round luxury mountain resort. Wow, wow and wow. It was an incredible place to stay. My photo shows our lodge with the lake out the front and the mountains out the back. They closed the golf course recently because of a grizzly bear wandering on the course.

26 June 2017

Arrived tonight in the picture-perfect capital of British Columbia - Victoria. Lots of pubs and eateries, but as usual it is always wise to get advice from the locals on where to go. Staying at the Hilton again and asked the bellhop for advice on the best place for fish and chips. He told us exactly where to go, but warned us it would be a long line no matter what time we went. He wasn't wrong about the line. But was he also right about the fish and chips. They were the best. And cooked in an old shipping container. Really loving this city. Lots of brightly painted bohemian shops and coffee bars. And so stunning at night. Apparently there is a street somewhere called Fan Tan Alley and it is recognised by guinness world records as the narrowest street in the world. Should be fun to try and find that tomorrow.
On board the BC ferry to cruise through the Georgia Strait to Mansion. It is a spectacular day. God has truly blessed us with this incredible weather. When we get off we'll be driving south along Vancouver Island to Victoria.
Made a quick stop today to Shannon Falls, the second highest waterfall in Canada. The water falls from a height of 350 meters. We are now 58 kilometers from Vancouver. Next stop Victoria, BC.
Whistler in the summertime. Mountain biking is now the biggest generator of business when it's not snowing. The Hilton in Whistler is a bit of luxury.

25 June 2017

Well we had a great adventure heading into Whistler Olympic Park (not open to the general public) to search for bears. Came across a couple and grabbed a few shots. One big boy who didn't like us being close. Would love to be able to tell you he came charging at us but no...he just turned and meandered into the forest and disappeared into the woods. We drove about 14 km out of Whistler Village to get there. Saw a couple of other bears on the way out but couldn't stop as road too narrow and winding. Something super cool was we climbed to the top of the Whistler Olympic Ski Jump. Not sure if totally allowed to do this, but did it anyway. This is where the 2010 Winter games were held. The guys and girls who jump this have to have a certain craziness. It is scary standing up there looking down.
Just arrived at Whistler. The beautiful weather continues. Heading out on a Bear Safari tonight at 8pm for a couple of hours. Hoping to shoot a few bears...with my Canon.

24 June 2017

Arrived at Sun Peaks Resort this afternoon. It is an alpine ski resort located about 50 km northeast of Kamloops, British Columbia. Has an amazing bike park with lift-accessed downhill riding. Also has Canada's highest elevation golf course. Feeling pretty tired. We gained an hour back today in our travel through a new time zone, so hopefully can catch up on some sleep.
Breakfast with a view this morning at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. You can't take a bad photo in these locations.

23 June 2017

This morning we travelled north 230km along the Icefields Parkway (or highway 93), acclaimed as the most spectacular drive in the world. Snowy rugged mountain peaks and glaciers fringed by thick forest and shimmering lakes. Made a stop at the Columbia Icefields, North America's largest sub-polar ice pack. Cimbed onboard an 'Ice Explorer' for a journey onto the mighty 300 metre thick Athabasca Glacier. Drank water flowing from the glacier which is 'apparently' 1000 years old 🤔. Had the perfect weather.

22 June 2017

Had the amazing opportunity to indulge in two passions today, photography and wild dogs. On this occasion it was some beautiful and stunning Canadian wolves. Such strong and powerful animals, they watch everything that moves, including us. It was fascinating to look directly into their glowing yellow eyes and feel their wildness. They had absolutely zero trust in us. The video I captured of them howling was haunting.

20 June 2017

"The most spectacular train journey in the world". Mum and I settled back in our Goldleaf carriage with dome glass ceilings. Day one saw us enter the Fraser Valley and follow the Thompson River towards Kamloops. Day two we traveled through Lake Louise and finished up in a new time zone at Banff. Still daylight at 10pm. Looking forward to downloading some photos from the camera tomorrow.

19 June 2017

A little luxury on the Rocky Mountaineer to start the trip from Vancouver. Fresh scones hand made and cooked on the train with hot towels to freshen up in between courses of course.

18 June 2017

Checking out the route ahead for the next two days through the Rockies.
Had the best lunch today and under $60 for the both of us. Lucky I made a reservation at this place a week ago from Australia as it was fully booked all day. It's Fathers day here in Canada. Japanese style BBQ at Gyu-Kaku. Cook everything yourself at your table.
Apparently Homemade Belgian Waffles help with jet lag. Well I'm running with that anyway.
Well we made it to Canada without a hitch. Had an 8 week old baby in the seat directly in front of us and she didn't wake up once in 14 hours. Now just waiting for our luggage. I swear if it goes missing again like it did the last overseas trip, I'll never travel again 🤔🙂
And we are off!
Interesting delay waiting to board. Reason given: Air Canada's crew are running late getting here because of the gridlock traffic outside Sydney Airport. Hmmm, we all managed to get up early enough to get here 3 hours before departure, I guess they didn't do the same. Pretty sure they wouldn't wait for us if we had the same excuse. All good 🙂
Starting this trip off on a healthy note with freshly squeezed juice before we head to the train station.