United States of America · 68 Days · 18 Moments · December 2017

2018 family trips

4 March 2018

Last day at Disneyland before we have to drive home!

3 March 2018

This is what a full day at Disney looks like.
Those boots! 😂
We have several adventurers on our hands!
Disneyland is all about eating junk food. Today they have consumed bagels, mango, pretzels, cotton candy, ice cream, churros, corn dogs, soda, hot chocolate, and chips. Who doesn’t love junk food?
Quick March weekend to Disneyland with the little kids

2 March 2018

Got to Disney just in time for Rain. Fortunately we brought umbrellas but we are still wet. Gonna send Tom out for some rain boots for the kids. It’s been a long day. 2/3 fell asleep on the train.

29 December 2017

Day 3 we initially planned to sled and head home but Levi and Lillie and Ellie wanted to ski more. So we closed the place down. Levi managed to master first the meadow then the double green run!! Tom, Lillie, Ellie, and I finished up the day on the blue runs. Snow has been sparse this year due to La Niña, so there are only 16 runs open. Being the busiest week of the year, a lot of the runs are super icy. As we departed the lift to the only way down, we look to the left and see a field of moguls poured out over a super icy very steep surface. Off we go. Looking downward, I see a huge pile up of people and upward what seems like hundreds of the most aggressive skiers I’ve ever seen. With nowhere to go but down, Tom talked us (me) off the mountain. I saw my life flash before me on that mountain, and I may have said a few “are you *#%% kidding me’s” and maybe a few other expletives. We all made it out alive (barely) and now the kids are asking when the next ski trip will be. Success!!

28 December 2017

Post skiing hot chocolate and a train ride!
Day 2 we spent most of the day skiing together, and Lillie and Tom took off to do some blue runs. Lillie is becoming quite the skier!
Day 2.
We can never get a shot with them all looking and all smiling...😂

27 December 2017

We love Telluride! ☃️
Once we got off the gondola, the kids saw this little hill and couldn’t resist the urge to sled. Tom walked a few blocks and bought sleds and they spent the next hour sledding. It was a bit dangerous as the concrete wall was a hard backstop. They loved it though and the location was perfect!
Day one of skiing is complete. Finished up with a gondola ride back to town. What a great day!
Tom and Ellie spent most of the day skiing the meadows while I chased Lillie down the double green runs.
Ski school. Seeing all these little kids with skis on going up the magic carpet is so cute. All three of them are pretty excited.
Got up super early to head up the mountain via the gondola. Tommy, Levi,and Natalie are booked for a lesson and the rest of us are going to ski together for the day. This is Levi and Natalie’s first time ever seeing snow.