Taiwan · 5 Days · 9 Moments · March 2017

Steph's voyage in Taiwan

31 March 2017

Day 6: Two gatherings with relatives and more shopping, finally bought that dress for an upcoming wedding in May. Also paid our respects at Mazhu temple right by Raohe night market (Songshan MRT). Lunch-set meal with steak Dinner-so many dishes I don't even know where to begin...

30 March 2017

Day 5: More errands with the parents, but got some shopping done and hit the salon. New style and new color! Lunch-quiche and pie at a local restaurant Dinner- some quality sausage, pork and chicken Dessert- Dong qu fen yuan

29 March 2017

Day 4: Buffet with the parentals and mom's old elementary school friend. Followed by a quick shopping spree at Chong Yo department store and dinner at home before we head up to Taipei via HSR.

28 March 2017

Today's adventure: Xi Tou From walking on various trails throughout the park, we found a bamboo grove and hit up the popular tourist sites including education pond, skywalk and the giant tree. Fun fact- I was here maybe 6-7 years ago and walked to the the giant tree in the pouring rain. Pretty much my only memory of that trip other than the nice wooden cabins we stayed in
Day 3 food diary: Breakfast- traditional breakfast of dan bing, shao bing you tiao and soy milk Lunch- "monster" egg tarts Dinner- Feng Jia night market and their famous da chang bao xiao chang

27 March 2017

Spending time at the Rainbow Village, unfortunately parts of the village were under construction. But we did get to meet the artist aka rainbow grandpa
Taichung's new opera house, if only we had a chance to catch a show there...the theater must be amazing
Day 2 food diary: Breakfast- guava and dragonfruit Lunch- Tendon at shin guang san yue mall Dinner- La Fete. Highlight of the meal was the starting appetizer. Tbh the meal especially for the price you're paying

26 March 2017

Day 1 food diary: Breakfast- Jia yi mi gao Dessert- Pulio pudding Lunch- stir fried rice noodles, can't top those home cooked meals Dinner- your typical multi course family dinner. From lobsters to crab to scallops and shrimp. Tldr; FOOD COMA