Mexico · 3 Days · 6 Moments · July 2017

Steph's trip to Mexico

28 July 2017

This is Tom. Chasing down the plane as it's about to leave us here in Cabo. We sat at the (wrong) gate for 2 hours and by some stretch of luck heard the final call for all passengers to Phoenix. Grabbed our stuff and took off running thru the airport to barely make it through. As if we don't enjoy enough excitement in our lives. 😜 Last time that happened we almost missed the flight to our vacation as we enjoyed our savory breakfast at Matts Big Breakfast.
Last day, surfing at Zippers. Usually Tom surfs by himself but today I tagged along. Sure glad I did!! The waves were great. Ocean is much happier today. Finished up and headed back to the hotel to grab our stuff and barely make it to the airport to catch our plane. Gotta get Tom home to work tonight!

26 July 2017

The ocean was a bit of a monster today. We planned a trip to Cabo pulmo to dive. It's a 2 hour stomach turning Mexican car ride to get there. The ocean was tossing and turning 10-12 ft swells. Most everyone that day cancelled save for us and one 60yr old lady from Florida with 200 dives under her belt. We hopped in the little boat and headed out slamming against the ocean with the boat rearing up like it was going to flip over. The guide assured us it would be calmer under the water. About half way out we both decided it would not be in our best interest to dive today. So we cancelled. The dive guide tried to convince us otherwise and we persisted. "We are not diving today" So we headed back. Hoping with white clenched knuckles clinging to the boat, that we did not tip over. Took the dive company a little work to get the boat out of the water bc the waves were so high and strong. So after another 2 hours home, with Bonine in my system, we slept til 6 and then went for dinner.
Wow. My first deep sea fishing day and we caught a 450 lb marlin. Took us 2 h to reel him in. He was a bit of a fighter. Marina said he was the biggest one of the season. We are bringing back some fish to eat and gave the rest to the captain. We also sent him to the taxidermy place so we should have a nice piece of LARGE artwork for our wall. So fun.

25 July 2017

Day 3 we went out for a dive at pelican rock and north rock. Saw some nudi branches, a guitar shark, eagle rays, and some white tip reef sharks. It was a bit chilly. We were prepared for 80 + water temp and the bottom temp was more like 68. Brrrrrrrr. Finished up with a seafood dinner and a little birthday treat.
Arrived safely in Cabo. Room overlooks the pool and the ocean and Pelican rock. Got up super early (not on purpose) day 2 to take a sunrise walk. We are never up early enough to catch the sunrise!