North America · 29 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

Cozumel Mexico

11 May 2017

Border tile going up

15 April 2017

Final day...took the ferry back over to Playa. Spent the day playing in the ocean and pool. Had some tasty ceviche poolside. Apparently Mexicans have high reverence for Semana santa. It was a parrrtayyyy in the beach. We look an evening stroll through town for my favorite Mayan coffee and a tasty pizza. Finished up listening to the obnoxious drunks and loud boom boom base electric music that kept us awake most of the night. Awakened by the early 4a alarm clock to be informed by the bellman that it was the electric music festival. 😂🎶 Overall a fabulous very relaxing trip!

14 April 2017

Day 2. Feels like we've been gone for a week. Forgot what it was like to lay on the beach and do nothing. Found a wooden cabana for the day and felt like we were the only ones on the island. Lunch was delicious. We've eaten at the same restaurant since we got here and haven't been disappointed. Tomorrow we head back to playa for one last night before reality strikes again.

13 April 2017

Took a little afternoon walk along the beach. Not far to go. The water is a bit rocky and jagged along the edge.
We landed a poolside bed with a large umbrella which was nice. The water is a little chilly but the hot tub is nice. Spent the entire day laying by the pool which is unusual for us. We had planned to dive but had to cancel due to me having a lingering head cold. From where we sit to eat breakfast and lunch, though, we can watch the dive boats come and go picking up and dropping off the divers to our resort. Jealous.
Chilling by the pool
After a long travel day we finally made it. We had to take a ferry over from Playa. The hotel is really nice and feels remote. We slept most of the evening and then got up in the middle of the night (damn night shift). Good thing the gym is open 24h. Breakfast was amazing, all fresh buffet with this tasty green juice! Yum.