Australia · 199 Days · 6 Moments · January 2017

Australia, What's in our backyard?

6 August 2017

Every Sunday I have gotten into seeing a part of New South Wales I haven't seen before. I decided to go to Belanglo State Forest (my sister suggested this). For the guys who don't know, Ivan Milat made this forest famous as he used it as his killing field back in the 80's and 90's. We went there not knowing much but just knowing we wanted to see the forest. It was beautiful pine trees for kilometres in straight lines, it was easy to see how people could get lost. While trying to find the grave site/ memorial we stumbled upon fire trail that should ONLY be used by 4WD as we bogged up one hill and had to go back to slip and slide quickly up the hill where we came from. Not fun! Then went another way to find a warning sign that said further up there was a shooting club that practices firing. Yep not going there. On foot we sadly didn't find the site but I'm certain that we passed it. As I found the gps location on the way home. How frustrating!
Harpers Mansion, Berrima. A pit stop along the way to Belanglo State Forest. I was excited a old style mansion. Nothing to what I expected, they refurbished the house because parts were rotten. To me it looked like they tried hard to make it old style. It wasn't restored it was renovated. That's the feel I had. Sign out the front said $8 entry. We opened the door and no one was there so we looked around. I'm so glad we weren't charged $8 each, I would have been really disappointed. I'm sure there's an interesting history there but it wasn't for me. #notworthit

30 July 2017

30 July 2017 Our family decided to go to the snow and let me tell you to do that in one day was gruelling. We hired a Hyundai Imax which was spacious and quite comfortable. But the 6-7hr drive there and then back was quite uncomfortable and tiring. We only had enough time to go to Smiggens Hole where we tobogganed and I found a snow baby. I found him half way up the hill, instead of going back down we walked with him up and tobogganed him back down to show the others. We had a BBQ at smiggens hole near the car (called and checked first) and that was a nice lunch. All I have to say is it was cold, so cold. But next time I'll see Perisher and try a bit of Skiing. 😊

23 July 2017

Lithgow Glow Worm Tunnel Let's just say it was more fun to get there than the Tunnel itself. Hugely disappointing! I could count the glow worms on one hand, i could imagine if only there were more glow worms it would have been beautiful.

20 January 2017

The festival goes for a duration of 12 days. I travelled there with 2 friends and we decided to stay 10 days..big mistake..Tamworth is small and they have alot of busking and mini concerts on Peel Street. There is only so much you can do and so many acts u can see. It started to get a bit boring, and within the couple of days  that we were there the crowds started dying. Since Tamworth didn't meet my first expectation I was excited to finally meet my other expectation Shannon Noll. Ive always loved Shannon Noll, since idol and havent had the opportunity to see him in concert and this was my chance. I was so excited, extremely excited finally I get to see him live in concert. My expectation again was short lived Shannon Noll wasn't as good as I expected, those 14 years that I was finally waiting for this moment disappointed me, the only thing I enjoyed was meeting him in person and getting a photo with him.
Every year Tamworth Host the Country music festival. I was fortunate enough to attend this year.. I was excited to attend the music festival, as I have never been to a music festival before and I have never visited Tamworth. From what I have heard about Tamworth I expected to see farms, cattle, crop fields, farmers and unsealed dirt roads, but it wasn't what I was expecting, I was surprised to see that it was a well established small town, with shopping centres, an entertainment centre and restaurants.