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Stephen's voyage in New Zealand

14 October 2017

22 February 2015

It's a good job i have friends over here. Last night was only possible because of it. And here on the next day we strangely bump into my old driving partner Shawn, just driving down the road.

20 February 2015

After a nice 24 hour break in Dubai it's back on the plane to Bangkok, Sydney, and finally on to Christchurch. Pick up the hire car and were off to Oamaru and to the Moeraki mables, a little south of thrre. These stones appear naturally on the beach they are not manmade.

18 February 2015

Oh next time get your baggage from the plane. It's far too hot here for jeans.
Well, after a hectic journey to the airport the flight was quite relaxing. However,due to delays we have missed our connecting flight and we find ourselves here in Dubai. Nice day for a tour though.