United States of America · 48 Days · 56 Moments · June 2018

Stephanie's voyage in United States of Ame)..

20 July 2018

We made it. Home sweet home!
Entered Arizona , be home soon !

19 July 2018

We made it to Utah. Almost home. We stayed at Walmart in Cedar City!
Whole lot of nothing in Wyoming!
We left uncle Charlie’s this morning at 8:00 am and just entered Wyoming! Plan to be home Friday !

17 July 2018

We made it to Colorado!!
Crazy rain storm in Nebraska
“The Good Life” Nebraska! On our way to uncle Charlie’s, we have about 8 hours!

16 July 2018

Staying in Iowa for tonight at Littleton Recreation Area.
Hello Iowa. 4 states today!
Hello Illinois! 3 states and White Castle all in a few hours!
White Castle burgers only come in one size!
Hello Indiana!
Leaving Michigan. On our way back home!

13 June 2018

We made it!!
Just crossed into Michigan
Welcome to Indiana!
Time in Ohio with family .

11 June 2018

Shelly took us to a place called jungle Jim’s ( international market store). It was the biggest market and had the craziest stuff. We played cards with grandma and grandpa. Sophie fell in love with Tinkerbell. She asked Shelly if she could keel her.

10 June 2018

Arrived in Ohio about!
Louisville Slugger Factory tour!
Current situation . It’s unleashing. Can’t upload the video though .
Just crossed into Kentucky!

9 June 2018

Parker’s Crossroad campground in TN. Long, long drive from Dallas (somewhere around 10 hours) !
Jim and Nicks Bar-B-Q, Memphis, Tennessee . Delicious!
Mississippi River and state line. 3 states in one day: Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee . Long day!!
Arkansas River
Left Grapevine, TX this morning and we just crossed into Arkansas!

8 June 2018

While in Texas!

6 June 2018

We are in Grapevine, TX, visiting friends . We will be here for a couple days !
Check out those horns! Side of the road in Weatherford, TX. Stopped by to see Coy Ray.

5 June 2018

Road trippin’ is hard stuff!
Canyon Aqua park in Canyon, TX. $24 total for all three of us to cool off for the day. You can’t beat that price. Stayed a few hours, then we had to get out, a nasty storm came through with lightning, thunder and rain.
Bye New Mexico, hello Texas!
Hello Walter Whites house from Breaking Bad! The owner came out and told us to get the hell out of her neighborhood. She also told us to take photos from across the street. Crazy old bat!
Rolled out of American RV Park at 7:00 am

4 June 2018

Petrified Wood Forest
2nd night at American RV, New Mexico! Had a swim, showered, ate dinner and watched a movie.
Visited the Petrified Wood Forest today (pics later). Just crossed into New Mexico
Petrified Wood Forest gift shop! Lots of cool things.
On the road again. Left Flagstaff, AZ at 6:45 am. We will se where the day brings us!

3 June 2018

Flagstaff, AZ. 1st camping night. $46
So long In-N-Out. See you on the way back!
From resting to driving, just like that!
Just crossed into Arizona. The beautiful Colorado River!
Journey started today at 7:30 am. First stop Costco to get gas. While pumping gas, Justin realized the tags on the RV were from 2015. Called AAA, but they are closed on Sunday. Stoped in Mojave for a decaf coffee for Justin.