Australia and Oceania, Asia, Europe · 6 Days · 9 Moments · July 2017

The DelMahys voyage to the UK & Europe

24 July 2017

On the flight to Amsterdam today and what an early start. A smart 4:30am alarm with a mini cab pick up @ 5am 😩 lucky we left when we did, as the traffic into Luton airport banked up and bottle necked into one lane! Talk about a hectic process for security and getting to our Easyjet flight by bus to the plane. Lucky we had a shirt and fairly smooth flight (thanks to I think the female pilot) and then once landed, both happy to see our luggage arrive on the conveyor belt. After a short train ride to Utrecht Central, we caught the bus to near our Air Bnb stay, and grabbed a quick breakfast and coffee β˜•οΈ at a local cafe. After a wrong knock on a πŸšͺ we thought was ours, the next door neighbour opened up and welcomed us to our 3 flights up steep and narrow stairs to our pretty studio apartment with pretty views from both sides of the building. Both showered and ready to head into Amsterdam Central on the train to see the sights and eventually meet up with Justin & Lou.

20 July 2017

We arrived at Shoreditch House to meet with Paul's polish friend Julia. She signed us into Shoreditch and we made our way upstairs to the rooftop complete with beautiful floor to ceiling glass for a wide view over the city, open Air roof options weather permitting & of course the highly sought after and exclusive outdoor rooftop pool 🏊 What a treat! The wine 🍷 started pouring, the cocktails 🍹 flowed and the food πŸ₯˜ was just stunning. Pauls friend Soula joined us during the meal. We retired to deck chairs poolside where there was a strict 'no photos or videos allowed' rule for all guest to respect everyone's right to privacy. Basically don't take pictures to disrupt the C Grade celebrities in their bikinis or OK mag may run a front page story on them and tarnish the venues reputation. We took photos AND videos πŸ˜‚ after organising to party further, the night kicked into overdrive! We met up with Nick & Sandi from Lion King for a drink @ Hospital Bar 🏨🍾 A shared uber home was interes
A long well-deserved rest saw us up to face all London has to offer with Paulie making us a glorious breakfast and coffee to fuel the day. Of course after much complaining and laughter of the quality of the food (mostly from me πŸ˜†) we set out with the boys wanting to pay a visit to the tanning salon πŸ™„ and then a workout at the gym. BORED. I was not going to the gym on my holidays and I gave no fucks about walking home alone to shower and get ready for the day. Once they returned, it was time for our adventure by double decker bus to the fabulous Shoreditch House for lunch and drinks. Waiting at the bus stop was a highlight, with Paul seeing a past shag buddy who joined us for the bus ride. Awks. πŸ˜‚ then onto near Shoreditch for a short walk where we found some poor versions of the red telephone boxes hahah

19 July 2017

After a spot of shopping in Selfridges (makeup for me and fragrance for Paulie) we met up with our besties Justin & Lou for some lunch and a catch up before they picked up Warren & Ellen from the airport. After deliberation, we settled on The Ivy Brasserie in Soho. What a treat! So much fun, cocktails, wine and great food and fairly inexpensive for the Ivy. So much fun chatting about the excitement of the wedding and so many laughs bringing our friends together. Justin and Lou left us after lunch and we continued to wander through The West End district until we found our last pitt stop for the day, Radio Rooftop. Stephen was almost turned away for his 'sneakers' but we managed to make it up to the roof and what a view! A bottle of Veuve bubbly to end our glorious first day in London thanks to Paulie fine tour guide skills. Our first day in London Stephen made it to 10pm and I pushed through to 11pm, a great effort after a long day of long haul flights. Oh HAAAAAYYYYYY holidays!
First ventured out to find some coffee and check out Tower Bridge and walk beside the Thames. Then Pauline showed us the London bridge and the areas where the recent London terror attacks took place. Slightly eerie and somber, we followed the path down to the Borough Markets where we were greeted by some amazing sights and smells of good cooking and kooky market fare for sale. Not too crowded we were still in search of some good coffee. Not to be outdone and feeling peckish, we found some yummy pork sausage rolls,the best I've tasted! The coffee house we found seemed a popular place so we grabbed some takeaways and continued our walk. Not my favourite coffee β˜•οΈ as the milk is quite different here. We then walked to Oxford street and the high end shopping district for some obligatory photos in a red London telephone ☎️ box.
Arrived at Paul and Ellie's house 🏑 and it's super cute. The Gay Cous hasn't changed a bit! After bringing our bags quite noisily over the pebbled pathway (subtle πŸ˜‚) we ventured through the quaint English front garden inside to the beautifully designed interior of the flat. What a gorgeous place! We are very lucky to be staying here and it's so comfortable and familiar already. After a strong coffee and some fruit, we sit out the front and have a quick catch up. A shower and a change of clothes to freshen up and we're off for a walk. Feeling fairly good at this point and keen for a look around the neighbourhood πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
Hello London Heathrow! πŸ‘‹πŸ½ finally landed and after a long line in customs and collecting our bags πŸ’Ό it's time to find our driver Mohammed as organised by our booker extraordinaire Paul K from a third world country somewhere in Europe. Mohammed is a bit useless, but he held up the sign with my name and he's taking us directly to Paul & Ellies place in Pages Walk near London Bridge in Central London. Feeling pretty good actually, at least 5 hours sleep for me. Thank you cocktail of Valium and Neurofen βž•Can't wait to see the little Midge Gay Cous Paulie!!

18 July 2017

Touchdown in Dubai! Short stopover after our first leg of the trip from Sydney. It's close to midnight and not much sleep in the plane. Many episodes of GIRLS under my belt (hilarious) and it's off to the Emirates Business Lounge we go for a freshen up and some food! Dirty black doctor, water to hydrate and some standard bay maree goodness. Back onto the flight for part two of Valium induced stiff necks and puffy ankles. Hopefully more sleep than the last leg.
Our adventure begins! SOMEONE had a Britney moment and shaved his head before our trip, so after a last Aussie breakky @ The Shop and prepping our Bondi abode for our Air Bnb guests whilst we're away, it was straight into an Uber to Sydney international airport to enjoy the Qantas Lounge before our loooooong ass flight to Dubai. Let the Valium induced good times roll!