Italy · 1 Days · 13 Moments · September 2016

Stephanie's voyage in Italy

26 September 2016

Trevi Fountain (Kim made me!) to end a day of 15 hours of walking 😁. Gelato made it possible.
Temple of Caesar where he was cremated.
Arch of Titus.
Michelangelo's sculpture at St Peter's done when he was only 24. He came anonymously and heard patrons speaking of its beauty, declaring it must be the work of a famous artist from the north, so he went seruptitiously one night and hammered his name quickly (with mistakes) on the ribbon around Mary's neck. He was later so ashamed of this act of pride that he never signed his artwork again. This is his only signed work...
Door of Mercy open for the Jubilee this year. It is only broken open by the Pope every 25 years. Anyone who walks through is absolved of all sins, as they were at birth. Kim ruined her pure state immediately by dropping a napkin in to a canal in Venice the very next day...
St Peter's: the statue below is 12', the one above, twice that.
From the back of St Peter's. The altar is two football fields away. In the third pic, there is a dove in the center round of the stained glass. The wings of the dove are 4 meters across. In the second picture, where the Washington Cathedral is noted in the floor, is where it would end in relation to St Peter's.
Room of the Immaculate Conception.
Gallery of maps...the third pic is of Christopher Columbus.
The only statue that still has its painted eyes.
Pine Cone Courtyard.
Sistine Chapel in the distance as seen from the from Musei courtyard.
Dome of Basilica of San Pedro.