Hawaii · 7 Days · 26 Moments · December 2016

Stephanie and Duncan in Hawaii

23 December 2016

Checking out of the hotel and headed to LA!

22 December 2016

Last full day & my "day to do nothing!" Well, we do have a scuba lesson at 2. But other than that - beach day! A cruise ship docked right next to our beach!

21 December 2016

Mmm coffee.
The Waimea canyon is called the "Grand Canyon of the west" - now I understand why!!

20 December 2016

Can't say enough good things about this - the boat ride was a blast, the snorkeling was incredible, and the napali coast doesn't look real.

19 December 2016

And the first picture from Kauai - the amazing view from our room.
The last of the random Honolulu pics! And more Diamondhead pictures.
Hiked diamond head!!

18 December 2016

Dinner at Alan Wong's. The coffee menu was a nice touch.
Bishop Museum was great- and the tour was definitely necessary to truly get a sense of the history. Also loved the lava flow demo - so cool.
Poke counter in the grocery store!!
Hanauma Bay nature preserve. Gorgeous protected cove with snorkeling, scuba, and an immaculate beach. The lookout coming down the hill into Hawaiikai.
Makapu'u. Holy cow it's windy. But the cliffs are beautiful!!
The private beach at Lanakai is beautiful.
Now we are on the other side of the island - macadamia nut sauce covered pancakes at Boots & Kimo's for breakfast! Portuguese sausage omelet & Mac Nut sauce covered pancakes.

17 December 2016

From dinner at Senia - new restaurant that just opened Thursday from a couple of Per Se alums. The pic is of my Pimms Cup - the ice is the cucumber, strawberry & other stuff, and then they gave me a carafe of ginger beer & pimms to pour over it. Really neat presentation.
Royal Hawaiian Hotel. A Gingerbread house of the hotel. Haupia aka Coconut pie. East facing view of Waikiki. West Facing view ofWaikiki. Fresh sliced pineapple which I never knew that Steph had not had before.
Pearl Harbor was somber, educational, and really well worth going to. I learned a great deal about what happened on that day that I didn't already know, and it's great to put visuals with the history I did know.
Spam Musubi from Mitzu Ken. Garlic Chicken Plate. "Mini" Bento
Took a tour of Iolani Palace. Fascinating history, really good to know the history of early Hawaii before heading off to Pearl Harbor and hearing the other side of history here.
Just a huge piece of mahi mahi (plus eggs & rice & amazing roll) for breakfast. NBD.
Good morning Hawaii!! The view from our hotel room.

16 December 2016

But before bed - why not enjoy our free Mai Tai's from the hotel!
Originally had some ambitious plans for the night to also hit the Royal Hawaiian and Bar Leather, but given that we woke up yesterday Hawaii time (3:30 am NY time), I think we both will be better off with a good night's sleep. Busy day with lots of touristing tomorrow!
Amazing Hawaiian food for dinner. At Helena's Hawaiian. And yes, I like Poi!!
Seeing the big island from the plane was pretty exciting. 3 1/2 hrs to Texas, 8 1/2 to Honolulu, and finally...land!!