United States of America · 4 Days · 21 Moments · July 2017

Langley's go to Chicago!

25 July 2017

Man these tolls in Illinois take your money! Lol. $3.60 2 times already and we are one car! They make some money throughout their days!! Anywho, enjoying the last bit of this drive! T minus 1 1/2 hours til sweet bliss of walking instead of sitting in the car. Penelope will be so happy!
Welcome to the border of Iowa and Illinois. Passing over the Mississippi River!
Stopped in Newton, Iowa for gas and lunch. I know fast food are hitters and totally unhealthy, but when Joshua I can eat for less than $15-$20 on the road for something quick and easy it's super awesome! Plus, if you are smart about you actually can be fairly healthy! This however does show my desire for chocolate lately... a chocolate chip cookie!
A girl and her sock! She just LOVES socks!
And more!!
Of course more snap chat!!
So much construction along the way!!! We have been on the road for a total of 19 hours and have had at least (if not more) 30 construction run ins. In these instances they shut down one of the lanes for several miles beinging the speed from 75-80 to 45-50. This definitely adds time!
Hats off to our driver! 😜 I do the early early morning driving if he is tired but otherwise these tires burn rubber on his time! Thanks for driving Mimi!
Driving through Des Moines, Iowa! We have just under 6 1/2 hours to go! Penelope is getting a little cranky but we are doing what we can to keep her occupied! I love spending time with my husband and daughter!
Time to use snap chat! Penelope and I liked to take fun photos while we have time! ❤️
6 am rising for getting ready! We got all packed and ready and ate breakfast. On the road by 730! 9 1/2 hours to Chicago. We have booked a room at the Congress Plaza Hotel in downtown Chicago. It was built in 1893 so it should be a pretty one!

24 July 2017

After all of that we all bathed and hung out in the room and played. She was definitely grumpy but once we were all in bed she crawled all over giggling and playing with us! Time for bed! 😴
The pool was cool and dark and had a little spot that was under 2 feet. I had Penelope stand there and splash. She enjoyed it! Daddy and I took her to the other side to swim in her shark float where she kicked her feet and splashed her hands and laughed and smiled. She is toooo sweet. Mama and Daddy left their phones and have no pictures!
Arrived to our hotel and got ready to go swimming! First Penny decided to have a blow out diaper once she finally was up and moving around! 😂 She got it on her blanket, the carpet and her feet. I threw her in the bath straight away! Then we got her diapered and in her adorable Penelope swimsuit! Time to take a swim! 🏊
We Went through a pretty nice rain storm along the way! Only lasted a few minutes but dropped the temperature from 92 to 70 degrees quickly. So it's been a pleasant drive with our sweetheart. 1 hour until we get to our hotel! Penny hasn't even had a meltdown yet. I'm sure we are close to that though after 16 hours in the car.
We stopped in Cheyenne for some lunch today at Subway. Thrums or it would be lunch and dinner for the day. Just driving to Kearney now. This puts us 4 hours away from our final destination for the day! We made a reservation at the Ramada Kearney for the night. There is an indoor pool so we are excited to take Penelope swimming. So far we have been driving 10 1/2 hours with an added 3 1/2 of sleep time and she has been a sweetheart! Well done Princess, you are truly enjoying your first vacation trip and taking it all in! We love her so much! ❤️

23 July 2017

Stopped in Little America, Wyoming and filled up and bought raspberry Honey and a stuffed pig for Princess Penelope! ❤️
Began the 200 mile drive down Highway 30 to get to Wyoming. Penelope is so ready to explore!
Stopped and slept in Pocatello 3 1/2 hours and in the morning filled up there and back on the road by 645 am

22 July 2017

- Finished packing and ready to leave. Joshua drove so Princess and I could snooze for the morning drive!
Time to get this family going! Just about 3 years ago Joshua and I traveled to the Chicago area to visit family. We were a simple couple just experiencing new adventures together. We explored Millennium Park and walked all around Downtown. We missed a train when we were there to get back to Hebron because we could not find the entrance to the subway for the life of us... it kind of sucked but is one of those looking back on memories though! Joshua had to carry around that left over pizza and myself my over packed purse. That left over pizza was from a beautiful place Called Giordanos! If you are going to allow that many calories and fats in, you might as well let it be from them! This photo (which is also the cover to this trip), is Joshua and I sitting at the bar in Giordanos that time 3 years ago! And in this experience I get to go with my now husband of almost 2 years and our beautiful girl together! Where we can recreate these memories and take a photo of us 3 together! ❤️