North America, Europe · 44 Days · 23 Moments · June 2017

Stephanie's tour through Italy

15 July 2017

Trip to Assisi with Georgie :D

14 July 2017

Clouds in Florence for the first time in forever.

4 July 2017

We made hamburgers to celebrate the 4th yesterday :D

3 July 2017

We go to Caffe Michelangelo everyday during our class break. The guy who makes our drinks just makes our drinks as soon as he sees us when we go in now. :D

25 June 2017

Galileo museum the other day

18 June 2017

Went to mass and then the Dante museum. Then out for a little shopping.

15 June 2017

Baptistery of San Giovanni late Thursday night and a bit of the clCorpus Domini procession

14 June 2017

Met Mike for dinner with Kira and a great little restaurant in Florence. Trattoria del Pennello

9 June 2017

Last night in cinque terre
Arriving in Cinque Terre
On the train to Cinque Terre

7 June 2017

View from the Ponte Vecchio
View from the Palazzo Vecchio and Dante's death mask...

5 June 2017

Wine tour in chianti last weekend

3 June 2017

Went wine tasting today

2 June 2017

And a little kitchen
My room after I unpacked and move everything around.
Going up to the apartment
About to land in Frankfurt

1 June 2017

This is so great
Business class. Lol
Boarded and reading Eugene Onegin :D
About to board the first flight of the day...