United States of America · 157 Days · 9 Moments · October 2016

Stephanie and Kayla take Boston!

3 April 2017

Well we woke up to a snow storm so we stayed in all day. Kaylas cousin and her family came up for the day and we ate burgers and hotdogs for dinner with them.
Today we had the morning before our flight so we took the drive out to Southborough for some house of pizza and ice cream after at uhlmans. Very tasty day. And now we're waiting in the airport for the flight back home.

2 April 2017

Today we went back into the city where we used the hop on and off bus. First stop was Quincy Market area where we explored the shops and market. From there we went to the Revere House. Then off to TD garden where we found out that the sports museum was not actually open that day. So we went next door to the old state house and did a tour there. Checked out the Boston Massacre Site and ended our day with a quick aquarium stop.
This morning we decided to head down into Boston and see if we couldn't do something on our Go Boston pass since we bought it for three days. We decided to park at the Commons and start there. It was a mix between rain and snow today so we got all bundled and had umbrellas. Explored the commons and public garden a little but the ponds were drained so not all that pretty. We then walked down Boylston Street because we mainly were interested in the Boston Marathon Bombing site and we discovered the Prudential Building was up ahead which was in our pass. We went to the top of the building which is also the only 360 observatory deck in Boston. After that we headed to the Boston Public Library just to check it out. Took a picture of the marathon finish line after we left there and decided to head home for the day.

30 March 2017

Landed around 1:30 today in Boston. Finally watched Hacksaw Ridge on the plane and it was very emotional for a war movie. Almost made it to the baggage claim and Kayla realized she forgot her laptop on the plane. Had to run all the way back 😂 Her uncle got us from the airport which was nice of him. Also caught several voltorbs and magnemites on Pokémon at the airport! Got back to their place and settled in. Watched a movie and the dog, Tucker, sat on my lap the whole time! They cooked a nice spaghetti dinner for us but we only had that and Burger King for breakfast so we were still starving. We headed out to Friendly's for a late dinner and got ourselves some ice cream to go as well. All in all a really relaxing day. Winter storm comes in tomorrow so plans might be altered.

30 October 2016

Kayla showed me around Southborough where her dad was born and raised and where she spent a lot of her childhood visiting Grammy. We stopped by the cemetery and drove past the old house and got our picture with the red gates where there is a family plaque. Also ate at Southborough House of Pizza which was an old firehouse. It's somewhere they always ate during their visits.
Today we started off by taking our own tour of Lexington and Concord! Watched a video at the welcome center to learn the history before starting in our journey. We made pit stops at the Paul Revere capture site, Hartwell Tavern (where I tried on the fabulous colonial coat), Concord visitor center, and North Bridge visitor center. The battle started because the British were planning to head to Concord and destroy all the military weapons and powder they had stockpiled. Paul Revere got the signal, two if by sea, and him and William Dawes took off by horse to signal to the other colonials that the Regulars were coming. Paul Revere and William Dawes never made it all the way to Concord but Samuel Prescott did.The North Bridge in Concord was where the shots heard round the world we're taken. A British soldier took first shot and the colonial militia fired back chasing the Redcoats away. The militia continued to chase the British back to Boston along what became known as, bloody trail.
So our first night in Boston we got our rental car and headed up A1 to Beverley to stay with Kayla's family. It was nice to finally meet them since I've basically been a part of her family since middle school. We spent all night catching up and talking about their family history and had a delicious family dinner!

29 October 2016

And we're off! Boston here we come 😀