Mexico, Colombia · 9 Days · 9 Moments · December 2016

Stephanie's journi to Tulum, Mexico

8 January 2017

Julian working on his first food posioning for the trip... no just joking he got that from an "all meat" burger he ate in a grass hut on the beach. #itwasntbeef

5 January 2017

"Do you think there are Crocodiles in here?" "Sure babe that's why they let you swim here. " Next day on Facebook page from Cenote: "Lucky couple spots Crocodile in Cenote. "
What comes after Paradise? Tulum beach. After the picture perfect bike ride through a wove bike path canopied by palm trees you reach the pristine Tulum beach. But what makes the beach priceless is stealing a spot on an outdoor double mattress with bed side taco and cocktail service and a bar equipped with swings. There are no words.

3 January 2017

Sunny days lead to remembering how fun it is to play in the waves, roll around in the sand and compare sun tans (burns)😬

1 January 2017

First sunset of 2017
First sunrise of 2017

31 December 2016

A little alcoholism before the end of 2016
How easy is it for Juan and Estephany to calm down? The first day we visited 10 locals went to the beach twice and went to the gym...The weather outside was perfect for the beach. 🙄
The before picture. Look at that pasty skin color.