North America · 30 Days · 27 Moments · April 2017

Stephanie's Student Teaching in Mexico

5 May 2017

Making a rug!
Today I saw how Mezcal was made. Here are some photos! It was awesome and tasted even better.

30 April 2017

This was Taxco! It was gorgeous. Those punch bugs were everywhere! I was terrified of the gondola ride but I did it! Enjoy!

28 April 2017

Caves and zip lining! Sooooo much fun!

26 April 2017

Went to the anthropology museums today and absolutely loved it. The history of all the different cultures is truly amazing to see. I was also able to read many of the description in Spanish. We hardly got through any of it as it was huge! I can't wait to show you the wall pieces I got! They are currently in bubble wrap so once I return to the states a photo will be posted!

25 April 2017

Yesterday was Lucho I didn't overly enjoy it (I was getting sick) but here are some pictures to show off...

24 April 2017

Today I went to the theater and saw this play! It was amazing! It was in black light and in Spanish and I actually understood it!!!! I also got to see the historic Zocalo that I thought I would only ever see in textbooks and photos because it was not planned to be visited on this trip but I saw it and am so thankful!

22 April 2017

La Gruta hot springs hit the spot today. It was so relaxing and rejuvenating. I loved it so much. I wish we had one closer to us at home I would love there.
We got some Telavera pottery today and man was this stuff gorgeous! I can't wait to share all my finds with everyone!

21 April 2017

This is ice cream! How cool! This was at a rest stop on the way to San Miguel.

20 April 2017

At the farm today on top of a huge mountain!
Fun fact: my host families' toilet paper smells like Vanilla.

19 April 2017

Today was my first full day of school and it was exhausting. We went to the American Legion for an ice cream social and met with some people from the school. I found out I'll get to help coach basketball while one here! I am so excited both Varsity girls and Elementary basketball.
Getting up that early is not fun 🤣but on the plus cream social tonight!

18 April 2017

Buenas noches 😴
Tomorrow I start riding the school bus to picks us up at 6:27am. Gonna be some early mornings!!!! 🙃
This is on the wall in my school, The American School Foundation. The students created all these tiles.

17 April 2017

Did yoga in all Spanish tonight! So awesome.

16 April 2017

Climbed pyramids today!
Up at 6am for a rooftop workout! 👍🏼

15 April 2017

Today we visited the Mercado de sabado. So much art and crafts. I love it! For those of you from home it's like a huge apple fest!
Ordering Starbucks is hard enough in English let alone Spanish. 😆

14 April 2017

Had my first authentic Mexican dinner and it was surprisingly delicious!!! I had a chicken quesadilla and it was scrumptious. Also our waiter carried a ton of plates.
In Mexico!
Landed in Atlanta! 🛬

9 April 2017

5 days until take off. I started packing today and wow was it overwhelming. The nerves are starting to set in finally!

5 April 2017

9 Days until the flight leaves! Have a lay over in Atlanta!