United States of America · 6 Days · 18 Moments · September 2016

Stephanie and Giovanna head to San Antonio

19 September 2016

Last flights were rough. A lot of rain and storms out there. Saw a beautiful sunset and a thunderstorm all in the same flight. When we landed back home it was a mess. Horrible storms which delayed us being able to get to our gate so we had to wait about 25 minutes on the tarmac. AND THEN, we got to the baggage claim and an alarm was going off. Emergency that ended up being nothing but lasted another 25 minutes. THEN, we waited another 20 minutes until our luggage came out on the carousel. Crazy ending but overall great trip. Did quite a bit and rested too 🙂
Finished our last day off with some shopping at the mall next to the airport and now we're just waiting on our flights which are both on time!

18 September 2016

Went to SeaWorld and Aquatica today and they are very different from Orlando. For one they are seasonal and only open weekends right now and even still it was extremely slow. There parks are inside one main entrance as well. Aquatica to the left and SeaWorld to the right which was unique. Started with Aquatica since there was only one showtime for each show which were later. Everything had no line at either park so we only stayed a few hours. Glad to mark it off the todo list!

17 September 2016

Went to HEB which is the Texas version of Costco around here and it was amazing and had literally everything! Best part was the food truck outside though where we got to try the corn in a cup which I heard was a big thing here. Unfortunately I made mine pretty spicy so I couldn't finish it 😐

16 September 2016

We headed out to San Antonio's Cowboys and let me tell you, it is veryyy different from back home in Orlando. All two step and other partner dances but it was still a lot of fun! Learned my first partner dance and I think I did pretty good.
Something I learned here is butterflies are the equivalent to Florida's lovebugs. They are everywhere as you drive. I thought they were leaves falling from the trees originally.
Went to the Natural Bridge Caverns today and went 180 ft deep into the caves which started as a sinkhole. We saw stalagmites, stalagtights, cave drapery, and a 5000 year old bat colony. The watchtower is the tallest column in the cave at 50 ft. We also crossed a 158 ft cement bridge over purgatory creek. Pretty cool, except it wasn't cool. It was a hot 85 degrees at 99 percent humidity. 😭
Wildlife ranch was totally worth it! Fed all kinds of safari animals from the car, ate right out of our hands!

15 September 2016

Ended our night with some walking along the riverwalk. Didn't stay to see it at night yet but it was very nice. You have to take steps down to get to the river and there are all kinds of restaurants and shops and there are lights hanging from all the trees. Super pretty area!
In 1836, the Battle of the Alamo occurred allowing Texas to ultimately become a state. It's extremely small and in the middle of downtown by the river walk. Also I've discovered that Texans like badges so I've become sheriff of the Alamo too.
Tower of the Americas! It's 750 ft tall with a 360 view. Scared Kelli a little which is always fun. Also they have no pins for souvenirs so I'm now Texas Ranger Stephanie for the Tower of the Americas!
The train ride has so far been the highlight of the day! I got to be police of the railroad! Went over the San Antonio River, went through a tunnel, and walked over some skipping stones!
Went to the Japanese Tea Garden and it was absolutely gorgeous. It's also known as the sunken gardens because it's in the bottom of a rock quarry. Saw a beautiful waterfall and butterflies everywhere! Best part is it was free!
Just did a little shopping at the Mexican Market Square. It was a beautiful place and walked away with a few great buys!
So the saying is true. Everything is bigger in Texas! Tried the famous Lulu's bakery and ordered the giant country fried steak and 3lb cinnamon roll. Delicious and now we have dessert for the rest of the week.
We made it to Casa De Kelli here in San Antonio. With the time change we are exhausted and looking forward to some sleep! We have no idea what we're doing tomorrow so...FREE BIRD!

14 September 2016

Made it to first stop in Dallas for a layover. Pretty good flight. Watched Toy Story 3 on the plane! Also may have almost missed our connecting flight cuz we thought we had more time to look around first 😂
So Giovanna and I are at the airport waiting to head out on flight number 1 to Dallas! Weather isn't looking too good so wish us luck.