France, Vietnam, Monaco · 7 Days · 69 Moments · July 2017

stephanie's adventure in Paris, France

23 July 2017

We also went to the Sacre Coeur and walked around the shopping area of Montmarte. Kylla got a really pretty red outfit and Matt got a very soft blue sweater. They wore them to our final dinner. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜†
If you look real close at the third picture you can see the bicyclists around the base of the arcπŸ˜ƒ
Our very last day and we went to the Eifel Tower!πŸ˜„ We went to the very top and saw the Tour de FRANCE bicyclists go around the Arc D'Triumph...that was neat...they were really really tiny though.

22 July 2017

Today was all about Versailles. We took the subway and train there and it was actually pretty easy. The fountains were running today and it was beautiful! We had dinner afterwards back in Paris one block away from Notre Dame. 😊

21 July 2017

We had Japanese for lunch then headed off to the Catacombs on the bikes again. I gotta say the bikes are such a great way to get around...
Today we took a cooking class at Le Cordon Bleu. We made a chocolate raspberry mousse tart. It was complex!! There is no shortage of stuff to do hereπŸ˜€

20 July 2017

This is a really old church.
In Provins we walked up and around and in the old part of the town. We walked all through a Fort that was built in the 800's.πŸ˜„
There are a cajillion acres of grapes!!!!!
We rented a car and drove out of Paris into Epernay and Provins. In Epernay we did a tour of the Moet and Chandon Champagne Group. Under the streets there they have miles of fermentation racks and storage chambers for champagne.

19 July 2017

Then we took a cab ride to near the Montmarte area. The cabbie told us where to eat and dropped us there. Kylla had veal kidneys and liked them! She wants me to cook them again when we get home but I don't think they would translate well in my kitchen.
We hit the highlights and then meandered through. Matt went his own way from the get-go and Kylla ditched us after the Mona Lisa.
Then we got back on the bikes and rode down to the Louvre. Saw an amazing view of the Eifel Tower along the way so we stopped and Matt got ice cream.πŸ˜‹
Matt found our lunch spot on Yelp and it was a good choice. In fact, he's been finding most if not all of our dining on Yelp and it's actually been really good each time.
The spiral staircase is what we took to the top and then again what we took to the bottom.
Then we went up to the top and saw some really great views!😊
On Wednesday we thought riding bikes around the city would be much more efficient and it was! We rode up the Champs Elysee to the Arc d Triumph in no time!

18 July 2017

Then we saw where Marie Antoinette got beheaded and then we had dinner. It was a crazy hot day but we made it through!!! Tomorrow we start all over again!
Then we went to the Museum d'Orsay. Terrific museum.😊
We stopped for a bite and tried escargot...Matt didn't, but the rest of us did and we liked it. We're not going to make a habit of it but it was good.☺
Then we went to Luxembourg Gardens. Waaaayyyy beautiful!!!
Then we went to the Pantheon. We all thought that was cool.
The getting out early started to take its toll on Matt quickly.
We did get out early and we're one of the first ones at Notre Dame. Kylla wasn't allowed in with her shorts so she had to get a wrap to cover themπŸ™„ Beautiful Cathedral!

17 July 2017

We got back to the apartment at around midnight and will hopefully get to Notre Dame by 8am because it opens at 7:45 and the lines get long quickly!!
Then we went on a dinner cruise down the Seine. That was really pretty.
Then we went on a bike tour of the a couple areas of the city..Les Marais, the Latin Quarter and Isle de Cite.
After breakfast we got right into it and started walking and getting our bearings. We walked around the Louvre and through the gardens ...we plan to go in later.

16 July 2017

First night was dinner and we all had pastaπŸ˜†. The steps out of our apartment door go straight down four floors in a spiral...pretty neat. Then our first breakfast was delicious! Eclairs, chocolate croissants, cappucino, fresh fruit!