United States of America · 4 Days · 17 Moments · March 2017

Chicago, IL, 3.18-21.17

21 March 2017

Back home with nice sunser
Last day, heading home after my final visit with my uncle for now! Brought Kolackys provided by my aunt and uncle. Delish! I will be back Chicago and family!

20 March 2017

Adventuring out to Milwaukee... on a mission for a shot glass and ...oh look cheese!
At Pabst Mansion. Very nice architecture, details are pretty intense. Lot of restructure, originality and history. To be one of the oldest mansions in Milwaukee, that's pretty cool
Inside the show dome. Lots of train tracks, cute little themed settings. Beautiful flowers...and a random man sleeping?
Got a little toasty in the desert dome. Love the cacti! Although my aunt liked the idea of the tall skinny cactus being next to me...hmmm
Love flowers and nature. Off to the next dome
Love my aunt! Inside the tropical dome...yes..tropical...humid...but warm for the north!
The Domes in Milwaukee, time to check it out
Random amusent...I liked the art

19 March 2017

Florida Girl laying in the bit of snow left! Time for rest before adventure day tomorrow.
Sunday morning breakfast followed by a lunch with my family. I love them! Off I go with my aunt!

18 March 2017

Rock It Bar and Grill. Very good place, nice dim lighting too.
A ride downtown. To visit my youngest uncle lol such time crunch. Saw the "Bean" aka Cloud Gate. The architecture of the buildings are quite detailed and tall!
Uncle Jerry!!!! I love him so much. Thanks to my Nanie and Pops for picking me up at the airport.
Connecting flight time. GA aiport is quite the hike! Interesting decor and overhang down the walk way though. Off I go!
From MCO to MDW! Time to see my uncle and family. Super excited and greatful for this opportunity.