Ireland · 7 Days · 9 Moments · September 2017

Stella x's adventure in Ireland

19 September 2017

18 September 2017

Ok checking out frm hotel and walk around the town Lisdoon going fishing
Just noticed this morning my precious sketchbook is not with me. I hope it's in the car. After John left I thought to do some drawings but couldn't find it anywhere, sigh.

17 September 2017

Yesterday we stopped at Rock something to check out the magical gemstones, some new spells and healing potions, Dragon and fairy pubes, Ork's snot and Gremlins boogers,all those magical stuff. Back on the road again otw to Lisdoon.

16 September 2017

Journey 3 days ago till yesterday

14 September 2017

Ok yesterday after put our loads at Amy's we went out bought the Leap travel card if you're taking piblic transport and we run to the bus stop and taking the bus frm the area towards Dublin city. Walking around and ended up eating KFC. Lol we haven't eaten KFC as long as I ca remember. Was good and continue walking around the city drop by Setabak for coffee and hot chocolate before waiting for the bus

13 September 2017

Still singing Whiskey in the jar all the way
Singing Whiskey in the jar all the way to Dublin