Australia · 11 Days · 15 Moments · March 2015

Steff K

Steff's adventure in Australia

23 March 2015

Drove a car for the first time today. I feel very insecure doing that. Feels like I can't drive at all 😁

22 March 2015

Sculptures by the sea was okay. We were going there at night, so we had the whole place almost for ourselves
Today we've been to an outdoor cinema to watch The theory of everything. It was really cool. Plane were flying directly above us.

21 March 2015

Met Shannon's best friends Candice and Alice

19 March 2015

My second meat pie
He begins to like me 😏

18 March 2015

I saw my baby!!!! Will probably be the only time
We didn't really do super much but we were going up the hills around perth the other day. It was great. Nice view

14 March 2015

First time at the beach. It's beautiful and the water is so warm

13 March 2015

Just adding those because I have no memory at all of taking them at all. Like literally. I don't know that I did that!
Landing in Doha. What a huge airport 😱

12 March 2015

I know those ladies!! Sadly it has no subtitles at all :/ food was fruit which I didn't really eat
Who would've thought time passing so fast that I'm already sitting on the plane to Perth. Incredible really. All my biggest fears piled up in that little moment. But yeah, what you do for a person you like a lot. I can watch interstellar on here and I also have a free seat just next to me. That's pretty great I think.