Switzerland, Cuba · 13 Days · 40 Moments · August 2017

Steffi's adventure in Cuba

28 August 2017

27 August 2017

26 August 2017

25 August 2017

Paladar Aché: battered shrimp (as usual, rice, banana chips and mixed salad is included )
Kinder-Velositz Kubanischer Art
Cienfuegos - they even have their own arc de triomphe

24 August 2017

Playa del Giron
Snorkeling at the Cueva de los Peces: the coast here is almkst only stone and no sand, which makes for great visibility. Unfortunately we didn't have a water-proof camera, so no pictures of all the colorful fishes and corals
Playa Larga
Museo de Playa Giron: a museum about the Bay of Pigs skirmish. Small museum, nice exhibits and photos, unfortunately all the descriptions were in Spanish

23 August 2017

Restaurant 'Villa Lagarto' : directly on the sea shore with its own pier and amazing view
The food at Villa Lagarto: a menu including amuse bouche, salad, entree, main course, dessert and coffee, all for 18CUC. And the food was amazing as well, so far the best we had in Cuba!
View from the Club Cienfuegos
Soviet architecture... It looks like an engineer tried to design something pretty. We think it is supposed to be a fountain, but there was no water.
The streets of Cienfuegos

22 August 2017

A residential street in Viñales
Those old Suzuki bikes are almost the only bikes one sees here
Cueva del Indios, first a walk and then a boat ride through the cave
Viñales' main plaza & church - and the only place in town with wifi

21 August 2017

Waiting for the afternoon rain to be over. In Viñales it rains every afternoon quite heavily. Good for the plants, a bit less fun for tourists. On the other hand, you can use your umbrella twice: in the morning against the sun, in the afternoon against the rain
Cigar rolling demonstration at a small tobacco plantation
More Viñales valley - isn't it beautiful?

20 August 2017

The bill at tonight's restaurant came in a German book - reading the blurb and the first few sentences, it's so bad it's almost funny
View down the Viñales valley
Our taxi to Viñales: a '52 Chevrolet

18 August 2017

Awesome tacos and cocktails at O'Reilly 304
So far, best Mojito and crêpes (yes, you read that right, and they could definitely keep up with any of the French) in Havana
Playa del Este! Very nice beach close to Havana. Frequented mostly by locals, but as a tourist it can easily be reached with the T3 hop-on/hop-off tour. Theirl busses are surprisingly comfortable, in great state and even air conditioned. Unfortunately, we didn't have any beach gear and all the umbrellas and lounge chairs were already rented out when we arrived around noon...

17 August 2017

Havana or Washington DC?
Lunch at El Patio: marinated chicken, mashed white beans (I think) and ham
View from Plaza Armas down O'Reilly street
Castillo de la Real Fuerza
Plaza de San Francisco

16 August 2017

First Mojito 🍹
First thing we saw walking out of the airport
Our main reason for flying business is that we can lay down to sleep and skip the jet lag, but the food isn't too shabby, either
At the Swiss Business Lounge 😁