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Stephanie's "Just Wingin' it" Journey.

14 June 2017

"For 4 years I tried with my Husband, Rick, to get pregnant; every natural method available. Nothing helped us create our miracle baby. I began to accept life as is, as never being anything more than possibly an adoptive parent. On March 5th I received the most astonishing news ever....I was pregnant! 6 years later! Now yes, after not becoming pregnant in 4 years, I had stopped using birth control...any at all! Bad idea on my part. Then again, maybe it wasn't! I couldn't wait to tell Jared! What was he going to say? Is this something he even wants? I mean I've only known him for 3 months! ....insert screeching brakes sound here.. YES you read that right, I am married to Rick but having and Jareds baby 👶...." If you want to know more or follow this bizarre story as I live it, check out my daily blog on WordPress.com called 'SurreallyStephanie.' Just winging it is an understatement! 😂 All blogs are based on true events in my life with the real people surrounding me.
Typing my first blog post today! SurreallyStephanie at Wordpress.com! New blogger alert, 😂😂😀😋

13 June 2017

Today it starts! Let's see if I can tackle this latest adventure into blogging!