Ireland · 2 Days · 22 Moments · September 2017

Stefanie's adventure in Ireland

26 September 2017

We got up and walked along the sea walk. It reminded me of Charleston and the battery even the smell. Showes you know matter how,far you go home is not far.
We stumbled home with the help of a taxi at about 2 am and were asleep before we kne ed it.

25 September 2017

John then asked us to join them at the quays bar. We decided to go for it. The squats was a very different feel from last pub. As we walked in I hear johnny cash's burning ring of fire. We pushed our way not the crowd and claimed a space. We listened to the band play contemporary Irish music as we as American pop but the most interesting song was a mash up of sweet home Alabama, eminem and the fresh prince sound track.
Upon returning to Galway we decided to make our way to Crane bar. We got there just in time for a session to start. I would say 75% were tourist but the music was fun and we met a man from Dublin named john and a girl from Germany that,were there together. We talked and drank until the bar closed at 1130.
We then quickly dashed back through the crows of Galway. To Dunglough castle. We arrived late but were allowed admittance. The show focused on poets and writers from Ireland with a good amount of food. We sat next to a couple from Washington state.
We made our way to Ross house running late as the traffic in Galway is worse than Dublin granted,it was 5 pm on Monday. I made a few wrong turns but got us to Ross house non the less. Our host was. Nice enough to do the tour quick and give ua our key so we could head to the castle banquet
Then we stoped at clonmacnosie monisary to see,the Celtic crosses. The views were breath taking. Wished I had grave rubbing matetial since some of the graves were,quite old and you could not read them.
We then took the short drive ~ 12 min to Tellumore DEW distillery experience. The GPS ofcorse tried to get me to the distillery with a large stream between us. Once we safely arrived we entered the show room to find that the next tour was ~1hour away. They had a restaurant and we decided to eat a wick bite before the tour. I had a tostie and Matt a chicken wrap. We then went on our tour through the distillery but it is not a working distillery mostly just a show room but Matt enjoyed it. Get it to try a realise only svalib. I liked the cider one.
We stopped at kilbeggan distillery. Sadly we were too late for a tour but were stopped by the bar for a tasting. O got a hot wishisky and Matt got a flight. His favorat he tried was kilbeggan blended whiskey.

24 September 2017

By this time I was too tired to get to the bus station and ride a bus for 40 min so we got a cab which cost 21 euro but the bus cost 7 so not too bad at this point. We poured ourselves in bed and I promptly passed out
We were going to take the bus back an started walking that way but I was getting really tired at this point. I,heard some good music and decided to drag Matt in the pub it was coming from. We sat with a couple from Canada on a long layover from Portugal. They said they would not go back to Portugal but would decently come back to Dublin. I had another cider and Matt another Guinness which he said really does taste different here.
Next was the food fairies and folklore dinner at the brazen head pub. The oldest pub (contested) in ireland. The place was full of Americans, a few canadians, and sweds, but this was an amazing night. The story teller was wonderful. The food was OK. I did a recording dor our story teller as she is making an album of people of Irish decent and where they came from and where they are now to show the immigration of the Irish people.
We the dashed back across town to the Irish whiskey museum. Where we did the blending tour with John. He was both informative and entertaining. We learned a lot about the history of whiskey in Irland like their version of moonshine was called potine. Matt quite enjoy the tasting liking two of the whiskeys.
We then walked a long 1.4 km to Chester beatty library. This place was amazing and if I ever return to Dublin it will make the list. An unparalleled collection of religious and cultural text. I would rather look at this then a traditional painting any day. The Egyptian papyrus that wa from 1140BC was breath taking. I couldn't help but take a few unauthorized pictures.
The bus was basically the same as any other city cowded and jurky
We arrived at our b and b safely. It was called San Juan b and b on baskin rd. Our host, Cathy, was very friendly and even gave us change for the bus to get back to Dublin.
Again I got behind the wheel of the car to head out of dublin and was doing ok except for falling asleep 2 times at lights luckily Matt was there to keep me going.
We then had decisions to make as we origionally planned to go to b and b in the am to drop of the car and were now paying 3 euro/ hour to park. We decided to walk back and move the car to the B and b but to swing by the post office first which is the site of the 1918 uprising that Matt wanted to see. We got a quick bit at the cafe in the department store attached to the car park.
We then rushed two blocked to church bar to meet our tour group 30 min into the tour. I was very greatful for the owner having sent me a later getting point when I mentioned in the comments at booking we might be late. The tour as a nice over view of Dublin in about two hours. We ended st Trinity collage
We then went to pick up the rental car which went smoothly except I tried to get on the wrong side of the car from the start. Driving on the left side of the road was not as bad as I thought and was able to safely get us downtown Dublin and in a parking garage without incident.
Our plane arrived about 30 min late throwing off our whole schedule.