Haiti · 8 Days · 39 Moments · October 2016

New Life October trip to Haiti

15 October 2016

Wahoo Bay resort . And headed home. The hurricane damaged some of the resort. Lots of workers there trying to get things repaired.

14 October 2016

Finally a chance to sit and rest today. It's been a full week.

13 October 2016

The after pics from the house we painted today. We had a great time with this family, the were so fun and so kind and so grateful. We really enjoyed spending the day with them.

12 October 2016

Some sadness tonight as we've learned the disputes in Bercy are not resolved; and we won't be visiting our partner village this trip. 😔 However, We're excited for how God has used us in Minoterie this week and the relationships we have made. We've finished previously postponed projects and filled in gaps in service caused by the disruption of the hurricane. We've clearly followed God's plan for the week, even if it wasn't ours, and have had a practical and spiritual impact on the people of Haiti! 😊 Looking forward to more ministry in Minoterie tomorrow.
Feeding kids, women, and men at the village of Minoterie this afternoon as part of a kids club. Excellent afternoon of light-hearted joy following this morning's heavy topics. A much needed event for all of us! 💛💙
We had a great afternoon doing a kids club. We brought a lot of rice and beans and sauce and juice. We fed at least 60 children and their parents. The area was very poor where people are especially hungry. Moms were forcing their kids to the front to get plates of food. It was wonderful to see them so happy and have full bellys.
This morning we spent some time in an area called City Blue. The area is all very poor, they all live in tent homes made with blue tarps they received after the earthquake in 2010. They all have been living in these tarps with tin roofs for 6 years. Most of the people have developed eye problems because of the intense heat in the traps has damaged their eyes.
You know it is hot when the Haitians all run for the shade 😂
Met this morning with a family who had just buried their son/brother/boyfriend 3 days prior. A hard meeting in many ways. Now they are dealing with the crushing expense of the funeral and the customary process of feeding dozens of family and friends for days after losing the only person who supported 4 different female relatives. Jehovah Jireh has a different meaning for Haitians than Americans, for sure.
Team discussion at breakfast this morning before heading to Minoterie for the day. We find out tonight whether or not we'll spend time in Bercy tomorrow. Mayoral Meeting happens later this morning!

11 October 2016

We finished painting the outside this afternoon. We got to spend some time praying for the family. It was a great day.
"Before" pictures of the house we are working on today. More coming later tonight.
Painting today.
God loves transformation. We were able to transform this house for this family today and it was a blast! Pic cred goes to Tory for some great before and afters! God is so good! Merci Jezi!
The Day is off to an amazing start! After it's usual shutoff, the generator clicked back on after a few minutes and brought the fans back to life!!! Feeling refreshed and excited for a day of painting following a later than usual 6am awakening. 👍🏼

10 October 2016

Good Evening Trip followers. We have a request tonight that you all pray for the city of Bercy. There is some non-violent protests going on in the village and just to be super cautious MoH is keeping us out of the area until it is all resolved. Please pray for peace and a quick resolution so we can maximize our time in our partner village yet this week. 😀
A day in Minotrie.
Some pics from our time in Minoterie this afternoon hanging out with the kids after school.
Riding the bus.
Got some time in Minoterie this morning. Able to connect with families and kids for several hours, and be around for a few intense moments within the village.
Still uncertain about the event/commotion; but a change in plans is taking us to a village other than Bercy this morning. Saddened by a delay in spending time in our partner village; but excited to be use to MoH!
Hanging out at the base this morning for a bit before Strategic Village Time (SVT). Some commotion (unknown at this time) in Bercy today has caused a delay for us as we wait for the all clear.

9 October 2016

Today was such a hot one. There was barely any break from the heat. Any little breeze or air movement felt like it was straight from heaven.
Amazing sunset that this picture does not do justice to.
Fun and sweaty first couple days.
Cows on the beach, because why not??
Trying to find a breeze.
Beautiful tree in full bloom outside the clinic.
A once full warehouse almost empty due to shipping meals, water, and supplies to the south.
Reports of the sunsets are accurate 👍🏼 However, reports of the rooster are also accurate 😑

8 October 2016

8pm and half the team has turned in for the night. There's a beautiful light breeze coming in that is helping quench the heat still clinging to the day. Great end to a day that began at 2am in Grand Rapids!
First team dinner.
Arrived safe and sound, With all the members of our party and all our bags! A few minutes to relax before the evening meeting. 👍🏼
When we landed at Port au Prince they were unloading tons of supplies from US Aid.
Plane #2 looks oddly familiar. Because a few minutes ago it was plane #1. On to Haiti!
Buckled up and ready for flight!
Ready to take off!!